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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — It appears former or current US tobacco growers will get their full, final annual payment from the quota buyout approved by Congress almost a decade ago.

The US Agriculture Department has said the payments were subject to the next round of automatic budget cuts later this month and prepared former quota holders and growers for a 7 percent decrease for the final payment. But Secretary Tom Vilsack told North Carolina members of Congress this week there’s a way to locate funds to complete the full payment by late 2014.

North Carolina’s congressional delegation praised the announcement Tuesday.

North Carolina’s 76,000 quota holders and producers had been projected to receive nearly $4 billion in cumulative annual payments through the 2004 buyout.

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  • jj

    Why are we giving people money to not do something? Supply and demand should be the key that drives this and not tax payers money. If they want to farm they need to find something to grow that will produce money.

  • guest45

    jj, you are exactly right, there is no excuse for the government to be subsidizing any type of business or paying any business not to produce! thank you for pointing it out.

  • Guest350

    And, especially a commodity like tobacco, which does nothing more than cause sickness and death to its users and those around them, which in turn costs the taxpayers more money in healthcare most of them cannot afford.


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