Commissioners move on as Berger misses second meeting since arrest

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Submitted: Thu, 01/02/2014 - 9:35pm
Updated: Fri, 01/03/2014 - 4:39pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners met today for the second time since Brian Berger was arrested again last month for DWI, but there was again an empty seat at the table.

As commissioners met for their first agenda briefing of 2014, Commissioner Brian Berger was once again noticeably absent.

After the meeting started without him, WWAY reached out to the commissioner, but he has yet to respond.

The other commissioners went on without him, and discussed the effect that federal flood insurance reform will have on the county’s beach towns. They also discussed the sales tax situation and whether they should charge local vendors sales tax for online sales. Another topic of discussion was the state’s new seven-percent entertainment tax.

Commission Chairman Woody White said that he was disappointed by Berger’s absence since it’s his duty as an elected official to attend these meetings.

“Every day that you’re an elected official there’s important work to be done whether it’s meeting with constituents, or deliberating and talking to your colleagues about the issues we’re facing,” said Chairman Woody White.


  • CatherineJ says:

    Why not talk to the commissioners about matters there really important to Wilmington? People are sick of news reporters highlighting that idiot and his antics. Put your journalism skills to work and quit gabbing like a bunch of middle schoolers about the class clown.

  • Guest2929 says:

    Sales tax for online sales!? There’s our “limited government” Commissioners!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    online purchases, you already pay it to Raleigh. Have been for a while.

  • live in the city says:

    does brian berger still get paid if hes doesnt show up. if he does that needs to stop. does anyone know.

  • george says:

    What?Entertainment tax?Are these idiots kidding?Enough taxes.The dumbercrats had control of the state for a hundred or more years,and never got enogh tax money.Now the reiclicans are in power and still more taxes.We are all taxed out.If we want to go to movie,we have to take money already taxed(federal tax,state tax,county tax,city tax,)put gas in our cars(gas tax),(property tax on the car),and drive through random pot holes(I thought gas tax fixed those,but apparently it is not enough)so we can pay another tax to watch a movie prduced by multy milionaires who get a tax exemption for making the movie in the same state North Caroina.So,lets have another meeting about more taxes.And they want us to believe rian is the crazy one!!

  • Shaun1138 says:

    They raised or created taxes on mobile home sales, movie tickets, athletic events, etc….Talk about sticking it to the poor and middle class.

    Cut unemployment while raising cabinet members salaries by another $13K.

    At the same time they could have dropped or lowered the gas tax which is the highest in the south. Didn’t happen.

    Not expanding Medicaid or setting up a state exchange for healthcare give Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC a strangle hold on North Carolinians. (BCBS was a huge donor to get McCrory elected. They keep the status quo and the poor and middle class can’t get lower rates on health insurance….again..stick it to the little guy!

    I love the bait and switch. At least with Democrats you know where you stand in regards to raising taxes to pay for things. The GOP ran on fear of the black Muslim in office and hating the gays on marriage just to get in office and destroy 30 years of forward thinking and legislation in just 12 months.

    Now we are stuck with fracking on its way to destroy our ground water. Oh yeah….if you thought you were going to drop a well in your backyard and get rich off natural gas….HA! Guess what? The shall beds are located on properties only owned by 6 people in NC….the wealthy 1%

    I hope the uneducated voter who believes attack ads, and only wanted to vote red to stop gay’s from getting married, or from Shaira Law spreading across the land wakes up and realizes they were fooled.

    Can’t wait to see what the next few years has in store for NC. Damn shame.

  • WB says:

    I just moved to New Hanover County about six months ago and have seen nothing but bad this Berger gentleman has been doing, how does he still have a position of authority? It seems like if he can’t do any better, why would things get better for the county?

  • Guest2020 says:

    He still has a position of authority because no one in Raleigh is willing to all for recall elections in order to allow voters to rid themselves of elected officials like Brian Berger. I imagine since you are relatively new to the scene that you don’t know about Woody White’s attempt, with the cooperation of other board members, to usurp the authority of the voters by trying to us an amotion process to oust Berger. It was an epic failure that cost the county more money than was absolutely necessary.

    If you want the read all about it, simply do a search of this website to find the whole sordid history.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    everyone jumps to the gun.

    He may have had a health related issue.

    Buses may not have been running.

    He may have been doing volunteer work with the organizers of that annual walk to commemorate some long ago, pre 1900, incident in Wilmington hoping to take it county wide.

    One thing is for certain. If voters don’t wake up; identify any other electable candidate; and then get to the polls, he could receive a 4 year contract extension.

    In terms of the county’s wellness, who caused more actual fiscal harm?

    Brian Berger or Woody?

    I’m not a Berger supporter. But from what the media has reported, the County is out thousands as a direct result of Woody’s failed amotion. I don’t believe Berger has cost the county any sum of that magnitude.

    As to those security precautions Woody put in place; what a joke. Berger is only a danger to Berger.

  • kelly says:

    Dont fool yourself. The money that as you say was wasted on the amotion to remove Mr. Berger was will worth it. Unfortuately he is still wasted our time and tax payers money. I think he is an embarassment to out county and city. If he needs help with whatever is the problem then he needs to respectfully remove his own self to get that help he needs. I have compassion but the patients is gone.

  • Guest7969 says:

    CRAP like this “state’s new seven-percent entertainment tax.” is what drives people to DOWNLOAD it for FREE! We are quickly becoming the very thing we fled!

  • Guest of the Century says:

    Why don’t the commissioners vote to make their payscale dependent upon attendance? You show up, you get paid…Otherwise, nothing.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    in case you missed it, Woody and Company, with the exception of Barfield, spent over $100,000 of county funds in their failed attempt at amotion. Woody’s an attorney, he should have known better. They failed to make a case in court; and specifically were noted as denying Berger due process.

    And, since you obviously don’t retain data, Berger was willing to walk if the County continued his health insurance and stipends through the end of his term. That would have removed him from office and at a much lower cost to the county.

    Woody is the embarrassment; even Barfield steered clear of the amotion as though it was a tar baby and he was Brer Bear.

    Just for the record, patients are those who are being treated by a medical practitioner or have been admitted to a hospital.

    Patience is what many lose when one posts an inane item with no facts.

  • q says:

    right on its (her) head.

  • taxpayer says:

    One of your best SCT…clap-clap-clap.

  • Vog46 says:

    Although Brian was willing to walk I don’t believe Woody had the authority to negotiate for a standing commissioner to leave. If Brian commits a felony Woody and/or the Commission can demand a resignation and if its not forthcoming they can forcibly remove the commissioner but I don’t think there is any policy or procedure in place for negotiating something along these lines.
    Second you glossed over this but I’m NOT convinced the money was the big thing. To me not giving Brian due process was an absurd failure by an attorney! There were no witnesses expressing “fear” to Brian’s face. I do wonder how, with a county attorney and a county commission chairman who is also a lawyer how they could have failed in such a basic legal concept as far as presenting witnesses and failing to give Brian due process. This calls into question Woody’s leadership and political acumen…..
    It’s no wonder Woody wants to commit political suicide…….


  • burgerboy says:

    Big baby Burger was prolly out partying or laying up playing his playstation 4 that santa clause brung him, and that old woodrow white needs to shut his pie hole abot being sorry he wasn’t there, he’s the same old slob that tried to unjustly and immorally get poor old burger kicked off of the board, he should be glad he wasn’t there, he should be ashamed of himself for pickin on that poor old boy with the autism, but if there’s a sliver lining it’s that burger gets paid wether or not he goes down there anyway, that old libber woodrow white should like that, i bet he aint never did a day’s work in his life, he needs to go back where he came from and we need to make brian burger mayor of wilmington, here here three cheer’s for big babby burger!

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