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JACKSONVILLE, NC (WCTI12.com) — A second Camp Lejeune Marine is claiming to be a victim of a Jacksonville man already charged for allegedly coercing one Marine into performing sex acts. 

WCTI-TV spoke with the first young Camp Lejeune Marine, whose identity will not be released due to the nature of the alleged crime. The Marine said he is not the first victim of the suspect, 24-year-old Patrick Francois Georges, who has been charged with extortion and crime against nature.

"He was an expert at this. This wasn't his first rodeo," the Marine said.

According to warrants from the Jacksonville Police Department, the investigation began when the Marine told officers Wednesday that he had met a person he thought was a female on the social networking site, MeetMe.com. The Marine said he agreed to meet this person at a home on King Street in Jacksonville.

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  1. Harold

    Oral sex is a crime against nature? Who says? Phil Robertson? I thought nearly everyone who engaged in sex participated in oral sex. I imagine even Phil Robertson and his fat wife have experienced sex “orally.” Did they commit a crime against nature?

    Also, how was this marine “coerced to perform a sex act”? Did the perpetrator of this crime hold a gun to his head.

    This story is perplexing to say the least.

  2. HennyPenny

    I had oral sex, and I had no idea it was a crime!

    Help! I’ve committed a sex crime? A “Crime Against Nature”!

    Are they gonna put me in jail?

    What will Phil Robertson, the redneck spiritual leader of our nation, do to me if he finds out? Will he come after me with a baseball bat?

  3. Guest-o-matic

    …and needless disparaging comments about his wife, I’d say YOUR “wife’s” name is Billy or George. How does that little peg with a peg thing work with you? Horrible fit isn’t it?

  4. Martin Smith

    How exactly is it that you know this was oral sex? I didn’t read anything in the article about that? Still with your attitude about Robertson perhaps you know a lot more about this than any of the rest of us would.

  5. jbob

    Impersonating a woman? An expert? I would have had a few questions about that beard.

  6. candy

    what the hell does phil robertson have to do with this???????

  7. trash

    I See two idiots here posting and it is not me

  8. BillOBrien

    Why does this need to turn into an attack on Phil Robertson? He is a man who has done nothing to anyone and has never claimed to be the spiritual leader of anyplace or anyone. He simply stated his beliefs. Beliefs that if the had matched with the gay agenda in this country, there would have been nothing but praise from people like you.

    Now, as far as this Marine and what happened to him. You go trying to meet people on a social media rather than the good ol’ fashioned way…well, you are going to end up in a situation just like this…or worse.

    Kind of strange that it is a gay man preying on other men…nope…nothing depraved about that at all.

  9. Chauncy1968

    If oral sex, or any other kind of consensual sex, is on the books as a “crime against nature,” then that is laughable. Is this a NC law?

    NC is already becoming known as one of the most backward, regressive states in the union.

    This “crime against nature” bull is total nonsense. Oh well, it looks like NC is Duck Dynasty country. When will this redneck hick named Robertson from Ducked Up Dynasty make his appearance in our Old North State? NC seems ripe for his kind of rank stupidity. And I’m sure the fundamentalist politicians in Raleigh would welcome him with bear hugs.

  10. CoastalJade

    You mad because Cracker Barrel and A&E changed their decision?
    The masses SPOKE in emails, phone calls, and web sites. There is more that support Phil Robertson that allow his opinion which is faith based than the whiners whining because they did not get their way and destroy a person for his religious views.
    That is just a little taste of what you ‘tolerant’ people are going to get if you keep rocking the boat.
    He has done nothing but good and continues to.
    What he did in his past has been atoned for.
    People can and do change.
    Keep hating on the Robertson’s…. it is hilarious.
    You ooze diarrhea from the mouth on people’s past… care to let people check your closet?

  11. SayWha?

    Too bad some of you learn to post before you learn to think.

    You must be a candidate for that new reality show “I’m More Immature Than a Fifth Grader!”

  12. Loop-the-Loop

    A lot.

    Oral sex in NC is considered a “crime against nature.” Laughable in its stupidity.

    If oral sex is a “crime,” then nearly every sexually active person in this state is guilty of it.

    Fundamentalist Christians, like the ignorant Phil Robertson, think sexual “sins” are the most heinous of all sins. About sex, Phil should know. Not only was he a sexual animal, but he had a violent streak that led him to beat a man and woman nearly to death. Phil believes in “repentance,” but he has never apologized to his victims. Instead, his wife gave their life savings at the time to the couple to keep Phil out of jail. A pity. He belongs in jail for his violence . . . and staggering hatred of blacks and gays.

    Like the above poster said, NC is becoming one of the most backward states in the union. That’s why so many of its dumb citizens support Phil and his vile comments that insult blacks and gays.

    Some more dirt is going to be published about duck-brain Phil, and I eagerly await the news. I want to see him and his family shamed; then perhaps they will understand how gays felt about Phil’s rant.

    Except for NC and a few more states, The more progressive states have repealed their “crimes against nature” laws. Furthermore, in 2003, in Lawrence v. Texas, the US Supreme Court held that no remunerative sex between consenting adults in private was protected by the Constitution and could not be criminalized under “crimes against nature” laws. Thus, fellatio, cunnilingus and homosexual sex can no longer fall within the scope of such laws.

    But in NC it can. Oral sex is indeed a crime against nature.

  13. rickc

    I was a pretty dumb buck at his age, but I never got myself in that situation.

  14. nc tax payer

    please didnt know. right

  15. guesty

    Some people are slow when it comes to figuring things out.

  16. Scott Pickey

    Guest Reply – the picture is of the man who was arrested, not the Marine.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  17. Guest Reply Redux

    Maybe he should have bought himself a Blow Up Doll at a one time investment instead.
    But then again…supposedly…the explosions from those dolls has caused serious injury…to some :-O
    And one more thing:
    “WCTI-TV spoke with the first young Camp Lejeune Marine, whose identity will not be released due to the nature of the alleged crime” (Unquote)

    So…the news plasters a photo of his face all over the screen???
    Oh yeah! Oooops! So much for his privacy…Ha!!

  18. 1234543

    If these marines are what this country is depending on to defend us we have a serious problem, if they show up to a house and either don’t have the judgment to recognize a guy instead of a girl or are to weak to turn and walk away or end his charades they are not going to fair well under fire.

  19. head doctor


  20. Tracie C

    It’s really comforting to know that the people signing up to “serve and protect” are about as dumb as a box of rocks!
    My seventeen year old sons are smarter than these marines.

  21. Kris

    Well I don’t see you or your sons rushing to the recruiter’s office. Don’t judge the rest of us on one man’s mistake.

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