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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Police Benevolent Association says officers followed the law when they responded to a call Sunday that ended with a Boiling Spring Lakes teen being shot and killed.

In a statement, the PBA says after being tased, Keith Vidal, 18, made physical contact with BSL Ofc. John Thomas with the hand he was using to hold a screwdriver. That’s when Southport Police Det. Bryon Vassey, In the PBA’s words, “Employed authorized law enforcement action to stop the continuing threat of deadly harm to Officer Thomas and others.”

Thomas and Brunswick County Sheriff’s Dep. Samantha Lewis have been cleared by internal reviews by their respective departments.

Vassey is on paid administrative lead as the SBI investigates.

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42 Comments on "Police Benevolent Assoc. says officers followed law during BSL shooting"

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Just wondering
2015 years 11 months ago

The parents get on and say their son was not violent or never showed any threat to anyone but they’re the ones that called the police, Not saying their son should have been killed but there is two sides to every story.

Grand Ole Party
2015 years 11 months ago

You love some police bashing don’t you cupcake. God hurry up and wither away. You watch 2 much tv old man, you are not only paranoid but a bit ignorant to top it off.

2015 years 11 months ago

assuming everyone who does not worship the badge is a criminal…I probably have a cleaner past than you. Did you ever think some of us are just not sheep like you????

2015 years 11 months ago

Amen Brother… Finally someone with some sense talking on here… All these ppl against the cops and slamming him and the department have no idea.. They all act like they were on scene and they are basing all the information on what the family and news reported.. These idiots keep saying it was only a screwdriver… Well you come at me with a screwdriver, I’m going to drop you as well.. That can be classified as a weapon in my book, no different than a shank. Sorry for the family loosing a love one, but one thing that… Read more »

Guest Reply Redux
2015 years 11 months ago

1. What if this had been your son??? I thought so….
2. Why are you so against the eye witnessed testimony of this child’s parents??? They were there…you were NOT!
3. (Your Quote) “I know his character and I know his personality! I know he would not just arbitrarily shoot s:omebody for no reason, someone’s life had to be in danger! you talk about the system being flawed…. The flawed part is you…” (Unquote) Spoken like a true Public Servant for the people.
A bit of advice Sarge…let the investigation continue its course (as you say), then you will see how well you… Read more »

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