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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington’s Martin Luther King Jr. Committee will host several events leading up the the annual MLK Day Parade next Monday.

Events include the MLK Gospel Concert tomorrow at St. Phillip AME Church and the Historically Black College and University Battle of the Bands Experience at Williston Middle School Sunday.

Click here for more information on the MLK Jr. Celebration Southeastern North Carolina

Event organizers say these are great family-friendly events.

“We have put a lot of work into these events to celebrate Dr. King’s birthday, and we want the community’s support, and we really need the community’s support to celebrate Dr. King’s birthday,” organizer Hollis Briggs said.

Briggs says Dr. King’s birthday is a great opportunity to bring people together, and to help better understand the history surrounding the legendary civil rights leader.

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  • Guest2020

    I read a quote recently that said something to the effect of who we celebrate is an indicator of what kind of country we are. What does it say about our country that we celebrate a known plagiarist. There are other offenses I could mention, but they never make it to the message boards. MLK is just not a man to be celebrated.

  • deputy25

    why dont we just call this a HOLIDAY and not name it like they do THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS???

  • guest00000

    It is referring to a SINGLE holiday. The term which offends “you people”* so much, “Holidays” or “Holiday Season”, refers to a group of holidays (Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, New Years Eve and Day, Kwanzaa) which occur near each other on the calendar. I guess you mean for everyone to infer from your comments that MLK Day is given some type of preferential treatment because Martin Luther King was black. And “you people”* claim that liberals are the ones who are over sensitive. Give your imaginary “War on Christmas” a rest until November.

    (and by “you people”, I mean right wing nut jobs)

  • Iloveholidays

    Perhaps you didn’t know that it IS a holiday…

  • Portia

    What time is the MLK Parade and what st is it on

  • Guest 2016

    I’m not absolutely certain, but I think that the Martin Luther King Day Parade usually kicks off about 11 a.m.


    Arrive EARLY and don’t CURB your enthusiasm.

    Ya know, I waited all day to see if ANY of the Merchants, you know, the Downtown Business owners, or their families who benefit from the folks who frequent their bars, restaurants and shops would answer your inquiry, Portia. Certainly, the shop keepers, the parade organizers, or the City Council or SOMEONE saw this question about what ‘st.’ the parade was on?

    Have a Wonderful Time, Hope to See You There. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Great Man. Don’t miss the other events around town to honor his memory.

  • Scott Pickey

    Route of MLK Parade changes

    This year’s Martin Luther King Parade will be held on Monday, Jan. 20. It will begin at 11 a.m. and follow a different route in response to input from citizens and merchants following last year’s parade. The parade was held on Front/Water streets for the first time last year after years on Castle Street, which prompted concerns about business access and notification, as well as the need to hold the parade in a more visible and prominent location.

    The city worked with the MLK committee and came up with the new route that places the parade on streets primarily dominated by government and institutional uses already closed for the holiday, leaving the center of the downtown business district and its accompanying parking decks open. The MLK Committee has committed to providing additional volunteers to help prevent long gaps between parade entries, and to taking additional steps to notify locations businesses about the parade.


    · Parade will queue on Brunswick and Hanover streets between 2nd and 3rd Street.

    · Southbound 3rd Street at Front/Davis, as well as Brunswick/Hanover streets, will be closed at 9 a.m. for parade line up and bleacher placement.

    · 3rd Street will close to northbound traffic at Market Street at 10 a.m.

    · All streets crossing the parade route will close at 10 a.m.

    · The downtown areas west of 3rd Street will be accessible via Market Street and Front Street.

    · The parade will end at approximately 2 p.m.

    · Parking will be available on the street and in the downtown parking decks.

  • deputy25

    i know it is a holiday, i am saying why dont they say holiday instead of MLK day. They dont want to hear CHRISTMAS buit say holiday, so say it for this and all the rest then too.

  • Iloveholidays

    They are all holidays. When someone tells me Happy Holidays, I don’t take offense to that — sorry if you do. I always take it to mean Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and even Happy Thanksgiving. Pretty much it’s the holiday season. No matter which holiday you celebrate. Do you send Christmas cards back to the senders if they say “Happy Holidays” on them?

  • deputy25

    yeah, i hear ya. I can really see the big sales for Kwanza each year which is not about Christ anyway. it is celebrated after Christmas and was invented because they did want to celebrate Christmas but have their own holiday!! invented by Maulana Karenga, they wanted an alternative to Christmas and later changed it not to offend Christians so much. It isnt anything to do with Christmas.read it!! why dont we lump MLK, presidents day all in one and call it holidays?? how about that. instead they name every holiday by their name instead of Christmas more and more every year because it might upset the minority and then when some little left nut winger like “you People ” come along and whine they have to change it to holiday!! but when we say anything , you come back with more insults and complain about us right wing nut jobs when you are doing the name calling and bashing. by the way Hanukkah, celebrates before Christmas Day and ce;lebrates the rededication of the holy temple not the burth od Christ. i am one of the you people and proud of it and will say CHRISTMAS EACH AND EVERY TIME. God Bless You guest00000!

  • SayWha?

    I guess I just imagined that Wilmington refused to call a Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree. I guess I just imagined that if that bothers someone, “you people” seem to think you have the right to label people like that “right wing nut jobs”. Using that theory, a liberal Democrat couldn’t possibly also be a Christian, and that’s just nonsense.

    Not too concerned about the “War on Christmas”. I just ignore the blather and celebrate the holiday the way I always have.

    I am concerned though about the “War on Christians”. Your comments have done nothing to alleviate that concern.

  • Guest 2016

    Hey, there are as many lunatic right-wing nut jobs as there are insane left-wing loons.

    It JUST FEELS like the left wing loons win the numbers game because this is a college town, and the loony professors easily influence the fast food industry college graduates.

    TO Thy Own Self Be True:

    Ask Yourself The following Questions,

    1.) “Am I as Happy as can be, MAKING a great living, ENJOYING a loving relationship with a wonderful person, COMFORTABLE in a nice and cozy place to stay, while continuing to strive for more personal growth, AND lastly, find myself laughing and smiling A LOT, while remaining humble? (except when trying to help someone see the light)


    am I (angry) and STRUGGLING to get by, and (angry) that Mama Government isn’t GIVING me enough, and (angrily) picking fights daily on blogs~ instead of pulling myself together and lighting a fire under myself to EARN a living.

    IF you answered yes to the second option, you need to UNDERSTAND… it’s ALWAYS going to be that WAY for you and you will always be calling people like me… “YOU PEOPLE”, “Nut Job”, and Right-winger. I’m actually FINE with the last one.

    If you want to be living Large, like myself and all the right wing “RICH people”, just do what your professors taught you… Research and do a Comparative Analysis on Conservative vs. Liberal Principles. Guaranteed, there is no looking back, if you just quit buying into what generations in your family and schools TOLD YOU.
    YOU CAN THINK FOR YOURSELF! Then, you can apologize to me and others that you felt compelled to mindlessly lambaste on a blog.

    Just remember one more thing: If the perceived lunatic is talking Right-wing, Constitutional, conservative, Christian values, You SHOULD listen! You just may learn a whole new way of Living a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous LIFE!
    I wish you Love, Peace and Happiness and the lifelong benefits of BEING SMART!!!

  • guest000000

    Wow, deppity. You really seem to have a problem with Kwanzaa and Martin Luther King Day. Wonder why? Anyway, Happy MLK Day to you and yours, and if I don’t see you before November, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  • guest000000

    A Liberal Democrat can definitely be a Christian. Most just don’t take it as a personal affront to their religion when someone wishes them “Happy Holidays”.

  • guest000000

    Wow…I fall squarely in category 1. I’m just curious as to what I’m supposed to learn from said “right wing nut job”. That the Big bad government is coming to take my guns? That this Country was founded on religious freedom, as long as that religion is Christianity? That Climate Change is a liberal government conspiracy? That giving tax breaks and subsidies to companies that earn billions in profits is eventually going to benefit the middle class? No thanks, I’ll trust generations of my family and teachers EVERY time when offered a choice. Thanks for the good wishes, and I wish a very happy Martin Luther King Day! God Bless!

  • Guest2016

    Good Job Deputy25!

    Take comfort in knowing that I tested hundreds of people this past JOYOUS Christmas Season with wishing them a Hearty “Merry Christmas” in my travels around the country… just to have MORE OF A Hearty Comeback, “Merry Christmas to YOU TOO!!!

    No Left-Wing Nut Jobs came forth, no one Sneered, no one grimaced. Everyone was happy, happy, happy.

    So, it would seem that you are Right! They (?) appear be the wa-wa, crybaby Minority, but they (more like “he”) monitors this blog for validation.

    Oh Hello University Professor Fussbudget! Are YOU still “MAKING” your classes BUY a subscription to the NY times?
    Parents, THIS is what you are paying for, believe it or not!
    Left-Wing media jammed down the unsuspecting college kids throats.
    Don’t worry, they don’t read it anyway, unless it’s a txt. Not green Newspaper ends up in the landfill, so Professor Buggybuggy just lost the battle to negatively influence our youth. Pleeze Recycle, or wrap your fish n’ chips in it.


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