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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This Christmas many of you will get a new tablet to use for reading eBooks. If so, a UNCW alum says he has the perfect way to load it up with reading material.

Bryan Batten would take up to 200 flights for work each year.

“Naturally what do you do when you travel? You read,” Batten said.

Tired of lugging paperbacks around, he started searching for a rental service to eBooks, but came up short.

“I was like Netflix has been so successful. It’s crazy somebody hasn’t done something like this,” Batten said. “So being completely naïve and outside of the publishing world, I said, ‘Let’s see if this has any legs.'”

Batten opened the book on a new business called Entitle. The company, which launched Monday, has more than 100,000 eBooks users can choose from. Unlike Netflix, you get to keep the eBook after you finish reading.

“The way it works you get two, three or four books per month starting at $14.99. We are saving people 50 percent off what they are paying for books now,” Batten said.

If you purchase the plan that allows you three books a month for example, but you only have time to read one, you can still download the other two books, before the end of the month so you have them in your library.

“You sign up through the website EntitleBooks.com. After you sign up through the site, you’ll download the app, so you can download books through the app,” Batten said.

Entitle also recommends titles based on your preferences and use of the app.

“I like to be the person that finds something new and recommend it to people, so we wanted to create a service that did that for you,” Batten said.

The software works on IOS and Android devices, including Nook HD and Kindle Fire.

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