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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – Online retailer Amazon says it will begin charging sales taxes on purchase made in North Carolina starting Feb. 1.

Amazon sued the N.C. Department of Revenue in 2010 to block efforts to obtain names and addresses of North Carolina residents who bought items from the company. A federal judge ruled against the state, which eventually settled with Amazon.

The company has not said why it has now changed course.

Customers are required to pay taxes for online purchases, but the requirement is rarely enforced by out-of-state retailers. The move will make North Carolina the 20th state in which the online retailer collects sales tax.

In 2012, the state estimated North Carolina lost as much as $214 million annually in uncollected online sales taxes.

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  • SayWha?

    That’s the sound of even more water coming into your boat after you just put yet another hole in it to let the water out even faster.

    So Amazon thinks they’ll make an even larger profit on the temporary tax interest they’ll collect than they would have on all those additional sales now possibly lost to a competitor? Oooohh …. Now I get it! …. Not!

    It’s time to put on your scuba gear or call for a rescue. Better yet, since you seem so determined, just go down with the ship. :-)

  • Guest1851658

    You don’t make a lot of sense, but here are the facts. The American people will, for the most part, take whatever comes their way without complaining. I doubt if many will stop shopping at Amazon, even if another company sold the same item for the same price witout tax. Some will, myself included, but most will not. We will complain among ourselves, but ultimately, will conform to big business and big government wishes because we have become conditioned to do so without question. If you will re-read my post, I think it will become evident that the only point I was trying to make is why Amazon decided to start collecting sales tax for NC when they just fought to keep customers accounts private. If further explanation is necessary, please post a reply. And, please, try to come up with something better than a leaky boat.

  • GuestUSMC

    You still don’t hsve a clue as to the point he/she is trying to make.

  • Guest350

    140 years of WHAT? You have got to be kidding, sarcastic, or had your head in the sand for a long, long, time. I assume you are a multi-millionaire business owner, as these are the only ones Repubs give a flip about.

  • Guest2020

    I am glad that I live just a few miles from the SC/NC border. In addition to the sales tax and tax free weekend, I like to take advantage of the lower gas prices. And people wonder why we prefer MB to Wilmington.

  • guest45

    Yeah shame on them dirty “republicans’, how dare they have the nerve to change 140 years of proven success, don’t worry about tomorrow, just write a blank check and don’t worry how you are going to pay it back!

    Well I for one am glad we now have some people that realize we have to live within our means, and yes, it is painful, but we cannot run this state or country on borrowed money forever, it will collapse unless we shore up the foundation, the best thing that could happen to the entire country is for everybody to cut our credit off today, forcing us to live in a budget.

  • Dr. Walter Bishop, Fringe Division

    Just speculation, but what if Amazon is planning on bringing a major facility to NC and this is a precursor to that? Perhaps this is intended to smooth the ice between Amazon and the NCDOR so that a forthcoming announcement would not be overshadowed by the sales tax argument. I have no facts supporting this at all, this is simply speculation on my part based only on knowing how fast Amazon has been growing the last few years.

  • Guest-o-matic

    …that’s all I need to say! “A pence here and little pence there…we’ll get all you’ve got!”

  • Guest4396

    If taxes were used wisely, that is one thing. But with all the handouts the state is involved in it really is a tough pill to swallow. The Republicans have seen to it that we will now pay tax on event tickets, full taxation on food and no more tax-free shopping weekends. All they do is whine about how much revenue they lost, not caring the public got a little break. I live close enough to South Carolina to do all my shopping there.

  • SayWha?

    If there were two internet sites selling the same product and one was adding tax to the sale and the other one wasn’t, which one would you buy from? 99.9994 percent would choose the site without the tax. Duh!

    Your logic makes about as much sense as having a boat with a hole in it that’s filling with water and deliberately putting a second hole in it to let the water out.

  • Guest1851658

    My guess as to why they have changed course is for their own benefit. Consider this…….they collect tax, invest it or put it in some kind of interest bearing account until time to settle up with the state. They send the appropriate amount of tax to the respective state monthly or quarterly, however it works, and pocket the interest earned on the collected taxes. Pretty slick, huh?


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