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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo says he does not have plans to run for the Congressional seat open after Rep. Mike McIntyre announced he will retire at the end of his ninth term.

Reached by phone this afternoon Saffo, who has been mayor since 2006, said he was among the many people surprised by McIntyre’s decision yesterday. Saffo said he has a job to do in Wilmington and still wants to see some objectives get done.

That’s not to say, though, that he hasn’t given thought to higher office.

“When you’re elected to office, you always have aspirations,” Saffo said.

Saffo’s name has often been tossed around in recent years for various offices. Asked if his plans could change by the Feb. 10-28 candidate filing period for this year’s elections, Saffo said probably not.

So far New Hanover County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield is the only Democrat who has said he will run for the 7th Congressional District seat.

Former state senator David Rouzer, who narrowly lost to McIntyre in 2012, and New Hanover County Commission Chair Woody White say they will face off in May’s Republican primary.

McIntyre said yesterday he announced his decision now to step down so that other candidates have time to decide whether to run.

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  • live in the city

    hes a loser

  • taxpayer

    Could you imagine! They’d eat him for lunch.

  • Radar

    Saffo is barely competent in fulfilling his duties as the mayor of Wilmington. His financial acumen concerning sound investments are questionable , i.e convention center and baseball park. He would be over his head as a U.S Congressman , if his intentions were to actually work for his constituents. He would play the part in the short term fairly well with his pretty boy image but they would quickly learn he is inept. He would be a YES man for the Socialist Party in D.C.

  • No way…all that has been going on with his marriage, separation and ‘recreational activities’, that the local media has decided not to report, would kill that idea in a ‘Clinton Minute’!

  • Guest8102

    Thank God!!!!!

  • Vog46

    My God man what an opportunity. Please run for McIntyre’s seat.
    think of what you could accomplish in Washington Mr Mayor! You could take part in renaming the Redskins (given your propensity for useless sports endeavors)
    You could give more tax breaks to the billionaires beggars club of America!!

    And Bill? Think of all the dames that just LOVE to be close to the men who wield the power…..
    All this can be yours.
    But wait – there’s more!
    Think about it Poofy-do – the Congressional barbershop gives discounted haircuts !!! Free hairspray Mr. Saffo !!
    Tanning beds are available too (although Speaker Boehnner gets first dibs).

    Discounted hair care, free tanning beds, and boozing and schmoozing……
    whats a poor son of first generation immigrants supposed to do?
    Run Bill run…………..
    (Just forget about the title “The Honorable Representative from North Carolina……..” – sorry you don’t qualify)


  • ChefnSurf

    Congressman $affo: An oxymoron

    Currently he’s Mayor $affo, just an everyday kind of moron.

  • Guest2020

    Too bad those objectives don’t include better roads or anything that actually benefits all of Wilmington instead of just downtown. I get irritated with the lack of voter turnout every time I bounce down the roads in Wilmington. I guess he doesn’t get as many kickbacks in road construction as he does from developers.


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