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Police Benevolent Assoc. says officers followed law during BSL shooting


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The Police Benevolent Association says officers followed the law when they responded to a call Sunday that ended with a Boiling Spring Lakes teen being shot and killed.

In a statement, the PBA says after being tased, Keith Vidal, 18, made physical contact with BSL Ofc. John Thomas with the hand he was using to hold a screwdriver. That's when Southport Police Det. Bryon Vassey, In the PBA's words, "Employed authorized law enforcement action to stop the continuing threat of deadly harm to Officer Thomas and others."

Thomas and Brunswick County Sheriff's Dep. Samantha Lewis have been cleared by internal reviews by their respective departments.

Vassey is on paid administrative lead as the SBI investigates.

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Stop the presses! The PBA has spoken!

The Police Benevolent Association? Now THERE's an objective source for the assessment of police behavior! Isn't asking the PBA about whether a cop did the right thing -- tasing, then fatally shooting, a kid with a screwdriver -- a bit like asking a barber if you need a haircut? What the heck ELSE is the PBA going to say? Why is WWAY even carrying this story?

The kid had been tased. He

The kid had been tased. He probably had no control of his limbs, anyhow. This cop killed this kid for no reason. What if the screwdriver had scratched an officer, did that call for a death sentence?

Would you tell the rest of

Would you tell the rest of us wher you get your information.

Oh Yeah?

The PBA is a professional association...of course they're going to side with the officer involved in the shooting. But just so I have this straight. This guy had two tazers in him so of course he was flopping all over the place and made physical contact with an officer so that gives the "fat cop" the right to shoot him? I call BS. you know the residents of Oak Island/Southport/Boiling spring lakes are going to freak if this "fat cop" gets away with what is essentially murder.

BSL Shooting

@Elliot Renyolds: Its obvious by your dumb remarks that you haven't a clue about this incident. The PBA cleared the Boiling Spring Lakes police officer because the facts show he was not in on the shooting. Also The Brinswick County Sheriff's Dept. cleared their on scene Deputy for the same reasons. The officer who did the actual Shooting is from Southport. A completely separate police dept. The family of the shooting victim does not hold the BSL police Dept. or the Brunswick County Sheriff's Dept at fault. Their beef is with the Southport Police Dept. Also, where you got your idea that the Oak Island residents are going to freak out is beyond me!! They are not even a party to what happened in BSL!!! Elliot stop reading headlines and educate yourself about the true facts of this case!! Or don't comment at all about a subject that you are ignorant to!! By the way, I am a BSL resident, and know a lot more then you do!!

You ever been tased? ??

You ever been tased? ?? Trust me you don't flop around. I know. Had to get tased to carry. Not siding with officers or victims. Just stating a fact.

Police Benevolent Association Scam

How dare the Police Benevolent Association attempt to further the cover-up. The next time this organization contacts you to solicit funds, tell them where they can shove it.

BSL Shooting

@Concerned for BSL As a BSL resident, save your concern beacause you don't have a clue about the facts of this case. The PBA cleared the BSL on scene officer because the evidence along with the family members of the deceased young man showed that the BSL officer did nothing wrong. Also today, the Brinswick County Sheriff's Dept. clear their on scene Deputy for the same reasons. Again the deceased boy parents knoe that the Sheriff's Deputy was not involved with the shooting. It is the Police Officer from Southport who is the target of this investigation. He has not been cleared, and has been placed on suspension. Get your fact straight before you make noninformed comments about an incident that you are clueless about!!

They have lost my faithful

They have lost my faithful contributions.


How horrible. A kid is already 'under control" and some trigger happy guy in uniform takes 70 seconds to shoot him when he arrives after all the others have done their job?????/ Deliver me. when will someone in uniform be punished as a murderer and give us back faith in law enforcement?

Cover up?

What cover up has occurred so far? Can you provide a single fact? No? Stop trying to be Perry Mason, it isn't working out for you.

Amen my friend! Well said!!!!

Amen my friend! Well said!!!!