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Man charged with crimes against nature with dog faces sex charges with child


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A man charged last month with crimes against nature with a dog is also charged with 18 counts of second degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to warrants Derek Scott Price, 32, duplicated images of a girl between the ages of 4 and 7 engaged in sexual activity.

He is in jail under $1,850,000 bond.

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Please pray for the children. Yes, he is sick... Justice will be served. The little girls, are suffering.. Along with the mother, and all family members close to them.... You will never know unless you have been through it, what pain is felt, in so many areas.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for the little girls, they need all they can get. I know justice will be served.. But even then, the healing process for all involved is so hard... If you've never walked down the road, you have no idea.. It's a daily never-ending nightmare... It's so so hard.. Just please pray for comfort and healing.. God Bless you all....

Prayer is POWER

I understand your pain as I too was sexually abused as a child.
I agree with your comments.
There are many monsters in this world,
I will pray for your recovery.
Will you pray for mine?
Forgive you abuser even if they are not sorry,
To forgive is to set a prisoner free & discover that the prisoner is you.
Forgiveness is having given up all hope of having had a better past.
Forgiveness frees the forgiver.

I am working on this process, I am not quite there yet.


Thank you, while I agree prayer is the only thing that can change things and make you whole again. I have so much anger bottled up in me right now, along with a host of other emotions.. I wish I was to a forgiving state of mind but I am not... I know that only God will provide me the comfort I need, along with the little girls... I will pray for you as well...
Thank you, for sharing your story... The road to recovery is so long and hard.. This is such a very hard and difficult time.. But God is good, and is holding our hands along the way... I rest peaceful at night, knowing He is with me, and carries me when I cannot walk myself... May God Bless you all... I'm looking up daily for my strength..

Prayers - Be proud of who

Prayers - Be proud of who you are and of what you have survived.
Simply touching a difficult memory with some slight willingness to heal begins to soften the holding and tension around it.
Forgiveness is not forgetting, it is simply denying your pain the right to control your life. You are so strong and I am so proud of you.
Don't give up, don't ever ever give up. Repeat these phrases to yourself everyday.
I am strong.
I am smart.
I am happy.
I am beautiful.

this liberal freak will

this liberal freak will prolly get a year or two in prison, getting to lay up in the air conditioning and get three square meals a day and free room and board and colour TV and not have to get up to go to work, and i hate to disillusion all you folks who love to hear abot child molsestors getting killed in prison but amonst most of the libberal weirdo criminel inmates they are like the "top doggy's" in the penal system, and them libber judges give them special protection against getting killed and made love to in prison prolly because most of them libber judges are dumbocrat weirdo FREAKS just like this one, they should just take this weirdo peice of trash out and hang him and let the buzzards eat him, him and all them weirdo FREAK dingbat criminel pedofiles and them that commit abominabel sexuel acts including abortion and homosexuality and pedofilia but them libber weirdos wont let them they need to go back where they came from!


How you can turn this political is beyond me. Pedophiles come in all colors and demographics, stop being a freaking twit.

one shot

If found guilty, just use one .45 to his head and be done with this trash.

People like him never get

People like him never get the punishment they deserve, at least not through the judicial system. They never suffer as much as their victims.


They need to dispose of this man. He is a waste of our tax dollars to even old him in prison.

That poor poor little girl will be scarred for the rest of her life because this sick man thought he had the upper hand.

I hope they put him in the exact cell he needs to be in so he can pay for what he did. I wish they would let me take care of people like this.

Please pray for the young

Please pray for the young girl in this story who was violated by evil monsters. Please pray for all child sexual abuse victims.
Please keep praying for all these children every day.
They are all in desperate need of our prayers.


So, not only is this cretin a sick b@$t@rd who sexed up a poor dog, but, he also likes watching little, innocent girls being abused, violated and destroyed..How long until some young ones come forward and say he's done this to them? Exterminate him. There's no rehabilitating a monster like this. I hope his stay in prison is short and agonizing...Let the inmates know what he's convicted of and they'll take care of him with a swiftness.

PS - I kept my comment as clean as possible; however, there were really a bunch of choice words I wanted to use.

sick sob

I'm with you on that! I personally believe that there is no place in society for that thing. He should be executed, since the rest of us are civilized, he will get out before he even serves anywhere close to enough time. (IMO there isn't enough time) And go on to victimize others and ruin even more lives because his was spared. He needs to be locked up on a deserted island then throw away the key! There is no use for people who hurt children, the elderly, or animals. Getting off my soap box now...

He covers all the bases.

Guess he never heard what they do to sex weirdos in prison.