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RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — When President Barack Obama arrived in Raleigh today, a familiar face was on board Air Force One.

Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-7th District) stepped off the plane with the Commander in Chief. The two men shook hands before heading down the steps to the runway.

McIntyre announced last week he will not seek reelection this year after nine terms in the US House. He joined the president to the Triangle for his visit focused on the economy today despite not supporting presidential initiatives like health care reform.

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  • Guest000000

    Which Kenyan would that be? The American citizen born in America to a Kenyan father and an American mother? Criticize him for any ideological philosophies you disagree with, but don’t buy into a lie. It only makes you look like a bitter sore loser, grasping at any straw to delegitimization his administration. The man convincingly won two elections. You are in the minority in this country. Get used to it.

  • tired of Obama

    He’s not running for reelection so he can be seen with Obama…Kay Hagen was in hiding!! she knows her goose is cooked in the election for siding with the Kenyan.

  • SurfCityTom

    an indication, Hagan is planning to step down and Mike will surprise all with an announcement to run for her seat?

    Or, will Mike step back; regroup; and run for Governor?

    Watch for his next announcement. If he does not run in the fall for the Senate, he’ll likely join the law firm with which Jim Hunt is affiliated in Raleigh. There’s just not a whole lot going on in Lumberton.

    Considering his campaign fund has a cash surplus balance of nearly $700,000, his options and prospects are excellent. A statewide run would allow him to plaster areas, where he is unknown, with those pictures of his giant checks from The Bank of Mike.

    He has ruled out giving the funds to other candidates; guess that party allegiance only goes so far.

  • mudcatsfan

    Seriously? How can anyone criticize McIntyre for not giving his campaign money to other Democrats? If he did do that, SurfCityTom and others would be screaming that “this just shows Mike’s true liberal colors” or some nonsense like that. Here’s the truth: Mike McIntyre is a believer, a God – fearing Christian who does not care what the Democrats or Republicans in Washington think but always does what’s best for eastern N.C. Find a more thoughtful, independent Congressman anywhere. He/she doesn’t exist. Now we’re going to get a party lapdog like Rouzer. And when we eed money for the Port or beach renourishment or rural health clinics, it won’t be there. That’s when folks will really miss Mike McIntyre. I met him. He is the real deal.

  • Guest2020

    McIntyre is a wimp. He only voted against Obamacare when his vote wouldn’t affect the outcome of the vote. He gave the appearance of doing what his voters wanted without upsetting the apple cart with his cronies.


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