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Family: Shooting victim killed by fellow gang member


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The family of a shooting victim says his death was the result of fighting within a gang.

Wilmington Police say Raequan Rouse, 18, was shot several times Sunday night near the corner of N. 10th and Campbell streets. His family says it was a bullet to the neck that killed him.

"When I first heard it, I didn't know how to react," Rouse's brother Rakeem Brown said.

Although relatives do not know what led to his death, they say Rouse was affiliated with a gang.

"He was a Blood," Rouse's cousin Marquis Jackson said. "He was there all day. He did it for his team, but at the same time, his team wasn't with him."

They say the man who shot and killed Rouse was also a Blood.

"These boys around town are going crazy for no reason," Jackson said. "But whoever did it, y'all should be ashamed of y'all's self."

The family says Rouse leaves behind two children. They also say he has another baby on the way.

"His little boy is hurting about it, and his little girl. They know exactly what's going on," Jackson said.

Wilmington Police have not given any information about a suspect.

A WPD spokeswoma says two people dropped Rouse off at the hospital, but got out of the vehicle they were in and took off running before police could catch up with them.

A neighbor, who did not want to go on camera, says when she heard the commotion Sunday night, she peeked through a door and saw about six people fighting in the street.

Records show Rrouse was convicted with assaulting an officer last year. He was also convicted of breaking and entering in 2012.

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I am witnessing some the most ignorant correspondence. Number 1...this correspondence is no different than The stupid reality shows on TV right now. Number 2....I find it so ironic that we are bashing people, calling people out of their names, putting down people's races and cultures, but hide behind pseudonyms (for the ignorant, that means "fake names"). The reality is that your ignorant posts are perpetuating the problems, not making them better. Here's a solution...Be a part of the solution, not make the problem a bigger mess. Please remember that "we black folk do and can read this crap". Everyone is not ignorant and undereducated!

Well said- young

Well said- young mother...make a difference in this world.. you can use this time, in your life as a stepping stone to MINISTER to our youth so that we do not lose another Raequan Rouse.. I HEAR it in your VOICE... this is your oppurtunity to change someones PATH. WE/ALL races are losing our future to the streets... you are correct.. the gangs are not just black men.. it is sad, that this is what we believe, but it is because, it is all we are seeing in Wilmington.

It is true-how quick we are to judge a person by their past. I too am guilty of that and you have opened my eyes today.. and I am SORRY.. Be Blessed and I will keep you and your daugher and your daughters siblings in my prayers.

Really disappointed in the human race.

As I read these comments from bloggers directed to the family I am absolutely disgusted. I didn't know Quan nor do I know his siblings or mothers of his children. But I do sympathize with them in their time of grief. It does not matter at the end of the day what his troubles may have been, he was still somebody's loved one. I have family that I don't agree with their choices, lifestyle & beliefs. But that's still family and I love my family unconditionally. Breaking laws, rules or just simply not living the life someone else would choose to live does not stop a person from loving their family. All I see here are people posting attacks towards his family members. Why? Because you are too cold hearted to simply understand a grieving family doesn't want to hear you talk down about their loved one??? Regardless of what he's done NO ONE HERE HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE. Furthermore crimes he may or may not have committed WERE HIS CRIMES NOT HIS FAMILIES!!! Then to further show how cold hearted you are and your ignorance, you are attacking his child's mother & his sister about their grammar in their post, education as well as job status. Please, really do tell what exactly that has to do with them expressing feelings about negative remarks some of you made about their loved one. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Had this been your family member gunned down for whatever reason, right or wrong, you would feel the same. Smh(Shaking my head) at these comments and their authors. Some of you people need to pick up a Bible and read it from cover to cover. Jesus said those who are without sin cast the first stone. I'm surprised a rain storm of boulders hasn't come down on you. You must be atheist and in the event that you are it's ok. I will not stoop to your levels and attack you. But what I will do is pray for all of you.

So for the ignorant comments

So for the ignorant comments . My child did not deserve to lose her father . No matter what he was doing every deserve chances . Yes I was in the streets and no he wasn't perfect but there is something in life called CHANGE . I'm pretty sure when y'all children gets older they are not going to be perfect either . And no this isn't a racist comment but now a days we People and I'm saying blacks have to fight . You would think after all these years people would change. Everyone needs help and someone to talk to . I am a 20 year old mother that has his daughter that is 2 years old. And she will NEVER know who her father was all because he needed help and someone to help his mom out . Which he been doing all his life, she ment the world to him and he did anything to make sure they have . Police officers suppose to be here to help but instead making racist comments and talking About all the negativity he done . He was not a heartless or uncaring person but y'all are for not understanding why we feel the way we do. Everything he did was NOT right but that's why people need to learn how to love, help, and protect. I'm sure mist if y'all commenting wasn't perfect a young kids either but I guess since most of y'all have rich parents and are so "PERFECT" it makes you all better then us and Raequan. And yes he had he first child at a young age but he was there for him . I'm sure that Quan wouldn't hurt a freaking fly but that's what y'all are thinking right because he's a young black man . They are all type of different colors in this world that are in a gang. Black, white, Hispanic but why EVERY TIME the black die he was the worse thing in this world but when the white die the comments will be that they were " because they didn't have anyone" or plenty other excuses . Two children lost there father, a mother lost all she had left , two baby mothers lost there bestfriend, and grandma and grandpa lost there grandson, a father lost there twin, the aunt and uncles lost there newhew , and his siblings lost their youngest brother. Well answer these questions . Why isn't anyone saying thing About all these young girls on the street saling there bodies? Why isn't anyone doing much about all these older guys raping all these young girls? ( which most of the men are white) . Why isn't no one trying to come together and make a change ? Because no matter what color of our skin we are all humans. And no matter what anyone say no ones perfect . It hurt so bad seeing these negative comments about Raequan because he was the most loving person anyone could ever meet. He just needed help. It doesn't help when every time he went walking a cob decided to stop him just because he LOOKS suspicious . It didn't help when he try to get a job but get turnt down because the way he talk . And it don't help the ones out on the streets now when they see these ignorant comments y'all grown people are making about a young man that y'all didn't know ANYTHING about . All y'all know it was the media and news are telling y'all. But I bet if any of y'all would have met Raequan D. Rouse he would have put a smile on your face by saying something so sweet. Even if he didn't know you. So News people . How about saying something positive instead of something negative . When you have no idea about him. Say what you want but Raequan was the toughest, smartest , and funniest person I ever met in my life.

I am sorry for your and your

I am sorry for your and your daughters loss. I'm not sure why people think your time of mourning is the appropriate time to spew negativity at you but please don't let that add insult to injury. Just know that you do have people praying for you and your child. Keep your head up!! As for everyone insulting this young lady, you should be ashamed of yourselves.... Don't you think she's going through enough right now? Regardless of the type of person her child's father may have been, why do you think it's your place to degrade this young lady who you don't even know anything about?? While you are busy pointing out everything that's wrong in the black community why don't you look at the bigger picture: what is wrong with the human race when all people can do is worsen the blow during what I imagine is one of the hardest times of this young ladies life? Where is the compassion and love in that.....? And for all of you boohooing about how your tax dollars pay for this and that- just stop, because a lot of y'all will be getting all of that back in a nice fat refund check in a couple of months so stop frontin! :)

I guess the cops were right

I guess the cops were right for stopping him because he looked 'suspicious'. BECAUSE HE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, if he couldn't get a legitimate job because of how he spoke, here's an idea - perhaps it was time to drop the ghetto slang!!!! No one in corporate America will ever take you seriously if you can't speak properly. See, speaking like trash proves to everyone you're uneducated. If you can't master English, it's highly doubtful you have any other sort of viable skills.

Please go back to remedial English. I sure hope you're not the person teaching your daughter how to speak and write.

I have been posting on these

I have been posting on these boards for a while now and if I am not mistaken, the people on here are just as hard on the white criminals as they are the black ones. It may seem otherwise because most of these crimes are being committed by black people.

"I'm sure mist if y'all commenting wasn't perfect a young kids either but I guess since most of y'all have rich parents and are so "PERFECT" it makes you all better then us and Raequan." It doesn't take "rich parents" to raise good kids. Love is more important than money.

I wish the best for you and your daughter. I would like to give you a bit of unsolicited advice--get an education. I am in my forties and my biggest regret is not getting an education. I could do so much better for my children if I had not given up on college so easily.


from Mother of Raequan daughter: "And no this isn't a racist comment but now a days we People and I'm saying blacks have to fight

Do you know why you have to fight? Because you chose to have a child at 18. Because you chose not to get a proper education. Because you chose to hang out with criminals. Now you stacked the deck against yourself and now you want pity?

I pity your child and hope she can break out of the cycle.

On Breaking The Cycle...

Agreed on all parts. Unfortunately, breaking the cycle is incredibly hard. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that when I hear stories like this or find myself wondering why things are the way they are or how many people within the black community tend to gravitate towards ignorance. There's many factors that play into it. A big part of it is just being young and dumb. Young people of any race or socio-economic background make the dumbest decisions/mistakes. Mainly because they're impulsive, hormonal a-holes that think they know everything. It's no secret that in this country it's a lot harder for a young Black or Latino kid to recover from young and dumb mistakes as opposed to their white (or even Asian) peers. That's just the way it is for now unfortunately. How to break the cycle though..? That's the trillion dollar question. I like to assume that we all know the difference between right and wrong, what's legal and illegal, ergo we have to deal with the consequences of our actions (which I do believe actually). However when you're in that cycle and that's all you know, you don't really stand a chance. From my own personal experience, seeing my half-brother get kicked out of his house by his paternal grandmother because he wanted to go to college instead of selling drugs while his father and my other brother were locked up, therefore cutting off the main source of household income, was so incredibly audacious and foreign to me. I was raised completely different by our mother's mother, so I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to grow up in an environment like that. That was like nine or ten years ago. Both of them are in a better place now, but still struggling to get their lives in order. Doesn't take a rocket scientist or brain surgeon (or... rocket surgeon/brain scientist?) to figure out that they're feeling the effects of that viscous cycle due to their upbringing. Generations of that will understandably decimate a community. Sidenote: It doesn't help either that for a couple decades or three that a national television channel that's supposed to represent black people (ahem, BET) often times has shown black people in the most negative way possible. You expect that from MTV and VH1, or just the mainstream media in general, but not from the nation's main representative in media of us.


he was 15 or so when he shot the silver bullet creating a daughter.

You would have been 18. Did they prosecute you for statutory rape or some such crime?

And, it was noted he had 2 children with a third on the way. How does it feel to know you were not his sole avenue for pleasure?

HE may have been tough, smart, and funny. Guess he missed out on loyalty and fidelity to the baby's mama.

By the way, do you work? Or are you living on entitlements in Section 8 housing paid for by hard working taxpayers?

I can't get past the 18 year

I can't get past the 18 year old female on a 15 year old male.
And sadly, there has to be more than a 4 year age gap for prosecuting in NC or was.
But when you do not have to worry about how you are going to pay your in housing, food, and medical...
Having sex and making children does not frighten them.
If I am having to pay for all this...shouldn't the children be calling me Mommy?
If I have to pay for their irresponsible behaviors....
Don't I get to be angry at where my money goes?

I could rip their post to shreds and sadly, they still will shout racism and not see that they are where the changing needs to start.

As a BLET graduate

The age of consent in NC is 16 also the age gap is no more than 5 years. Read up on your laws.

That's disgusting.

That's disgusting.

Age of consent?

Maybe you need a calculator. If he was 18 and had a 4 yr. old boy then he was not at the age of consent, which is 16 yrs. old.

15/16. Makes no

15/16. Makes no difference.
Still have an 18 year old female having sex with a minor.
Knowing laws like that is not my strong point.
My kids are in school with extra activities on the side and I am in their lives along with their father.

I stand by my statement on how sickening it is.

Thank you for the clarification.

Good Old Pender County

Just like I Remembered !!! Red Necks and Racist !!! Shame on all of you !!! Let me guess you guys are good Christians right ?

If you go back through the

If you go back through the comments on crimes committed in the area, you will find that the people who comment here are just as tough on the white thugs as they are the black ones. After all a thug is a thug no matter what color his skin is.

Let me guess

you're dumb. Everything noted this was a New Hanover county issue. Why bring in Pender County?

If you want 15 minutes in the limelight, you need to do better.

Did you ever consider

Did anyone consider he wanted out of the gang and that's why they did this? Something to think about!

Good point! That would

Good point! That would explain the intra-gang killing (if it indeed was). Enough negativity here already. I'll just say I hope he was conscious long enough to try to get right with God as he's the only judgement that matters.

And alot of criminals want

And alot of criminals want to get out of prison but they can't! Decisions have consequences that have to be lived with. The public shouldn't have to pay and feel bad for these thugs. These gangs have terrorized the public for long enough and are giving Wilmington a very bad image so why should anyone care if they kill one another? Because he's someones kid? So was the last individual that died from someones hands in this gang.Guns are for punks and women. If your so hard and big and bad then put your hands up and prove it. Bullets cost pennies and thats all they are worth. Live to tell your story and fight another day. Leave the guns at home to protect your family while your out running the street at all hours of the night. Gangs are for the weak who handle cant handle themself on their own. REMEMBER THIS.......CONSEQUENCES and KARMA are REAL!!!!!

Just be a good person

Yes it is very true that a Mother lost a son and A Child lost a father, etc. But where was the Parents when this CHILD was 14 and out "Gangbanging" and having CHILDREN. This young adult put himself in the situation to be murdered by his "Pals". It's a sad tragedy that ultimately comes down to how the youth are raised. Did you see the video on the news last week of the BABY that was being cussed at and degraded? This baby was laughing and playing about it because he was being giving positive attention for the negative actions. They were teaching the child that negativity is good. Therefor this child is not learning positive morals or values and that could follow him for the rest of his life no matter what else he is taught because his foundation of learning morals and goodness have been tainted. Now this goes on in many, many families across the nation and world. Children running around all hours of night with gangs,Parents running around with children in gangs, parents selling and doing drugs in front of children. There is no such thing as "Do as i say, not as i do." because that is not how people learn. They learn from watching thier parents and families actions. This is not just a problem with one race but all. It just seems to be more prevailant in the low income and black communities, where more and more children are raising children and parents are not teaching the kids right from wrong. Now i have no idea how this family raised this child but it seems he followed the road of many before him that may not of had the positive support from his parents that would have helped him be a good person.
After all this I was raised in a low income housing project in downtown Wilmington by a single mother.We lived off well fare and foodstamps for a while . She worked 12 hrs a day and we often had no food or money for anything nice. She raised us well and taught us that good outways the bad everytime! Its been a long time since then and now I do not worry about going without having food and clothing for my children or how i will pay my bills. My sisters and I have taking our experances and what we have been taught and made a better life for ourselves. IT CAN BE DONE or you can sit around make excuses and sell drugs. While you watch your sons being killed in the streets just think, Could you as a parent, friend, or family have done more???? Just be a good person and treat each other with kindness and respect. Is it that hard?

Sick and tired!

Look, in a nutshell the public at large is sick of it and fed up. 18 yo wannabe thug gang member killed by another wannabe gangbanger. A rap sheet as long as my arm. Doesn't work or pay taxes. 18 years old and has fathered 2 children with another on the way?? Now we the taxpaying public will be forced to pay for their every need until they're grown, along with their sorry excuse for a mother.
Yet certain people want us to have sympathy and can't understand the negative remarks?? Get a clue I say! Your kid, baby's daddy, bro, whatever.. is the lowest form of US citizen and we've enabled them for far too long. Oh yes...the pain is coming! I can feel it..myself and most I know are sick and tired of the bs.

Our government (local, state, fed) needs to make some serious hard decisions regarding these generational parasites. It's not fair to everybody else that tries to do the right thing and pays taxes in this country.

I say take the children, put in a state run orphanage and forbid the parents from ever getting any type of public assistance ever again. Hey it's one thing to make a bad choice and end up in a single-parent situation but these horrid cows having child after child but multiple men and living the rest of their pathetic lives on the public dole needs to stop yesterday.

And I'm glad you feel this

And I'm glad you feel this way. I'm the mother if Raequan two year old daughter. Well about about putting your name and number since you so bold and wanting to make racist comments . So let me guess you are perfect? And by the way , no I didn't make a mistake By having my daughter by him. I couldn't ask for anything better:). God took Raequan for a reason and only God knew what he was really going through. You didn't and I wouldn't want crap from you ignorant , uncaring, racist , miserable people . Now make one more comment about my child and slandering her or her little brother name and we will meet in COURT and I promise you we will take all that you have . Freaking scumbag. And I am speaking for me and his other baby mother .

@Mother of raequan's

@Mother of raequan's dogter... how are you going to say that you and your baby daddy are stand up people, while you basically threaten people for using freedom of speech?

Drop the racist BS.

You seem to some difficulty. Let me attempt to help you (like it will do any good..). Skin color has zero, absolutely NOTHING to do with one's character or lack thereof. Repeat it with me, kids..

You can be black and not be trash; you can be trash and not be black. Got it?

Being trash and people calling one out on being trash isn't racist. Sorry to burst your little self-inflicted oppression bubble.

I'm betting

You live on welfare so you already take what i have. I would also bet the only time you go to court is when you are the defendant.

Good luck with that. Your

Good luck with that. Your lawsuit that is.
No where did he say anything racist related.
BUT when all else fails... pull that card.


A state run orphanage still will get funding from my hard working hands and taxes paid as a RESULT of my hard working hands, and I am SICK OF IT!!!! No matter what "resolutions" you come up with, I AM STILL PAYING FOR THESE PEOPLE!!! And yet, our police are monopolized be them, and our government keeps taking from the working and taxed to give to them.....I AM SO SICK OF IT!!!! I raised my kids to respect life and the laws...I know now I can't help these who could care less about eitherr!!!!


You are really sick!!!