Leland council swats bee ordinance, blocks strip clubs

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Submitted: Fri, 01/17/2014 - 4:31am
Updated: Fri, 01/17/2014 - 1:40pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — After months of combing through information, and trying to honey coat a solution that could satisfy all residents, the Leland Town Council voted against a proposed ordinance on hobby beehives.

“You can call it a victory if you want, but it’s something that probably never should have been brought up in the first place since there was no problem to begin with,” said John Baum.

Mayor Brenda Bozeman says that the deciding factor in the vote was the fact that during the entire process only two residents spoke out against the hives.

“There are people that are allergic to bees, and there are people who are seriously allergic to bees, and my wife happens to be one of those people,” said one Leland resident.

Swarms of Leland residents, along with groups from New Hanover County, and a bee expert from North Carolina State University spoke in support of hobby hives.

“It’s good to see that people understand about the bees and that they do support them and they know that we need them,” said Baum. “Maybe they’re in certain area’s they shouldn’t be.”

The victory was bittersweet for Baum because he was forced to move his hives away from his Waterford home in December due to HOA rules.

“They were basically my pets, my hobby, and if somebody had a dog that died it would be the same thing,” said Baum. “They became a member of my family. It sounds strange to have bees as a member of my family but I basically adopted them.”

The town council also voted to update Leland’s definition of what constitutes a bar. Mayor Bozeman tells WWAY the move was strictly procedural and was an attempt to block strip clubs from trying to move into the town limits.

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4 Comments on "Leland council swats bee ordinance, blocks strip clubs"

2015 years 8 months ago

Why is it when some one want to do something in this century, that know wants to go for it ,,opening a strip club could be a great thing for leland ,, and the money and revenue it could bring in to the town ship is overwhelmed, the cab company would make money ,, the store for shopping would bring in more ,shoe store’s and motels would be doing better then what they are doing now ,, not only that the mayor said no to the strip club ,, she said to the retailer you cant make money too
,this is wrong ,, if someone want to open a place and have it good for the town ,, how can one person hold it back,, i think ,it wrong ,, and all them retailers are going to lose out too ,, just think if one of there employee’s wanted to buy a home or even rent,, look at the food chain store who were just turn away ,,or what they could of gain,, see my self i i have been in one of them just two times my life , one when i turn 18 in 1978,, and the night before i was married,its my choice if i wanted to go in to one as it would be for anyone else ,, she has no right to denied any business there rights to open a place because of her fath , or what her church may say ,, this is 2014 not 1950 ,, wake up ,, next thing she may denied a skating board park ,, wow

2015 years 8 months ago

I’m not a planner, but isn’t it against NC state law for a town to prohibit a legal business entity from operating in their town?

Mayor Brenda Bozeman tells WWAY, “…the MOVE was strictly procedural and was an attempt to block strip clubs…” She is blatantly stating the Town of Leland is making “moves” to circumnavigate the law, to achieve the mayor and boards goal of denying a business to operate in their town.

Just another sad example of how the Town of Leland chooses to bypass laws to serve their own agendas.

The really sad thing – the Mayor of the Town of Leland is so sadly stupid, proving so by telling a reporter of the town’s plan, with their “moves.”

2015 years 8 months ago

If I had to guess, I would guess that your probably in the strip club business.

2015 years 8 months ago