ONLY ON 3: Police called to slain teen’s home 32 times since 2006

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Submitted: Thu, 01/09/2014 - 10:07pm
Updated: Tue, 05/20/2014 - 8:16pm

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says Dep. Samantha Lewis went to the hospital for ear discomfort after the gun shot that killed Keith Vidal Sunday in Boiling Spring Lakes was fired close to her ear.

Plus, we’re learning more about how often law enforcement had to go to Vidal’s home.

A warrant shows Vidal’s sister was arrested on drug charges 2 days before the incident that ended his life.

Records also show more than thirty 911 calls from their home at 1130 President Road in the past seven years.

Officers arrested 25-year-old Nicole Wilsey for possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia Friday.

Records show 32 calls to Brunswick county 911 since 2006, including several calls for domestic issues, as well as disorderly conduct and a juvenile out of control.

The call from Sunday is listed as “psychiatric-abnormal behavior-suicide attempt.”

As for deputy Lewis, she was treated and released from the hospital.

The sheriff’s office says she needs more testing to see if there will be any lasting damage.


  • Kblue2221984 says:

    Where you there? Nuff said!! Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!

  • Teresaeeeee says:


  • joseph vidal says:

    my son was clean!!! and a good kid,he had problems coping with the loss of his 20 year old sister

  • Magnum P.I. says:

    I am appalled by the blatant lack of information in this report. The way that these “facts” have been presented make me question the integrity of the reporter, and thusly, WWAY for allowing such to be representative of their company.

    To report the number of times that 911 has been called to the residence in seven years, but not disclose the nature of those calls is irresponsible at best. Perhaps this was intentional, to illicit a bias from your readers, perhaps not. If it wasn’t intentional, then it is just lazy reporting. I say shame on you, and shame on anyone who would automatically assume wrongdoing without the “FACTS” of those particular instances.

    To report on the arrest of the deceased’s sister, which shows nothing of the character of the parties involved in this tragedy, is tasteless at best. Also, I will note that in doing my own investigating, I only uncovered a report showing that she was arrested for a probation violation. ( Also, I noted that you did not mention whether the sister lived in the same home as Vidal, or whether she was on the scene before or after this tragedy took place.

    While my sources are surely limited, in comparison, perhaps it would be prudent for WWAY to refrain from publishing such vague “facts” and get to the meat of the story. Surely if you are alleging that the family has been a burden to Law Enforcement, EMS, 911 Dispatch, or the community, you will find the “Proof” to back up your allegations.

  • augie1988 says:

    Smear the family? For following gov rules on getting mental health help? You have to call the law first. I agree that it just looks better for the family b/c law enforcement already knew the situation the home. What about the deputy? Samanatha Lewis should have lost her job 2 yrs ago when she nearly killed herself street racing another deputy, but no Ingram gave her no concequences. What about the boys
    assigned social worker? Is the director of DSS holding any accountability in this? Maybe the county should kill Ingrams budget. We far greater need the money/funding in those areas more than we need a helicopter, 200 plus cars and now some tank looking truck on steroids. There is no accountability in Brunswick Co.
    Where is the justice for this child and his family?
    Where is the justice for taxpayers who will foot this bill as well?

  • stwth6461 says:

    First, it’s clear all the calls were NOT about this young man, whose mental health disorder was the reason for the call. Second, are we trying to justify murder here or what?

  • Cheryl James says:

    I have a bi-polar child and we live in Brunswick County. My child is a talented and beautiful, caring person. But life is very stressful and difficult for my child. My child has no insurance and cannot afford Obamacare due to the fact he/she does very well to hold down a part time job and do it well. But he/she cannot handle the added stress of a full time job. He/she does not make enough money for a subsidy. My child tried to get Medicaid but was told he/she was “nowhere near” qualifying for Medicaid. So, the only help my child could get was through the county health department. He/she was given drugs he/she could not afford and received no helpful therapy. He/she went to a private therapist for a while but can no longer afford the $100.00 per visit fee with no insurance. So now what? I feel my child’s condition is getting worse due to lack of care. I have instructed people around my child to make sure they notify me only should he/she have any type of episode that gets out of control. Now I have to fear that he/she could be seriously hurt or worse if the wrong people get involved in his/her care. This county and this nation have little empathy for the plight of the mentally challenged and their families, apparently to the point of just wiping them off the face of the earth. I never thought I’d see such things in my own community and I now have to fear for my beautiful child’s life just because of a physical chemical imbalance in his/her brain. If a child has cancer, the world does everything to save them. If they lack brain chemicals, their life has no meaning. Something is very wrong in this society. God bless Keith’s family.

  • MM says:

    I really have to control myself, as outraged as i am over this story, Alyssa Rosenberg used poor judgement and even worse ethics for posting this story. What purpose does it serve to report about Vidal’s sisters arrest, please help me see what relevance that has to do with his death, or this sad tragedy. It appears to be a smear campaign against the family or just another tactic the news(WWAY) uses to gain ratings. This is not a political campaign, and I find this and WWAY as trashy and lacking integrity. A life has been lost and a warrant two days prior for the sister has nothing to do with anything.Alyssa as a new reporter please do not sell out your integrity like some many other reporters, really does it matter what happened before, a young man all ready fighting this world with a mental health issue lost his life, that is what matters….

  • sam pic says:

    I am a nurse that has worked with the mentally ill for many years and there are a lot of these individuals that refuse help or do not take the medications that help control these psychotic episodes. Was the kid on medication and if he was, had he been taking it? Some of the medication have to taken for a substance amount of time before the desired effect occurs. If there was a substance abuse problem in the family, did the kid have any at all to take? Some of the psychiatric medication are desirable o drug dependent personality.

  • Off The Cuff says:

    Any situation involving a mental patient or someone on drugs can change in a flat second, so your theory doesn’t hold as much water as you think. Been there, done that, have to injuries to prove it.

  • joshjenkins says:

    Please tell your story to Gov. Pat McCrory and explain to him that by refusing to expand Medicaid and turning down state health insurance exchanges, he has affected many lives for the worse. Your child is proof that playing politics hurts people. We need a government that looks beyond spite in making decisions.

    Bless you and I hope your child is able to get the care he/she needs.

  • Ted says:

    They should test the Murderer, I mean Cop as well!

  • Kelly says:

    I have read this report that the police was called to the victims house 32 times in the past 7 years.
    What surprised me the most is how people actually thought “well there you go, the cop is justisfied”.
    Well let’s just take a moment to do the math and really use our brains here.
    In 32 calls BSL officers were able to control the situation and no one was ever harmed.
    Okay, was Bryan Vassey at any of these calls that ended peacefully? No, that was BSL officers who were able to control the situation without using excess force.
    Now let’s put the story together here, 32 calls with no violence , but Bryon Vassey wasn’t a responding officer.
    1 incident out of 33 calls and Bryon Vassey responds and the kid ends up dead!!
    What seems to be the difference in these situations??
    Come on people you have to see this!
    Also keep in mind the other BSL officers and the SD had already been with the victim 14 minutes with no violence before and radioed in “everything was fine”. But 70 seconds after Byron Vassey gets on scene the kid is dead.
    Also from the words of his own attorney the BSL officer is was “stabbing” never asked for help or for him to shoot. I would like as a logical person that if I couldn’t get someone subdued and they were stabbing me or at me I would be asking for help! But then let’s step outside of all that for a moment and consider this. If the situation was under control didn’t Bryan Vassey himself create the hostile situation when he walked into a controlled situation and demanded a calm 18 year old kid to be tased? Then let’s question the fact as to why Bryan Vassey didn’t try to assist in helping get the boy subdued , since he said he wasn’t ? I would think a 90lbs kid with 2 tasers stuck in him already with 2 officers on him and they said 2 other BSL officers had responded also.. Could all of these grown men not take a screw driver out of the kids hand? Oh, yeah that’s right Bryan Vassey never even tried he just shot! Yeah I’m sure he didn’t want to break a sweat or anything. Now I question his dispatch call “I’ve had to defend myself against the subject”.
    But his statement is saying he had to defend the other officer . Hmmm now why would he change his story?
    Well maybe because it can be to easily proved that he was on no danger of the child he never even got near him until he stood OVER him and shot him , I’m sure then he was like that’s not gonna work so let’s twist this so I will be the hero at the scene. Because we all know those BSL officers don’t know what they are doing and needed to be saved right? Come on people , if it had never been mentioned that that child had mental health issues everyone would be outraged. But as soon as that was mentioned he became less of a person ,a nuisance that was taken care of , or just one less check a month! I know plenty of teenager and adults that do not have any mental health issues and are more of a danger than half the people diagnosed with a mental health issue.
    If this person had dementia, or autism , Down syndrome you would be outraged and not so quick to write it off.
    This kid has chemical imbalance in his brain, half the people you probably know have some form of mental health issue weather it be depression, anxiety , add, ADHD, or bi-polar disorder. Does that make them less of a person , does that justify killing them ? Are they no worthy of breathing the same air as us? These are humans just like Keith was ? Don’t in-humanize him. He was murdered, and he needs justice!

  • Ted says:

    I trust the word of the Wisley family over the cops any day. Them kicking them out of the press conference is a sure sign the cover up has begun. The press is trashing the family & the cops arent talking. They wont let them see the body.
    “Good things are done in the open, in the sun light & bad things are done behind closed doors, in the dark”.
    -Jim Tucker, true journalist.

  • jj says:

    Being it is a know fact that there are/were durgs in the house it will be interesting to see what the Toxicology report will show.

  • Mikey88 says:

    Is this the same Deputy Lewis that flipped her car doing 100 mph on 17 and got away with just a slap on the wrist. Hope there’s no funny business with this investigation.

  • Skipper says:

    Could the relevance be the fact that 911 was called and LEO responded to this location 32 times since 2006? That’s a LOT of drama, and as the old saying goes…where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire……..

  • Sara says:

    Really? You are as bad as the reporter talking about the kid’s sister! What in the world does the fact that Dep. Lewis made a mistake 2 years ago have to do with the price of eggs in Africa? Let’s see here – NOTHING! She is not the one that pulled the trigger! The officer that pulled the trigger was a Southport officer and is it just me or does that sound messed up, seeing as the address in Boiling Spring Lakes? If I am correct the cop that killed this young man was out of jurisdiction to begin with, pulled the trigger ONE minute TEN seconds after arriving on scene! In that amount of time he barely had time to asses the situation! And he fired BETWEEN Dep. Lewis and the other officer. Had either of these officers leaned the wrong way just prior to the shot, they would have been the one to die – at the hands of their fellow brother in blue. Would we be questioning all of this trivial stuff then? NO – He would be fired and probably sentenced to a long stay at central.

    Prayers are with this family through their losses and healing. And many prayers to the idiots judging people for mistakes they made in the past – only one entity has the right to cast judgement on us. Oh and 32 calls since 2006 – let’s see from Jan.- Jan. that would be 8 years – 96 months – 1 call every three months or four per year. Considering they have a child with mental health issues I don’t think that is all that bad and also, nowhere has anyone said all 32 calls were related to this child. Has anyone stopped to think some may have been for strange noises outside, or the sister, or medical help for another family member or even for a smoke investigation? To talk to a cop you HAVE to call 9-1-1, there’s no way around it unless you drive to the sheriff’s dept. And even then chances are good you’ll be told to call 9-1-1. Go educate yourself please!

  • officer says:

    were you at the scene? I guess you were behind your deskrunnynose

  • mike johnson says:

    Very well put, Kelly

  • mike johnson says:

    Let’s see some history on Byron Vassey released. I did see one previous article about the Sheriff’s deputy.

  • Isla Rose says:

    Skipper so your telling me just because they had non threating family issues that justifies Keith being shot.

  • joseph vidal says:

    he murdered my son!! plain and simple!!! protect and serve NOT execute!! my son was 98 lbs tasered and on the ground!!

  • Pawsalt says:

    I think that was Kevin’s point this guy was not very easy to control. Plus the first two officers really didn’t make a very good choice. What kinda officers respond to any call were someone is threatening others with a weapon, and then see him with the weapon but talk to him for fourteen minutes. Reasoning should be tired but if it doesn’t work in the first few chances are it will not work. You are only opening your self and others up to get hurt.

    Yes the mental health system is not that great, but what else can be done. Most of these illness are not treatable medication just makes the illness a little more endurable for the person. Are you suggesting the government fund full time care for everyone, along with free doctors and other medications.

  • cops gone wikd says:

    Kevin has no point!

  • Guest2020 says:

    Before the Southport officer arrived on the scene dispatch had received a communication that the situation was under control. It escalated again when the Southport officer arrived. There is nothing wrong with how the first two officers were handling the situation.

  • Pawsalt says:

    I would be willing to bet they were advising they were not in an active fight. But if this guy has a weapon in his hand for fourteen minutes no the situation was certainly not under control. If he was within 21 feet he could have easily charged them and attacked before they could have drawn a gun or taser. This is called the 21 foot rule and has been proven many times. So by them allowing him to keep possession of the screwdriver for that period of time is ridiculous. Not only that what if in that first fourteen minutes he had lunged at his mother and stabbed her. Those officers let him controls the situation. They didn’t have control at all.

  • Southern Born says:

    You must be wetting your pants with this article. I’m sick of this, just charge him with MURDER like they would do any other citizens and let 12 people decide if he is innocent. The only time the police responded that counts is the LAST time. The more they report the more I talk to other officers the more I’m convinced his actions were inappropriate.

    Just Charge him with Murder!!! and get on with the trial. Oh and by the way lets give credit for where its due, they went to the house 32 times, which was there jobs and they got paid. My tax dollars appear to being spent in good measure for a good service. thanks for a job well done,

    Since fat boy only responded once we can conclude that a pattern was set that the child did not have to be killed the other 32 times, But the,(I don’t Have Time For This Cop), summed it all up in 70 seconds and killed the citizen who by the way was not a criminal or perpetrator but a mentally Ill young Man

    MURDERER MURDERER!!! JUST CHARGE HIM AND PROVE ME WRONG , give him a trial, and prove me wrong.

  • Saltpaw says:

    Totally rational thought process there dude. How about we only ever get one side of the story on everything. Then if things don’t go our way we can get all mob mentality on it. Yes Yes silence the voice of reason and truth with hasty decisions and brash actions. Even better I hope Law Enforcement never investigate anything ever again, just get one side of the story and make an arrest on what one party says. That sounds just like the republic I always dreamed of!

  • George says:

    If this southport officer get away with killing that kid your going to see a rash of violence on law enforcement If it would have been my son he shot there would be more than one body totted away from my house I would not have stood for it

  • haggler says:

    George, retaliation is not the answer. However satisfying it might temporarily be, it would only increase the level of violence on both sides.

    This cop needs to be brought to justice. Let’s focus on that. WWAY and WECT need to stop trying to sweep it under the rug and speak up for the citizens — not the cops.

  • ink says:

    i don’t know whether robeson or brunswick county has the most corrupt “officials,” i’d put my money on guesty, but past news stories (real reporting) show that both exist at levels inconceivable by those who don’t live in either county. our (american’s) short attention spans greatly enable the offenders.
    a decent journalist could use this killing as a springboard for an investigation into the whole system (sbi, sheriff’s department, prosecutors, etc) which, in my humble opinion, would be of much greater public service than reports of an ear ache.

  • dpew says:

    They already do. I have seen it time and time again. Even WWAY is backpeddaling now. They MUST pacify the cops. Make the family look bad. What the f difference does it make that this kids adult sister was arrested?

    BC does this ALLL the time and apparently WWAY is being sucked into the vortex. It’s a way of justifying criminal behavior wether it be a leo or their family and friends. Who ever is most popular, looks the best, has the most money and blows the right people controls “justice” and can control what is printed and expressed as public opinion and fact .

    Brunswick county’s claim to fame? It has more corrupt officials caught than any other county in the state.

    Nothing changes, corruption and criminality are tolerated as long as the protected few do the crimes and when enough people are hurt, killed or have their lives destroyed for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong then the rotten group in the criminal justice system is removed and the money behind the corruption goes on to the next group and it all starts again.

  • Pawsalt says:

    No, history shows that there’re was a prior issue or that this is not that add normal of behavior for someone. It also gets used by defense and prosecution to prove motives or establish state of minds. So the call history is relevant. The sisters history not so much kinda of just useless.

  • Samil says:

    I find it funny that you are pointing out how the media is back peddling and making it seem like it’s to court the police. I’ve read every article, watched numerous news reports, and listened to the 911 call (at least the portions some media outlets have made public) and it seems to me the only back peddling being done is to cover up their failure to provide fair and unbiased reporting to begin with. This family has changed their story and if you pay close attention you too will see it. I suggest googling CNN’s coverage because I have seen many articles that have quoted the family as saying this young man was not violent and that he only had a small screw driver, but on the recording from the initial call the step father states, “he has a screwdriver, he is threatening violence, she is scared for her safety.” This is a horrible situation for all involved, this family has lost a loved one, and the cop involved has to live with that decision for the rest of his days. Not to mention that should the truth be that the shooting was justified, which will only come when the outside investigators are through, this cop has a permanent tarnish on his otherwise very clean, very upstanding reputation as a member of the community and law enforcement.

  • guesty says:

    “Brunswick county’s claim to fame? It has more corrupt officials caught than any other county in the state.”

    I’m not positive but I think Robeson County may still hold that honor with the most corrupt officials.

  • Off The Cuff says:

    There are always two sides to any story, and most often the truth is somewhere right down the middle. Not going to judge anyone until all the story comes to light.

    Don’t make an issue over the kid weighing only 90 lbs, as a mental patient in an episode can have the strength of 10 grown men! So can people who are on drugs and such. Having been there done that with both types of individuals, I can personally say it is a hellish situation for all involved. I and two more officers were knocked all over the place by one 94 lb male subject and it took two more officers arriving to get control and place him in restraints and on a stretcher in an ambulance……..all taking place in his parents house. We were trying our best not to hurt him and we were getting hurt in the process. Same with a 91 lb male on drugs one night in a public store tearing the place up. Six different officers trying not to seriously hurt the guy and one got a fractured shoulder having been tossed into a cooler door. This was before tazers existed and sure wish we had some, but they are not 100% effective in all cases.

    Families should know that while law enforcement will try its best to assist, it is not for law enforcement to provide mental health counseling and such as they are not equipped to do so. I know this is devastating to this family as it would be to mine. However, from my own years I know that no officer goes to a scene like that wanting to hurt someone in that type of situation. Those situations however, can change in a flat second.

    Just wait before judging any of the sides in this case until the total investigation is completed. I wish this had no happened at all as this will affect all involved for the rest of their lives. Prayers for all of them.

  • kevin96657 says:

    Sorry the kid got killed but there is always more to the story. I was sure the family wasn’t telling it all. In the words of the stepfather “he was only 90 pounds”. If he was “only 90 pounds” why couldn’t the family control him without getting law enforcement involve. Family called 911 32 times in the past 7 or 8 years and that isn’t an issue for anyone? Daughter just busted for heroin. Now the truth will start coming out. That Police office was doing his job. Also saw on Facebook that the family is trying to raise $30,000 so they can bury him. $30,000?? Just had to bury a family member and a really nice burial is only about $10,0000 to $14,0000.

  • melissamarie says:

    Im sorry but I have a mentally ill parent and I personal had to call for help 5 times in two years. Its not about loss of controll but lack of goverment help. See If I was to hold my mother down and she gets hurt ( the state could press charges against me for abuse ) but I can call the cops have them report the case, talk the person down untill they are calm or so that they can move them to a facility. Ive done this over 16 times with my paprent..I take it that I know the state rules alittle better than you do. Next the family is not raising the 30grand, it is a friend of the killed boy, to the reason to why she made it so high Im not sure, I questioned that also but maybe it is to cover other things for the family, who knows. Next the daughters rap sheet has not a single thing to do with this case ( so put that info in your back pocket for later ). Now IM telling you, from someone who raised a mentally ill person, nobody knows what we deal with, no state funding, no mental help in BC no choices. You assume we can just drop them off somewhere untill they get better. Im sorry but it does not work that way. No for the cops, i believe the two who were cleared were done so because they were not in the wrong, the southport cop…i question what will be done with him.
    So Kevin when you have to take care of a mentall ill person please feel free to voice how easy it is to controll them. I would love to see you try

  • cops gone wild says:

    I’m sure there is alot more to the story on both sides but nothing you have said justifies the actions of vassey.And what has the cost of a funeral got to do with anything?

  • none says:

    This is the dumdest post you could put on here . Stupid

  • guest 588 says:

    Sounds like the more this family talks worst it looks for them. they got a lot of dirty laundry coming out. Someone might want to say some things are left better kept quiet until appropriate time. Sounds like if 911 call went out as psychiatric abnormal behavior attempt suicide this young man wanted to commit suicide but couldn’t. Ever heard of suicide by cop kind of popular now. Look it up. Family needs to quiet down to much personal stuff coming out that needs to be kept between them and not the public especially if this goes to a jury trial.

  • haggler says:

    The fact that the cops had been called 32 times by this family over 7 years makes it even LESS acceptable that they killed this kid. They KNEW the situation in the house, they KNEW the kid and the family, they KNEW that nobody was in mortal danger. It would be far, far more understandable if this were their first visit.

    CNN is carrying this outrageous incident as a NATIONWIDE story tonight — and what does WWAY lead its article with? How one of the cops went to the hospital for treatment for ear pain. Now THAT’S what really matters here. Ear pain.

    WWAY, PLEASE stop protecting the cops and start helping protect the people. You are on the wrong side of this story.

  • Breathoffreshair says:

    In response to haggler:
    Did you do a card reading or a crystal ball to be able to tell that nobody was in mortal danger? Or are you psychic?? Either way, you may want to find another career path or at least brush up on mental illness. It is the most UNPREDICTABLE illness there is. No one can say that another would not be in any danger from a mentally ill individual. Further more to you and all the other Negative Neds out there, while I agree we all could have done without the knowledge that Dept. Lewis has ear pain, we (as in John Q Public) were not there and don’t really know exactly what happened. My best advice to all those who stand in judgement, on a situation that none of us have all the details on, is to remove the plank from your own eye first!!! God Bless you all!!

  • Guest1851658 says:

    I don’t know if Vassey had ever been to this kid’s house during one of his episides or not, but his remark about not having time for this sounds like he might have been and was tired of it and decided to”fix” the problem permanently.

  • mynameis says:

    This is a ridiculous smear campaign against the family. So are we to believe based on this information it is proper for a police officer to shoot this poor soul. Who here wants this officer coming into your home in the middle of a crisis? Kill this 18 year old boy who needed psychiatric help and then smear his family. So what? What we will be doing next..attacking all families who have substance abuse problems , no family exists that is not touched by substance abuse of some kind. Called to the house 32 times, clearly the family was having trouble getting the help they needed from the mental health system. We must stop turning our backs on our mentally ill, if we are to become a better society, police have to be college educated and held to higher standards. A task force needs to be trained by mental health care professions, the police should not be doing this.

  • Isla Rose says:

    Ok this beats it all what does his sisters actions have to do with him being shot?
    And when we buried my mom it cost 23,000 all circumstances are different.RIP Little man heaven just gained another angel

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    Well Isla, it has a little to do with showing this family had a ton of serious issues going on! Issues that apparently were not addressed and left to fester. That sort of pattern inevitably results in some sort of disastrous circumstances. A pattern that makes it only a matter of time.

  • waldo says:

    So, the smear begins. Does anyone remember the Peyton Strickland murder? The grand jury fiasco?

  • billp says:

    No having been at the scene. I will not pass judgment on anyone.

  • Timothy Turner says:

    30 Calls? Obviously he should not have been in society but a mental care facility

  • jeff bartlett says:

    this comment makes more sense then all the others, there are two stories here,

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