Barfield, White, Rouzer weigh in on Congressional race

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Submitted: Thu, 01/09/2014 - 4:38am
Updated: Thu, 01/09/2014 - 3:06pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Jonathan Barfield, Woody White and David Rouzer are three politicians with three different sets of ideas, but they all say they are happy Mike McIntyre has decided to retire at the end of his term.

“With Mike moving on, and choosing not to run again, this race is a brand new landscape,” Rouzer said.

For years the GOP has had their eyes on the 7th Congressional District seat McIntyre has held since 1997, and after Rouzer just missed out on winning the seat in 2012, Republicans feel like 2014 will be their year.

“We need to move in a very different direction, and get back to the conservative principles and the founding principles that made this country great,” Rouzer said.

Rouzer will face stiff competition in the Republican primary by New Hanover County Commission Chairman Woody White who hastened his own announcement that he is running in May’s Republican primary for Congress.

“The government takeover of the healthcare system is the defining issue of this midterm election,” White said. “More importantly for the people of this district is the importance of having a fresh new voice, someone with problem solving abilities and innovative thinking.”

Rouzer and White are not running unopposed in their quest for a seat on Capitol Hill.

Barfield tells WWAY that he has the financial backing of the Democratic Party and ideas that differ from his predecessor.

“His stance on some of the current president’s initiatives,” Barfield said. “As a former sailor, once you’re in the Navy, you’re always in the Navy. You always support your commander-in-chief. Therefore my goal is indeed to embrace many of the ideals of the Democratic Party as well as all parties to make sure that we’re moving forward.”

McIntyre still has a year to go on his term before turning over the reigns to whoever wins the mid-term election in November. The candidate filing period for that election runs Feb. 10-28.


  • Barry says:

    You sir are just a blowhard. I am a Republican but a moderate. I have a son who has served 7 deployments 3 in Iraq, 2 in Afghanistan plus 2. I have called Mike 3 rimes to voice concerns. My concerns were addressed.

    You comment, That seems to be the focal point of your life. What a sad bastard you must be

  • SurfCityTom says:

    Woody has as much chance of securing the party nomination as Brian Berger has of being elected Governor. On second thought, Berger’s chances are better should the sitting Governor step aside and a special election be called. And since that will never happen, it’s plain to see barring a dark horse candidate, Rouzer will face off against Barfield.

    Rouzer has been vetted and undergone extreme public scrutiny during the last election. The question now is whether Barfield has issues which may not stand public scrutiny.

    By his comments re the Commander in Chief, he apparently would toe the White House line if elected. And that may well doom his electoral aspirations in this district before the first appearance after the primary. Could this be the year Boseman seeks higher office?

  • snash says:

    The defining issue in this campaign will be the lack of class and ruthlessness of woody white.
    He has crossed the line of decency on many occasions. Sleasze and arrogance are no substitute for leadership. The RNC would be wise to think twice before remaining silent in this contest.

  • barryfan says:

    Well said sir . My thanks to your son.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    learn to read.

    Nowhere did I say anything against Mike McIntyre. NOWHERE, did I even mention him. I defy you to show me 1 word in my post which was negative about Mike McIntyre.

    I am a life long Republican. He is 1 of 2 Democrats for whom I consistently have voted. Unlike you, I have his cell number and called him encouraging him to reconsider his decision.

    I do not have a son. I do have a son-in-law who led a hard charging Company of Marines to Iraq and Afghanistan. I have friends who also deployed.

    Unlike you, I can read and comprehend.

    I may be a sad bastard. Opinions vary; that’s 1 of the beauties of living in a Democracy.

    You, Sir, are a mindless moron who apparently has nothing better to do than try to take shots at yours truly. Your own words are proof positive.

    And like a mindless twit, you failed. Go back to your burrow until February 2nd.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    which is it? 3 children or 4?

    one would think you would know the number of children you have. In your case though, perhaps not.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    where did I say anything about McIntyre? Not 1 word for or against Mike McIntyre. Fraid you too fail in attempts to slam yours truly.

    Go scurry back underground.

  • Guest2020 says:

    His first post said that all 4 of his children have higher IQs than yours. His second post said that 3 of his children have higher IQs. That doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t know how many children he has. What is clear is that he doesn’t know how many of his children have higher IQs than your.

  • GuestMan. says:

    Take the first sentence at face value.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    his very first post said he had a son who has done more tours to Iraq and Afghanistan than likely any other military person around. That’s not meant as an insult to a young man who has served; but the military understands the law of averages and has a computer model in place to try to limit that many deployments for 1 troop.

    Wonder if he can name a unit with which the son deployed?

    Unfortunate he has so little grasp of facts that he has to stoop to personal insults with no factual basis rather than use all of that combined off-spring brain power to come up with just 1 fact.

    Or, at the very least, point to 1 negative comment I made about McIntyre. No one can; I made none.

    But then Barry, under various names, fails in his efforts to prove my thoughts are invalid. Barring a strong entry by Goolsby, or a strong late Democratic candidate, it still appears Rouzer will face Barfield in the General election. That was the substance of my post for Barry and his supporter who still can not comprehend.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    apparently you are Barry or can not read. I made no mention of Mike McIntyre in my post.

    Surf City is in the 7th District. I commented on the likely candidates.

    If you’re going to take shots at SurfCityTom, at least learn to read and comprehend. I realize that may be hard for entitlement recipients.

  • GuestMan. says:

    Your post made his first sentence ring very true.

  • Barry says:

    You are a mental giant. I guess anybody can just ask you. I am sorry I don’t have your mental ability. I will bet 3 of my kids have a higher IQ than yours. I am just an old redneck from here.

  • Barry says:

    I bet all 4 of my kids have a higher IQ than You. You sound like a disbarred attorney. Be glad to debate you any time. Just think, I got the hair standing up. Got your ire.

    You are a blowhard windbag. I don’t have Mikes number but, I am standing next to someone who does.

  • Guest2929 says:

    Tweedle dee and tweedle dumbest.

    So, Woody White wants to run for Congress, after his illustrious two months or so on the County Commission? I guess having hundreds of thousands to spend (mostly of your own money) makes you a “leader”.

    Woody, what have you done while on the County Commission? You’ve initiated a proceeding that most of the people in the County view as illegal against a sitting County Commissioner. Like it or not, Brian was duly elected by the citizens and his fellow County Commissioners cannot simply choose to remove him at will. Is Woody going to try to do this in Congress? When people have probably an even more checkered past than Brian?

    Secondly, just earlier this week, I believe, Woody was noncommittal on whether he’d support an additional County sales tax for people doing online sales in the County. An additional tax? For what? To “level the playing field” with brick and mortar businesses, instead of lowering the tax burden on them by eliminating wasteful government spending?

    Is this the kind of leadership that we need? Have they cut one dime of wasteful spending? Have they routed one ounce of corruption? No, it’s business as normal, with the COUNTY STAFF drafting all new legislation and the Commissioners themselves introducing NO new ideas.

    As milquetoast as he is, David Rouzer is probably the best choice in this primary for Republicans (and of course Jonathan Barfield is if you like blabbering, marble-mouthed buffooons.) I thought in the last primary that although Patano probably had an edge over Rouzer in the authenticity department that Rouzer would probably be a good sight better than most members of Congress right now… So, go Rouzer!

  • guestyI says:

    The NC GOP better get behind somebody besides Rouzer? I meet the guy twice and he struck me as a “not so smart person”. Honestly he seemed like a real duffus. Besides that we don’t need a Johnston Co hog lobbiest making decisions for our area of NC.

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