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WPD still waiting on review of K9 officer


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police are still waiting on the results of an internal review into an officer under investigation for use of force involving a police dog.

Jan. 7 Chief Ralph Evangelous said he hoped to have the results of the probe of Stafford Brister within the next 10 days. Ten days later, WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley said it should be done some time in the next week or two.

Brister is under investigation for whether he used excessive force when using a police dog against Johnnie Lee Williams in November.

Evangelous said the Internal Affairs Division is done with its investigation, and they're now just reviewing the evidence.

A grand jury declined to indict Brister last month.

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Come on now...there have

Come on now...there have been a lot of holidays recently. Everybody knows that the ones who wear suits and ties don't work holidays. It would make too much sense for them to actually want to get another officer on the street. Especially when moral is low and officer's are leaving in droves.

Ham sandwich

The old saying goes,"A prosecutor can have a grand jury indict a ham sandwich if he wants to." So what is the problem Mr. David? The title of an essay by law professor Glenn Harland Reynolds(Ham Sandwich Nation) comes from this saying.

Do the right thing.

Come on, the right thing. Return this man to duty. We all know he's innocent of the ridiculous fingers being pointed at him. Get him back out on patrol where he belongs.

What is there to decide? Bad

What is there to decide? Bad guy in car surrounded by police. Then out of nowhere in comes dog who is FORCED through window. Bad guy has no where to go and then what the police stand back and watch it all happen for how many seconds on the video? They do nothing to try and get the man out of the car. They don't call the dog off. They stand there. The cops all around the world think they are above the law and they have a license to do what they want. They know they are going to get away with whatever they do. Like the cops who killed the mentally challenged homeless man. They beat that man to death. Then the cop who while the 18 year old 98 pound mentally challenged boy was held on the ground by two cops shot and killed the boy point blank. Guess they all will get away with that also. I don't trust any cop. I never will call one again for any assistance. In my opinion Marshall Law is back in force. I don't call 911, in fear that you might get killed over the call. Be safe my fellow Wilmington citizens.


Has the dog and handler been reunited yet?
If not - THEN SHAME ON THE CHIEF & City Manager.

What is there to review?

He was cleared by the grand jury so what is there to look over? I know WPD went over his use of force reports for the last few years trying to gig him after they had already been reviewed and cleared. If they gig him, that means they can go back and change facts. WPD command staff isn't known for their integrity anyway.