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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Investigators say 24-year-old Randolph Johnson Spain lured young women out of New Hanover County and then forced them into prostitution.

He’s now charged with human trafficking and is in the New Hanover County jail with a $1.2 million bond.

The District Attorney’s office says this is the first case of its kind in New Hanover County.

Spain is also charged with sexual servitude of a minor and two other adult victims.

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  • Ray Sims

    You fail to see the truth”……………there are none so blind that will not see!

  • SallyLee

    i know this gentleman personally and he deserves to rot in jail. He has 4 daughters all under the age of 3 that he does not take care of. He does not even deserve to breathe the same air we all breathe. that ladies and gentleman is the face of a psychopath/sociopathic liar! he truly needs god and psychological help for everything he has ever done to woman.

  • sickofit

    Thanks for the info SallyLee. In this type of case I have NO compassion! “If” he even goes to prison; I hope he gets ‘everything’ that’s coming to him OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN!!

  • Nanny lewis

    I would hardly call him a gentleman based on your comments.

  • GladIgotaway

    I agree with this comment I dated this guy from when I was 17 until I was 19..In the course of our relationship I was beat and pushed out of a moving vehicle I decided to research what happened to him on a whim and I’m not shocked , my only regret is not pressing charges and going back to him, maybe I could’ve prevented these females from being scarred like myself. I’m glad he’s finally off of the streets! I’m now 24 & alive and well thank goodness I woke up!

  • justin

    How can someone with multiple felony convictions over the past three years -assault, assault on a female, jury tampering, witness intimidation, identity theft- be walking the streets of Wilmington? What is going on in the District Attorney’s office that this guy has gotten reduced sentences and passes on everything he has done?

  • Guest1851658

    He is on the street because the judge knows he will be arrested again, generating more revenue in fines, court costs, attorney fees and such. When will the public learn it is all about the almighty dollar and has little to do with confining criminals.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Decide for yourself after reading:

    How can this happen?

  • taxpayer

    looks like he’d be afraid of his own shadow.

  • PenderHigh

    I went to high school with this guy and I would have never known. He was always pretty quiet though. I may have seen him once back in 2009 when I was visiting wilmington while on winter break. Even then, I still would’ve had no idea. What in the world? All we can do is pray! This world is filled with pure evil and I pray that this guy gets delivered from all his foolishness. Its nothing but the dark forces and principalities … Prayers to the individuals that were involved with him, prayers for his daughters … This is just sad! A mere tragedy. We always think of human trafficking happening over seas but its going on right here at home … right under our very noses.

  • PublicAvenger

    We’re talking about enslaving other human beings. Where’s the voice of the NAACP ? They seem to only pop up when there’s a chance to attack a white person.

  • Rick Beacham

    You are a sad individual who clearly harbors extreme racial prejudices.

  • Anastasia

    Oh my God……..


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