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Brunswick County Public Schools' Jessica Swencki published an editorial in this morning’s Raleigh’s News & Observer in which she explains what’s really driving a large and growing segment of the charter school movement: private, for-profit companies out to milk the public coffers.

North Carolina is ripe for an infiltration of nefarious profit-seeking characters in public education. The cap on charter schools has been lifted and the longstanding requirement for “innovation” gone. Local boards of education are no longer offered the opportunity to comment on new charter schools filing applications to open in their communities. The Department of Public Instruction is undeniably understaffed, and on-site audits of charter schools are infrequent at best.

There are many excellent public charter schools across our state. These charters were usually organized by grassroots efforts of visionaries within a community seeking to expand the public education opportunities available – people who believed in innovation and alternative teaching methods and who were willing to personally sacrifice so that the community’s children would gain. Unfortunately, that is not the story of all charter schools in North Carolina.

In North Carolina, charter schools are operated by “nonprofit” corporations, which are not subject to the same laws that demand public accountability for state and local tax dollars. These “nonprofit” corporations can be subsidiaries of larger for-profit corporations – all the nonprofit corporation needs is a “board” of purportedly earnest, well-intentioned people during the application process. Once the charter is granted, there is very little to stop the potential exploitation of our state’s limited public education resources.

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  • Guest7969

    no different than the PUBLIC system abuse! Probably works better when a business runs it!

  • jj

    I would have to agree with you Guest7969. The Public school system is wasting the money they are given. I was at Hoggard’s football Stadium a month ago and went into the men’s bathroom. The paint was peeling off the wall and there was water damage. It will not be long before they will be asking for money to build a new building.

  • Erlkoenig

    This is great news. Competition and profit motive drive performance and results. This will be great for education. Unfortunately, free market capitalism is too complicated for simple minded, spread the wealth liberals to understand.

  • Monkey Junction

    It will be interesting to see what charter schools are started up soon. When Louisiana did this a few years back, there were some charter schools that popped up that were hardly schools at all, more like churches with some math thrown in. These schools would teach nonsense like the Earth was 6000 years old and humans and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time.

    Now if that is your view of education, then by all means send you kids to school there and pay the tuition yourself. However, please do not use the public coffers to pay tuition to such schools.

  • Carol Kramer

    You lost me completely at “The Department of Public Instruction is undeniably understaffed…”

    Try this experiment:
    Call DPI and ask them who advises local school districts on how to protect student privacy now that all NC schools have been forced by DPI to use Pearson’s Power School. Ask them what information is being placed into Pearson’s student data base and who ultimately owns our students’ information…them or us?
    Good Luck!

    This article is nothing but a red herring…The real money is in the Federal takeover(including FOR profit partnerships) of our schools via Common Core. Start here:

  • nuhusker

    While some may believe that private business can do a better job, once the charter school passes state regulations to get started, there is no criteria or anything that holds it’s feet to the fire to uphold what its suppose to do. Not good!!

  • Rottweiler

    The fact that someone who works for the Brunswick County School system thinks that these businesses are “milking” the public coffers is a joke. Having worked for this nonsense school system for a brief period of time I can, with both business management experience and statistics, prove that the current education system in NC is the BIGGEST waste of taxpayer dollars in the history of the planet.

    As my late great-grandma use to say – “Its always best to sweep off your own porch before you start commenting on someone else’s”.

    It would also help if you understood business concepts so that you know waste when you see it.

  • Rottweiler

    As my great grandmother use to say – “Sweep off your own porch before you go trying to sweep off someone else’s”

    From where it sit the public school system in Brunswick County’s porch needs a pressure washer.

  • Guest2020

    I don’t know if a pressure washer is strong enough, especially with a superintendent who has no qualms about having trashy books on the shelf.


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