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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s wildlife regulators and an animal protection group are headed toward new court hearings over the captured possum used to liven up a mountain town’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

Attorneys for the state Wildlife Resources Commission and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are expected in court in Raleigh on Monday. The animal-welfare organization wants to block the annual Possum Drop in Brasstown in a little more than a week.

The state commission on Friday issued a permit allowing the organizer to capture the animal.

The General Assembly this year passed a law allowing licensed sportsmen to hold animals for display as long as they are returned to the wild when the event is over.

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  • karen b

    Details PLEASE regarding what they do to these animals??? This is something the public needs to be informed of. I’m very frustrated with this article.

  • ROSE

    you people are despicable and disgusting and I would not even call you human beings. You are thoughtless brainless wild animals and I bet you think of yourselves as Americans and if this conduct is American then you people deserve nothing but bad luck for the rest of your lives.


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