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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While many spent Christmas morning unwrapping gifts from Santa, eating delicious meals, and spending quality time with family, one truck driver spent his Christmas morning travelling 6 hours from Pennsylvania to Southport.

And he still has more than 700 miles to go before he can spend Christmas with his family.

“I’ve only been out here three years, so it’s kind of hard on the kids because they expect you to be home,” Prime Inc. truck driver Charles Kirk said. “So, this will be my third Christmas I haven’t been home but you got to do what you’ve got to do.”

Kirk has been all over the place this holiday season.

From Maine, to Massachusetts; Pennsylvania to Southport, he says life on the road, especially during this time can be rough.

“It’s lonely and quite.” Kirk said.

But he says his Christmas treat is waiting for him at his final destination nearly 700 miles and 13 hours away in Jackson, Tennessee.

“I have five kids that range from 14 to 26,” Kirk explained. “One of them lives out of state in Arizona, but the other four are waiting for me to get home Friday morning.”

And he says his fiancée is driving all the way from Florida to join in the Christmas festivities.

“We’re pretty traditional, you know, the Christmas tree, get up in the morning, Christmas dinner, that’s about it. Then we go visit family and friends.”

But as for what surprises lie underneath the tree, Kirk says that’s for him to know, and his family to find out.

“That’s my little secret,” Kirk said with a grin.

And even though he is spending Christmas alone, Kirk couldn’t help but spread a little holiday cheer.

“Merry Christmas to everybody, and remember the reason we have Christmas…our savior Jesus Christ.”

Kirk says he hopes to be home by midnight December 26.

He says he is looking forward to a traditional turkey dinner with his family.

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  • GuestUSMC

    Since nobody else will take time to leave a comment, I will. Thanks to all the truckers who haul almost everything we need in our daily lives. Regardless of what it is, somewhere, sometime, before, during or after manufacture, it took a ride in an 18 wheeler. We thank the military, police and firemen all the time for their sacrifices, but truckers seem to always be left out. Anyhow, thanks to all the guys and girls who chose to make life easier for all of us, even though it means being away from family and friends much of the time, as well as holidays. Stay safe and keep the greasy side down and shiny side up.

  • Guest-o-matic

    …don’t forget to leave out the grocery store workers who put food on the shelves, the guys at the tire store that fill up your grammahs tires with air, the wonderful state and federal workers that wear out their adding machines as they take our tax money, the sewer workers that make sure sludge doesn’t back up into our homes and of course PROPANE!!! Hank would be sooooo upset that you forgot PROPANE workers! There’s a gazillion others too that need your attention that you really shouldn’t forget. Greasy side…shiny side. They all look alike.

    Sorta brings a tear to your eye duddn’t it?

  • Blueline

    Wow you are so right with your comment. After a trip to NY state last week in a snow storm we saw so many 18 wheelers jack knifed or lost control of there truck due to bad roads just trying to keep America going. They are also the road heros. Also Thank you to saw your USMC name. Thank you for all the military and truckers do for us…

  • Paul

    As someone who spent several years as a professional driver, it could be a lonely time at Christmas but I always appreciated the people who sacrificed part of their holiday to keep the fueling and eating services open for truckers on Christmas day and who often made it less lonely with their holiday spirit.

  • We are so proud to see our truck driver featured in this story. We are so grateful to not only our truck drivers but all over-the-road truck drivers who spend many holidays out on the road. Their sacrifices are what make this country continue to keep growing and going. God bless!

  • mary

    Im so glad to hear that the driver in the article will get to see his family. I’m not that lucky, its like he said you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. This will be the 2nd year for my husband being on the road for the holidays and I mean the holidays. Not one or two but 99 percent of them. I dont think people realize how hard of job it is and how hard it is on the families. But God knows if it weren’t for the drivers out there this country would stop. Later Merry Christmas to the drivers who are just getiing home for the holidays!!!!

  • guest611

    You have to find a negative side to every story dont you. Yes, lots of people have to be away from their families for work on christmas. He is one of them. Not much to bitch about, but you managed to anyways. You know there is life outside of the wway comment section.

  • Guest Vader

    Guest-O-Matic…thanks for your 2 cents worth, which is, as usual worth about half that amount.


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