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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County couple is charged with allegedly stealing $36,000 worth of items from the home of a real estate developer, including historical artifacts and an ATV.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says it got a call from a concerned citizen Friday about possible stolen property at a home on Browns Channel Road SW in Supply. Detectives went to the home where Kelly Michael Rabon and Amanda Todd Coffey live with their two kids. Deputies saw several items reported stolen Dec. 19 from the home of developer Mark Saunders.

Saturday, detectives say they stopped Rabon as he was driving away from the home and saw a laptop that belonged to Saunders in Rabon’s pick-up. They executed a search warrant that night at the home and recovered art, Civil War artifacts, hunting equipment, electronics, an ATV and firearms.

Rabon and Coffey are charged with breaking and entering, larceny, possession of stolen goods, possession of burglary tools and larceny of a motor vehicle. A relative is taking care of their kids.

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  • Joe v

    REALLY he is a pig living off money from worthless properties he sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars more then they where worth. Fake false property pricing with a sales team that lied for him to make a buck. Had the few banks on the payroll working with him that would give a chimp a loan as long as he could kind of sign a signature. PIGS usually get slaughtered in the end. We can only hope

  • Kelly rabon

    What cat got your tounge?atlantic elite is as crooked as any one in jail at this point!!!oh boy the dirt I have!think I’m gonna tell some of the customers how they were lied to when round up was applied by accident to their lawns to keep you from being liable you make your employees lie to the customers!!or why the real reason you and Jon aren’t married????dont you guys live under the same roof?? Always understand a person is innocent until proven guilty!and my fiancé had nothing at all to do with it!!!!she was arrested for being in my house!and no she’s not on any drugs!

  • atlantic elite crete

    this is a former employee of Atlantic Elite Crete and landscaping. ocean islse NC owners name is John. Wonder if things ever went missing from.him………. you wonder??!!!!!

  • Kelly rabon

    Amanda don’t make me tell what you all do to your customers!

  • guesty

    Unfortunately Sanders will receive justice for the crimes committed against him, unlike the people that bought property in his “developments”


  • Known him all my life

    I am so sick of hearing all you people who were falling down over each other to buy one of these lots complain about how much you willingly paid for them! If you wanted to be sure you had a completed development you should have bought a lot in a development that was complete! Nobody held a gun to your head and made you buy anything! Mark is a great Christian man. Stuff happens. The economic crash has hurt all of us living in Brunswick county, in some form… you know if you have NOTHING you would have had NOTHING to loose you should be thankful you HAD and thankful for what you still do have. I personally wish all you cry babies would take your Yankee voice’s back above the mason Dixon to WHINE!! Is it the dealer’s fault if you don’t win a hand when you gamble in Vegas too??

  • know for a fact

    Saunders is a realestate thief so they were more like picking from another patch of pond scum.

  • taxpayer

    the county officials should take Saunders’ stuff and sell it to pay the millions he owes in property taxes to Brunswick County.

  • GUEST1026

    WOW. I guess karma really does come around; all of the people that got screwed over from buying his high priced dirt!

  • Bart

    Dude………. you know your chick is on drugs, right?

  • guesty

    He may be a great guy, but he still screwed a large number of people. If you are tired of hearing about it, tell your bestie buddy to make good on what he promised to deliver. Now to blow holes in your rant:

    1) I didn’t buy any of his lots
    2) I’m a NC native
    3) I don’t think anybody “…would have had NOTHING to loose…” but many have plenty to lose. Spelling can be your friend or enemy. Try to make it your friend.
    4) “…Yankee voice’s…” voices
    5) I usually do pretty well in Vegas

  • Guest-o-matic

    Bernie Madoff was a fine, outstanding man too…at least until his investors realized just how badly he had ripped them off. Now he’s in the Butner Federal Penetentiary sucking soup and who knows what else. The last home he’ll ever see! We’d like to see Sanders join him. He has a matching mentality, only of a much smaller scale. Bottom line: A THIEF is a THIEF, no matter what color you try to paint it.

    Oh and just one other tid-bit to gently quash your exclusionary reasoning: Buying a property for a residence is in no way, shape, form or fashion related to gambling money away with a dealers hand in Vegas! You need some very serious help and “I personally” hope you seek it quickly! If “You’ve known him all your life”, you’re probably exactly like him!

  • Southern Born

    I hate it when you guys are right, Mark Sounders is less than reputable and the description will stick.

    Brunswick County Inspections department, learned what its like to placate to Mr. Saunders. He is a business Man that has all of the enduring Qualities of a Con Man.

    If he spent one day in Jail for every inch of unfinished infrastructure that he promised, he would never see day light again.

  • Since when does anyone pay you to rob them??

    This Man did not seek out these thugs and give them money to take his belongings from his home. Nor did he or his family have a choice in the matter. Those that bought lots were breaking their necks to have the chance to give Mark money for lots they no longer want because they can’t flip them for a profit!! That is the difference!

  • Native

    I bet Mark being the God fearing man he is he still prays for each and everyone of you! Even with you tearing him down. Whatever comes of this matter Mark will be just fine. Mark is a child of God and God takes care of his children. It doesn’t matter what any of you say or think in the big picture. I will say if the landowners that are so mad want to enjoy all those luxuries, most better enjoy them in the here and now……

  • Guest2020

    The Bible speaks clearly about people keeping their word. If Mr. Saunders made promises to these people when they bought their homes, then he is bound by the Word of God to keep his promises. If those people bought the land based on Mr. Saunders’ promises, then they have the right to complain if he does not keep his word. It does not matter where they came from, they have the right to get what they were paying for.

    1) I didn’t buy any of his lots
    2) I’m a NC native
    3) & 4) I don’t care about your spelling, we are all human and make mistakes.
    5) I have never been to Vegas, but I do buy a lottery ticket on occasion. That hasn’t worked out yet, but it’s only a couple of dollars two or three times a year.

  • Guest2020

    If he was truly God fearing man, he would keep his word. And truly, only he and God are the ones who know the extent of his faith. If he couldn’t deliver on the promises, he shouldn’t have taken their money. He should be doing everything within his power to make it right. And God does take care of His children, but He doesn’t look favorably on those who do not live according to His Word. What I will say is that if the landowners gave Mr. Saunders money based on promises that he made, then the landowners are entitled to reap the benefits he promised. If he cannot deliver on his promises, then he should give them back the money they paid.

  • guesty

    I bet Mark being being the conman he is still prays everyday that his past doesn’t catch up to him.


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