Leland Police search for murder suspect

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Submitted: Tue, 01/07/2014 - 4:00am
Updated: Tue, 01/07/2014 - 1:51pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland Police are searching for a man they say shot and killed another man early this morning.

James Ketchum, 44, is wanted for the murder of Jason Anderson, 33.

“Officers responded, and once they responded and got to the address they discovered a deceased person,” Leland Police spokesman Lt. Joseph Pierce said.

Neighbors did not want to talk to us on camera, but say this is generally a quiet community.

Anderson and Ketchum both have had run-ins with the law before.

According to the Department of Corrections website, Anderson served more than four years in prison for accessory after the fact to a 1999 murder. Since his release, Anderson has racked up a number of charges including assault on a female, forgery and larceny.

James Ketchum was convicted in 2012 in New Hanover County for assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a female. Records show Ketchum was convicted in 1991 in Halifax County on charges of kidnapping, larceny and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

Lt. Pierce says Ketchum is considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information on where Ketchum may be is asked to contact Leland Police Department at (910) 371-1100 or your local law enforcement agency.

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20 Comments on "Leland Police search for murder suspect"

2015 years 8 months ago

Jason was a great neighbor and an even better friend he might have had a rocky past but he was still a great person he was fun to be around and great to talk to he will be missed so very much. R.I.P big j you will not be forgotten.

Brandon Housand
2015 years 8 months ago

Thank you for standing up for my older brother, to this day I still cry at the mention of his name. I miss him and hours before the gun was shot, Jason was saved by god and that warmed my heart to let me know ill see him again

sorry not sorry
2015 years 8 months ago

I hope they catch the guy…and then that’ll be two less worthless people off our streets.

2015 years 8 months ago

I have no doubt Mr Anderson was “much more than what a piece of paper says.” I agree. But the piece of paper still says “ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT IN A MURDER, ASSUALT ON A FEMALE, FORGERY, and LARCENY.” So, when VICTORIA says; “he was a great guy,” it makes me wonder what is so “great” about a man who would steal, lie, cheat, and HIT WOMEN.

KATHERINE B. said about WWAY: “you should be ashamed for bashing the victim in this tasteless manner.” You’re right, KATHERINE, “just because a victim has a record, (it) does not define the person as a whole.” However, we all want FACTS from the news …and they stated the facts. The reporter has no reason to “be very ashamed” of anything. Yes, “the family has had a devastating loss” but that is NOT suppose to “be the focus of the report,” …REPORTING is.

I hope someone will define the “great guy” part of Mr Anderson for me because all I know so far is that he lies, cheats, steals, hits women, and condones murder. I can’t recall a single “great man” who has those same qualities. Please fill in the blanks for us.

Kristin burdette
2015 years 8 months ago

Jason was a great man his past did not hold a flame to the man he had became me I was his girlfriend for four years I was by him everyday and night for four years and I have nothing but love for him I don’t have one bad thing I could think of about him because he was a great man he would help anybody he thought needed it that’s how he love his life was from helping that sorry p.o.s!!people are judging Jason for his past and what’s on paper but u will never know the wonderful man he became..if u ever took a day in his shoes when he was younger u might understand more but until then don’t judge what u don’t know!! Love u sweetheart till we meet again R.I.P baby