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Tim Buckley says goodbye; Leaving for a new job in Greensboro


While I know it's just part of life working in a smaller TV market, I still hate saying goodbye.

"Good Morning Carolina" Meteorologist Tim Buckley has let us know he's accepted a new job at WFMY-TV in Greensboro. He'll be the weekend meteorologist at the CBS affiliate. It's an 85-market jump for Mr. Buckley, putting him in a Top 50 news market. His last day at WWAY NewsChannel 3 is today.

I have to be honest, Tim is one of the best people I've ever met in this industry. He never complains, he always finishes projects on time and he always, ALWAYS has a smile on his face and makes us laugh.

For example, a few months before I got here in 2010, Tim was hired to be the weekend meteorologist. Then, just a couple of weeks later, the station decided to cancel weekend news due to the recession. Tim was moved to being a reporter five days a week. The Penn State grad went to school to study weather, NOT be a journalist. He's a scientist, not a liberal arts type-of-person like most of us in the newsroom. But he hung in there, did a great job at story-telling, and was eventually promoted to Morning Meteorologist.

Many of our viewers consistently ask why people come and go all the time here at the station. Tim is the perfect example why. This was his first job out of school. He's cut his teeth and become an exceptional on-air meteorologist, and now is moving on to a bigger station where he, honestly, can make a whole lot more money than he can here in Wilmington.

Tim, we wish you the best! You, Ashley Jacobs and Randy Aldridge have a wonderful natural chemistry on GMC that will be difficult to replace. You will be missed, but we also know you will be a tremendous success in the Triad. Enjoy!


Scott Pickey
News Director
WWAY NewsChannel 3

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Good Luck Tim

Good Luck Tim...I watched u everyday since u've been our morning weather man...I sure u'll do a great job in Greensboro as u've done in Wilmington..We'll surely miss u however I wish u much success because u've earn it...Good Luck Tim and may God continual Blessing u..Keep that BEAUTIFUL SMILE....

Tim Buckley leaving

I am so sorry to see Tim Buckley leaving WWAY. I have enjoyed seeing him on the morning show! He always has a smile on his face and that is so nice to see first thing in the morning! He is a natural in front of the camera, very professional in his delivery of weather information but very personable at the same time.

I have seen him around town a few times and felt like he was a good friend. His personality and good humor was a wonderful part of making the morning team fun to watch. I will really miss seeing him here in Wilmington!

Good luck in your career Tim! You have been successful here and I am sure that your success will continue in your new endeavors!
take care,

Goodbye and Good Luck

Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your smiling face every morning. Hate to see you go, but I know you must move on. Such is life. We can't stand still....we have to keep climbing. I am new to the area, retired, live alone and suffer from depression, and you have helped lift my spirits every morning the last two years. Tim, keep smiling and never know how many people you help with your attitude about life.

Best of Luck Tim Buckley

NOW, you have "better chances", of seeing those White Flakes, (snow), Stronger CADS, (Canadian Air Damming), In addition; Not so much to worry about "Warm Noses" in that part of the State as you have to do here...
Remember, It's a bit MORE "Trickier", Forecasting up that way, (ZR/Snow or Cold Rain), and Plenty of "Model Watching" on the LR "GFS/Goofy" for "Fantasy Storms", Hoping for a good Ole thumping..
Again, Best O' Luck, see ya around on the WX Board(s)....
Sincerely; CT

Tim Buckley

I love you station. But yall have a very big turn over. You have really great people doing you news and they there maybe two years some more and then they leave. Whats the deal? Im still watching.

The area is a small market

The area is a small market and used as a stepping stone for many starting out in the business. With larger markets come larger salaries and that is the reason that most move on.

Tim Buckley...

My husband and I agreed long ago that you were too professional for our little market. We could see you filling in for Sam Champion...but alas, he is gone from GMA too. Best wishes to you. You have a great presence on never miss a beat...WWAY will miss you as will we.

Tim Buckley leaving WWAY

I agree with kzpony. I looked forward to seeing your smiling face every week day morning at 6 AM. You, Randy and Ashley had the best chemistry.
I'm certain you will continue to excel in Greensboro.


You "done good".

Now Scott?
Save WWAY some money - lets have Kevin do the weather ! Call it Wuzszardo's Weather - the 11 pm forecast you could call WWII (Wuzzardo's Weather II).
Or just have Mack do it (I bet she could do it too!)



I'm surprised at the lack of wheeling and dealing.

Buckley's doing week-end gigs at the new location. A savy station manager might have gotten him to stick around for the week-day AM reports.

Could have given new perspectives all around.

Tim Buckley

Best of Luck in Greensboro. You'll be missed...

I know this guy!!!!! We

I know this guy!!!!! We marched trumpet together in the BLUE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!


...this one time at band camp...

Good luck, Tim.

Good luck, Tim.

Tim Buckley

Tim's a great guy. He once took me for a visit thru the channel 3 studio. I really was interested in the way weather news was done and he did a great a job, and had a lot of patience with me. So long Tim, you will be missed.

Track Record

WFMY has a good track record of getting people who have worked at WWAY, they are, Ed Matthews,a meteorologist who worked here in the 80's and early 90's, Rosemary Plybon, who worked on "Good Morning Carolina", Megan Packer, who was a reporter and occasional anchor, and now Tim Buckley, Tim is a great guy who i met a few years ago during a "Hurricane Expo", and i know he will do well at the CBS affiliate in North Carolina's Triad, in fact Ed Matthews is still doing weather on their "Good Morning Show" at Noon weekdays, so he'll be in good company.