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By Jeff Hidek & Hunter Ingram

WILMINGTON, NC (StarNews) — A new ABC drama will film in the Cape Fear region this spring, which will be a busy time for local television crews.

“Secrets & Lies,” an adaptation of an upcoming Australian drama, should begin production by spring in the Wilmington area, film industry sources confirmed to the StarNews Monday.

“Secrets & Lies” follows a family man who becomes a murder suspect after finding the body of a young boy. To prove his innocence, the man sets out to find the killer and restore his family, his name and his sanity. The Australian version is set to bow later this year.

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  • Skip Maloney

    Seriously? “Libralcommiemooviegoons” Hard to believe that someone who can actually read would spell two parts of a made-up word, wrong. And don’t kid yourself, you do NOT speak for the constituents of the “Caper Fear Region’ (another word spelled wrong). You don’t do a lot for your cause when you come across as incredibly ignorant. Kind of throws your whole argument into doubt. I can hear them now “Yeah, get them commielibralmooviegoons outta here, but don’t mess with my disability check that I draw for being unable to speak my own language.”

  • GuestPopeArt

    We don’t want them movie goons here!

    Spend your millions in another state!

    (Just speaking for the constituents of the Caper Fear Region—vote REPUBLICAN and we’ll drive those jobs away!)

    -RICK CATLIN and CHRIS MILLIS support this statement!

  • Vog46

    Film away boys !!! Just don’t ask for a government hand out to do it.

    Question for film supporters –
    Can you support a GOP idea that we change our incentives to be a TRUE rebate. Lets give back 30% of taxes paid and/or enact a tax cut for film company’s in lieu of 30% of monies spent – and if not why not?



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