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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — An early morning raid by Wilmington Police and ALE resulted in 20 people detained, and two people with numerous charged.

After a month-long investigation, and numerous complaints about the club, Wilmington police along with ALE say around 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning they conducted a search warrant on Mya’s Meeting Hall at 3342 Wrightsville Avenue.

Investigators say they found non tax paid liquor, moonshine, beer, marijuana, MDMA and a firearm.

Club owner Lorenzo Sharpe was charged with possession and sale of alcohol without a permit, and selling non tax paid alcohol.

Club patron Charles D’Andre Richardson, 31, was also arrested and charged with felony possession of a schedule I drug, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Both men bonded out of jail Saturday.

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  • guest01010
  • D’Andre

    D’Andre is not a “Lifetime Thug”. He was 17 and drove a car that some one let him drive and didn’t want to be responsible for it so he took a misdemeanor charge so no one else wouldn’t get in trouble. He was 21 when some Marines chose to jump on him and his friends after leaving a bar in Downtown Wilmington and when he protected himself he got in trouble for carrying a pocket knife, nothing else. And about 6 years after that he had a couple bags of “weed” in which he made sure a younger family member didn’t get in any trouble that would jeopardize their future. If you call that a “Lifetime Thug” then feel free to do so. Now pertaining to the case in question…the cops found something in a bathroom that whole party was sharing, that he was entering as the cops came in. All of the things they said in the story had nothing to do with him. No Guns, No Drugs, No Alcohol, No Nothing. He was only at the party because the security guy who worked there had his phone and he went to get it. The case in which this story is about is on it’s way to dismissed. Mr. Richardson is the father of an A and B honor roll student, a small business owner, and great friend to those who know him, who says the worst crime he is committing, is being an Eagles fan. If You would like to know anything else about him please feel free to contact him at CDRichardson421@Gmail.com

    Stay blessed and Thank You!

  • kim

    smh. Mr Sharpe wasn’t very sharp was he??!!

  • droppy

    A big thank you to law enforcement for locking up these thugs behind bars, where they belong. One less nasty crime-ridden establishment blighting our community tonight. Good riddance!

  • guest 123123

    This is what ALE is suppose to be doing not harassing private clubs over who has filled out an application for membership. This location had no abc permit and was operating illegally right out inthe open.


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