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Woman charged with DWI after crash into parked cars


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington woman is charged with DWI and texting while driving after highway patrol said she accidentally ran her car into three parked cars early Tuesday morning.

Highway patrol said 22-year-old Sara Mae Scribner was driving her car through the Cape Harbor Apartments complex off of Market Street and Gordon Road when she looked down at a text and then crashed into the cars around 1 a.m.

Witnesses said right after the accident, Scribner got out of her car and went into a friend's apartment. When troopers arrived, they had to go find her.

Troopers said her car is totaled. They think two of the three that were hit are losses as well due to their age.

Scribner makes her first appearance in court Jan. 15.

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Don't Hold Your Breath

Don't hold your breath waiting for our legal system to put her in jail. I have emailed Ben David several times, for over a year now, about a habitual drunk driver that lives on my street. The drunk has been arrested several times for drunk driving and driving without a license. I have told the DA that the drunk continues to drive every day. The court system does nothing. The drunk has a felony habitual drunk driving charge in the court system right now. It has been going on for quite some time. Every month, the court sets a new date for the following month. They have postponed this for over a year, while the habitual drunk driver continues to drive without a license. All while Ben David is aware of what is going on. Unfortunately, my neighbor will most likely have to kill someone, before he goes to jail where he belongs. Then the court will claim he "slipped through the cracks". That will be a lie.


DWI and Texting,guess they will slap her on the wrist and let her go.Wish the DA would make an example out of her.Far to many young ppl text all the time while driving.Its almost as dangerous as driving drunk.

not the first time

I used to live at Cape Harbor and this is not the first time a drunk has plowed into cars. This should not be a reflection on the complex but it seems something is not right. Our friend had her car totaled about a year ago or so when a drunk plowed into some cars at Cape Harbor. I am glad it was just cars and not people. Some one could really get hurt. Of course it happened at 1:00 am so who in their right mind is out walking at that hour?



I hope

I hope the court does as much to her as they can. Especially if she was drinking and texting.