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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — New details have emerged about two of the suspects accused in the New Year’s Day murder of a Hallsboro woman.

Court records show that Derrick Devon Pierce and Antwan Jahmal Johnson have both had multiple run-ins with the law in the last year.

Court records show that Pierce was out on bond on multiple cases in Columbus County, including assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of trafficking in opium and heroin. Johnson was out on bond from Forsyth County, where he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor larceny.

A woman close to Johnson, who asked us not to use her name, spoke with us about the type of man he is.

“He could be a person that could watch out for you if you needed somebody to do something for you,” she said. “I mean he was somebody that could take care of that, but as far as him letting his temper get out of control, it does, and that’s what actually happened with him in Forsyth County.”

The woman says that despite Johnson’s anger problems, she could not believe he would ever kill someone without being provoked.

Both men are currently in the Columbus County Jail, along with a third suspect, Amanda Canady, without bond charged with murdering Keshia Ward.

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11 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Two of three suspects in Columbus Co. murder were out on bond"

2015 years 8 months ago

**”Thats some Of the consenqienses when you chose to dabble in drugs. Thats why its Best to stay drug free.”** Seriously, “real reality”. You seem so non-chalant about this. Meanwhile a woman has been brutally murdered. Thank goodness this is a death penalty state because these savage murderers DO deserve to die but the victims didn’t “get what was coming to them” which is basically what you are saying. YES our judicial system sucks and YES more needs to be done with these criminals who keep collecting charge after charge after charge. That kind of conduct should not be acceptable and the state needs to build lower tolerance for these criminals way before something like this has a chance to happen but this isn’t the fault of our county OR our state and has nothing to do with a new court house a a shiny new police cars. This dates back to the late 1700s/early 1800s when the United States Constitution was signed. In that constitution the 6th amendment states that the accused has the right to a fair and speedy trial and of course the 5th amendment that implies that the accused is innocent until proven guilty, you have the right to legal representation and of course we all know that if they can’t afford one, an attorney will be appointed and WE, the taxpayers pay for that fair trial. I hope they get the death penalty and I hope they speed up the process so they don’t sit in some county jail spending more of our hard earned money feeding these criminals and protecting their constitutional rights. The only unfortunate thing about the death penalty is they KNOW when they are going to die. They have time to tell their families goodbye. Normally their victims don’t have those luxuries. But yes, these people DESERVE to die. They are no longer acceptable to breathe the same air we breathe BUT…back to your statement ” . Thats some Of the consenqienses when you chose to dabble in drugs.” Keisha didn’t deserve to die. And especially in the brutal manner that she was killed and left for her small children to find who, by the way are left with no mother and unimaginable emotional scars that will last a lifetime. I didn’t know keisha well but I did know her. I wasn’t aware that she was involved with drugs. I have heard that Johnny had some involvement with drugs in the past but I don’t know if that’s true either. I know that he was a friendly guy. I don’t know what reason, if any, these men (and woman) had to come and commit this heinous crime but I am sure it is killing Johnny and I’m also sure that guilt will destroy him every time he has to look her children and her other family members in the face. I do know that he loved Keisha very much and whatever was going on between Johnny and these guys wasn’t intended to be directed towards her. I read some of the comments on these news articles and I am blown away by the insensitivity of some people. I just hope you never have to deal with a personal tragedy, and especially one of this nature.Your statement “this is why it’s best to stay away from drugs” goes without saying, I mean that is a no brainier taught to us at a young age so, duh. But we, as United States citizens need to brush up on our history lessons and our constitutional rights and we also need to educate ourselves on the politicians that we vote into office and check into their views on criminals and their rights and this “war on drugs” policy that’s supposed to be happening in this country. Write letters to our senators. Do what ever it takes to push our government to take this drug epidemic seriously. I guarantee you those police officers driving those new police cars you’re complaining about take it very seriously as THEY are the ones out risking their lives everyday to put people like this behind bars. And those new police cars are designed to keep those officers, who, by the way are human beings with families SAFE. They don’t get paid NEARLY what they deserve while our politicians bank accounts are getting fat while they sit on their butts. Not to mention the backwards view that athletes and actors deserve a higher pay than the people out on the streets protecting the citizens of this country. Our police forces are dwindling down year after year because those that WANT to go into law enforcement can’t because they have families to feed and it’s almost not worth it with the salary they get paid. Think about those issues and don’t be so quick to judge or post hurtful comments on these sites. The victims have families that read these posts. It’s called giving the respect you’d expect to be extended to yourself if your loved one was in this situation.

2015 years 8 months ago

Guest, you prove that age old saying is valid.

Where do police obtain possible motives? If you bother to read, you will note fewer than half of the investigated serious crimes have a motive reported when the police initially respond; and when they do, it is when a bystander is present.

So in this case, who can comment?

Sleeping children?

Deceased victim?

Injured victim who was transported to the hospital? Not likely he would have been allowed to comment while paramedics were focused on his injuries or attempting to save the deceased.

That leaves the suspects. Do you really think they are talking?

As to the Mother comment. Would you rather be 1 of 19 men who get pulled onto the Maury show for a dna test to prove the child’s paternity? Or, would you rather be the Mother who was so friendly she really can not tell which of the 19 is the Baby’s Father.

Think about that if you can.

2015 years 8 months ago

You are overly concerned about this subject and seem to be taking it to heart in a very personal way. Are you related to these people? And why are you striking out at anyone so personally who has commented here about this article? If you are related to these people I’m sorry for you. Actually there are one or two more comments I would like to make to you but it would never get printed. Try some Prozac or Lexapro. Sounds like you could use a big ole dose of either one of them.

2015 years 8 months ago

On many occasions the police do give a motive for a murder. Example, domestic violence, drug deal gone bad, fighting over a woman, on and on. Very common. Let me say this, Surf City Tom, I’m not sure how to take your comment about being the mother. You are off center in your thinking here.

2015 years 8 months ago

What were they doing at that house? Was it a home invasion? Did they know that couple? Why isn’t a motive being given?

2015 years 8 months ago

do you honestly think they will give a motive before trial?

That would be akin to being 1 of 19 potential father’s on a Maury show and admitting you were the baby’s father before the test results come in; and then hearing you are not.

Or worse, you could be the Mother.

2015 years 8 months ago

You’re kidding me! Provoked to beating a woman to death and her boyfriend nearly to death with their children in the home? I call that evil…not provoked.

real reality
2015 years 8 months ago

I knew the victims and the suspects. Both Of the victims were drug atticks. Thats some Of the consenqienses when you chose to dabble in drugs. Thats why its Best to stay drug free. I also know a mother Of three who was killed and found By her kids and the guy who did it is out Of jail after serving four years. And she never had anything to do with drugs. The justice system is all about money. How else are the going to pay For the new courthouse and all those new police cars. No one gets out Of jail For free it cost money and to the politicians and judiciary officials money is more important than the saftey Of our citizens. They let them out so they can commit more crimes so they have to pay more money. Money talks and bull walks. Our saftey is bulls to them.

2015 years 8 months ago

Seriously, does this lady not realize what she just said? “Despite Johnson’s anger problems she could not believe he would ever kill someone WITHOUT BEING PROVOKED.” Really lady? I would not give my name either and not because I feared my life. Even if you are PROVOKED to anger you do not kill someone. All three of these individuals have had assault charges against them including that “girl” that was involved. Columbus and Forsyth county really dropped the ball here and now an innocent woman is dead.

2015 years 8 months ago

Our wonderful POS judical system working at it’s finest! Our country has higher penalties and punishment for owing the government money than the ones murdering and raping our citizens. Priority number one is PROFIT. You should lose all rights when you commit a violent act toward another citizen or taken to the street and stoned. It is no surprise that crime and violence has grown out of control in America when its hard to hold people accountable for their actions because these murderers, rapist, and terrorist have “rights”!

2015 years 8 months ago

There seems to be a growing problem of people being released from custody when they should not be. Perhaps it’s time judges should consider a great deal more information on suspects before they are released back into society, especially when their previous crimes involved violence.


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