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HAPPENING TODAY: Forecasted cold weather means more school delays


BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Several area school districts started the day late yesterday due to extreme cold. There are more delays scheduled for today.

Here are the delays reported so far for schools in our area

-Bladen County Schools: 2-hour delay for students; staff are to report to work at 8 a.m.
-Brunswick County Schools: 2-hour delay for students; staff should report to work at the regular scheduled time unless annual leave is arranged with his/her supervisor
-Columbus County Schools: School starts at 10 a.m.; staff at normal time
-Duplin County Schools: 2-hour delay for students; staff at normal time
-New Hanover County Schools: 2-hour delay for students and staff
-Onslow County Schools: 2-hour delay for students and staff
-Pender County Schools: 2-hour delay for students
-Robeson County Schools: 2-hour delay for students and staff
-Whiteville City Schools: 2-hour delay for students and staff (will be serving breakfast)

-Calvary Christian School (Wilmington): School starts at 10:30 a.m., no morning care
-Columbus Christian Academy (Whiteville): 2-hour delay
-SEGS Academy (Whiteville): 2-hour delay

A statement from New Hanover County Schools says the delay will allow time for school buses and heating system to be checked and allow any problems to be addressed.

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School closings

CFA on time. We drive Mercedes and Beemers. Not afraid of the cold.

Could not agree more

Little snotty pantspunchers never heard of a school bus.

What a priggishly elitist comment

I guess you've never read Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People."


do that when you can buy 'em?

This is what turns kids into

This is what turns kids into weenies.

It is being done for the

It is being done for the safety of the children who ride the buses. These kinds of temperatures could be harmful to them in a short amount of time.


A lot of people around here do not own thick coats or gloves/hats etc, it rarely gets cold enough to justify spending on such things every winter for a child. Do you think little kids need to be out at the bus stop before the sun comes up freezing to death?

That is strange. The schools

That is strange. The schools in Fargo,N.D. are only delayed 10 minutes...with 2' of snow...and -22 degrees.
When it's 90 degrees in the morning in late August, when schools are in session in Wilmywoodn't...shouldn't they start...2 hours earlier??
Eat will be Ok :-)

How many snow plows does

How many snow plows does Wilmington have ? Zero. They probably have hundreds in N Dakota. For us, its more far more logical to shut the town down, for a day or two, every 3 or 4 years, then to waste millions on snow plows. We'll just open up, a few hours late, when the sun has had a chance to come up. And we only have to do this, once every 3 or 4 years. It's best for us just to limit our travels, and try to stay inside. Especially when it will be 60 degrees in 36 hours from now.

N Dakota is a different story. It stays like this, for several months at a time, up there. That's why they have snow plows, and have to shirk off the cold.

Who said anything about snow?

It wasn't snowing. No one said anything about snow. The delay wasn't because of snow. People could understand if it WERE about SNOW, but it was not. It was about temperature. And quite frankly, it was stupid. There was almost no difference in temperature between 6 am and 8 am. Makes absolutely no sense to me!!!! How about having school staff and bus drivers report to work EARLY to make sure everything is working properly? Oh, because then they might have to be paid overtime? Instead, let's take two hours off our kids' education for the day. Kids today already have it too easy, this just gives them more time to be LAZY. I certainly hope the school system plans to make up the 4 hours of missed school on the next "early release day," which is another JOKE if you ask me. But that's a topic for another day.

Guest Reply Redux mentioned

Guest Reply Redux mentioned snow--"That is strange. The schools in Fargo,N.D. are only delayed 10 minutes...with 2' of snow...and -22 degrees."

It wasn't just about the cold weather. With the recent rains there had been concerned about black ice, which is harder to see in the dark. I left the house just before noon that day and there was still ice on my road, so it isn't far fetched to say that they were appropriately concerned.

As long as a school is in session for a certain number of hours in a given day, that day counts towards the minimum state requirements. Therefore the hours missed in the school delays do not require make-up time.

What reason?

For what? Too cold? No ice anywhere on the roads. Get real people.

You get real. So what that

You get real.
So what that there was no ice. We live on the coast and in this state to keep out of the cold and snow. I am glad they delayed it. I didn't want my kids out in this weather they are not accustomed to.
I guess you think it is fine to put kids who are not use to weather like this out by the roads waiting on the bus. The delays made sure small kids, or any kids for that matter could have a few hours for the sun to come up and warm up a little.

Part of the Problem

Excuse me Coastal Jade; however, you need to realize that by delaying school two hours for a one degree temperature change you have disrupted numerous work schedules as well as reduced the amount of instructional time each student receives thus diminishing their education. However, we want them not to be too cold so let's coddle them so parents like you can feel better. Your liberal mindset is weakening our country and creating a nation of people unable to problem solve and adapt to stressful situations. You are part of the problem, Coastal Jade.


It will be a balmy 20* at 10am when they are waiting for the bus now, not much of a difference. If there was 1" of snow on the ground you can bet your kids would be out playing in it.

Let them out to play in

Let them out to play in snow? No, maybe to hit the porch and grab a handful, but not playing.
I don't have the proper attire for this weather for my kids. We don't have weather that warrants it. So my kids have light jackets, gloves, and hats. Light jackets being the key word. Many here on the southeast coast have light jackets only as well.

And to the idiot spouting weenie kids on this thread... grow up.
Or better the jackets for the kids yourself or shut up all around.


We aren't used to weather like this and neither are the buses...they did it so that elementary kids aren't out in -5 wind chill waiting for a bus thats broken down...that was the MAIN reason...

It has been colder than this

It has been colder than this before, here and nothing was delayed. I can't understand what the big deal is this time. Put on your coat and go about your business. You are just making wussies out of kids. They are too lazy and sensitive now. I wonder if Japan, China and Russia cancel school when they have a cold spell?


if a 10 year old waiting at their bus stop at 6 am went all hypothermic....we would all be up in a tissy! IT was more for the schools to ensure the buses were even sense in kids sitting out at a bus stop waiting for a bus that's broken down. I bet you also walked straight your ride this morning after you let it warm up...these are KIDS, waiting outside in the elements for a ride...I am far from continuing the woosification of our kids...but I have to say this is one time our school system used some common sense!

Ummmmm, maybe...?

Ummmmm, maybe it's not just about whether or not there's ice on the roads??!?

There may not be ice, but a lack of ice on roads doesn't mean all danger from ridiculously cold temperatures is removed. I for one don't want ANY child to have to be on the side of the road waiting for a bus for any length of time when it's this cold. Additionally, a two-hour delay would give faculty and staff a chance to arrive at the schools and check to make certain water is flowing. It's entirely conceivable that pipes could have burst, rendering our schools dangerous and not up to code if there's no running water for toilets, fountains, or cafeterias.

Use your brain

Umm...let's see maybe because we live in an area that doesn't see weather this cold often. Most of us & our children don't own coats heavy enough to protect us from the bitter cold that's predicted. I grew up in upstate New York & yes we still went to school on cold days but we had thick coat, ear muffs, scarfs, etc. things most southeastern North Carolinians do not own. My child's bus arrives at 5:45am, when the windchill is supposed to be 10 degrees. Frostbite can be obtained in as little as 30 min. So I for one applaud the schools for being proactive and protecting our children.

I have lived in Wilmington

I have lived in Wilmington all of my 48 years and can't ever remember school ever being delayed because it was too cold outside and I am sure we had the same weather then as we have now. My mother had the right mind to make sure we had winter clothes no matter if we lived on the coast or not. To all of you newbies to " the coast " it does get cold here also.

It was 15° this morning at

It was 15° this morning at 8:30. This has happened many times over the years and the busses still rolled. Sub-zero, maybe a delay, but come on, today was nothing. I guarantee it there had been snow on the ground, the kids would have been out in it even if it had been colder. Wonder how many kids went out Christmas of 1989 when it was 0° and 15 inches of frozen white stuff on the ground. Of course, school is not nearly as important.

Awwww...poor widdle chirrens...

...a drop of rain, a flake of snow, just let a little cold air blow, AND SCHOOLS OUT!!!

School is NOT is

School is NOT is on a two hour delay. Most buses in the county I live are old and will have issues starting and warming up. At least the two hour delay will help solve these issues and it will be daylight and a little warmer for a 5 year waiting outside for a bus. Have a blessed day, and I hope you did not have to get out in the 14 degree weather this morning.

I was up at 5 am, on the road by 6:15 and...

...had my daily team meeting at 0700, right on time. My trusty '74 Chevy truck didn't cough once during my 40 minute commute.

I wouldn't put a 5 yr old on a school bus anyway, I'd take her myself like most "responsible" parents would do. The older ones would get an appropriate coat, gloves and a hat.

Responsible Parent

This "responsible parent" has the responsibility of being at a job at 7:30. The school is 15 miles in one direction from the home and my job is 20 miles in the opposite direction from the home. Any more suggestions?


Where I used to live, we went to school when it was lower temps and a lot of snow but...