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Family: Shooting victim killed by fellow gang member


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The family of a shooting victim says his death was the result of fighting within a gang.

Wilmington Police say Raequan Rouse, 18, was shot several times Sunday night near the corner of N. 10th and Campbell streets. His family says it was a bullet to the neck that killed him.

"When I first heard it, I didn't know how to react," Rouse's brother Rakeem Brown said.

Although relatives do not know what led to his death, they say Rouse was affiliated with a gang.

"He was a Blood," Rouse's cousin Marquis Jackson said. "He was there all day. He did it for his team, but at the same time, his team wasn't with him."

They say the man who shot and killed Rouse was also a Blood.

"These boys around town are going crazy for no reason," Jackson said. "But whoever did it, y'all should be ashamed of y'all's self."

The family says Rouse leaves behind two children. They also say he has another baby on the way.

"His little boy is hurting about it, and his little girl. They know exactly what's going on," Jackson said.

Wilmington Police have not given any information about a suspect.

A WPD spokeswoma says two people dropped Rouse off at the hospital, but got out of the vehicle they were in and took off running before police could catch up with them.

A neighbor, who did not want to go on camera, says when she heard the commotion Sunday night, she peeked through a door and saw about six people fighting in the street.

Records show Rrouse was convicted with assaulting an officer last year. He was also convicted of breaking and entering in 2012.

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I bet he was getting ready to go to church

A product of the streets

How many bicycles did this 18-year-old "father" and his children get for Christmas from community organizations and churches over the years? Free school lunches? Free backpacks filled with back-to-school supplies? Free after-school tutoring?
So many of these resources are provided by people who work FULL-TIME jobs, have their own families to support and nurture, but who give of themselves to assist those with less.
And yet, those with less, who take all the freebies given them, still complain about their circumstances. Or, they "give back" to the community by joining a gang and harassing, robbing and murdering the very same people who helped them.
I would like to hear the black leaders and ministers in the community address the problems that are rampant in the inner-city and projects: Kids having kids, welfare and food stamp fraud, laziness, no work ethic, drugs, etc.
It takes a village to raise a child but the main lessons learned begin at home.


All I can say is WOW!!

The person from Africa that came here with nothing, and went to college.
That definitely called a few idiots on the carpet! :)
You have seen bad things, and my full respect is with you for what you have done.

Maybe you could motivate some parasites here to do something worthwhile?
Probably not though because they had it worse than you. Lol
Keep on being a positive influence for everybody. Even the ones that call you a puppet or whatever they call a Success in their race!

The good news

A thug was killed by another thug. Once he is caught, hopefully he will be locked away for a long time. The best news is that will mean two thugs will be off the street.

Keep up the good work.

Very ignorate people

I cannot beleave the things people are saying about this child. When it all boils down to it a mother lost a child, a father lost a son, a brother lost a brother,and kids lost a father. Regardless what day or month it is its still sad.If he was raised in the surburbs always in church this still could have happened you dont have to be in a gang to get shot what if this was your child how would yall fell reading these comments rather he had a job to support his kids or not is irrelevant he`s 18 how do yall kno how yall would have responed to mother or fatherhood at that age be more considerate to others and there feelings.(YOU DUMMIES). My prayers goes out to the family im sorry for your lost i truly am.


embrassed for what cause im speaking the truth people still cant see the big picture LIKE I SAID IGNORATE PEOPLE hows my spelling critics

Perpetual Ignorance...

Many of the comments provided by readers of this news article and others clearly illustrate just how ignorant the writers of such are. Some spell and punctuate as if they have a 3rd. grade education at best(sorry about insulting all of the 3rd. graders out there). At the same time, they complain about how hard it is on them and that "we" just don't understand their situation. They can't find meaningful employment and business owners don't wish to hire them. I wonder why? Are the productive members of society supposed to apologize for becoming educated, skilled, productive, and successful just so "they" will feel better about themselves? After all, we are carrying our load and theirs! Many of the individuals commenting are also quick to support the parasitic "thug" lifestyle(and those living it) while denying the obvious fact that this is a destructive culture and lifestyle that is totally devoid of any decent values or productive behavior. Is this really the example you want your children to see? If the "thug-parasites" were cut off of government-taxpayer assistance(housing, food, medical, transportation, education, daycare,...)which of course is paid for by the working/productive members of society, they would be forced to get off of their ever-expanding behinds and get to work like the rest of us. They would not have as much "free" time, or the energy to raise so much Hell! The only way this cycle of perpetual ignorance will ever stop is for politicians to have the courage to cut out much of the never-ending-free-ride system they have created to "buy" the vote of the newly-enslaved, and...for the parasites on this system who blindly vote for them to actually begin to face the truth which is...that they are primarily the person responsible for the position they have in life. Enough is enough! Get some real marketable skills, some education, some moral values, and a job... put it to use and get off my back. Do this and you will earn some respect.


Excellent post! Truth and honesty will undoubtedly get you called a racist, though.

True ignorance

True ignorance is referring to an 18 year old father of multiple children as a "child" and feeling completely comfortable with that.

Please tell me, that even in your twisted world, you're not completely comfortable with that.

Let me "responed" as someone

Let me "responed" as someone who WAS a mother at the age of seventeen: I "responed" by taking care of my kids (FOUR sons), worked and damned sure didn't get involved with the Bloods/Crypts or whatever the morons of modern day "gangsta life" want to call themselves.
If this was my child: you can bet your ASS he wouldn't have been allowed to join a sorry gang. (My oldest tried years ago when he was about 13. I ran the gang and their idiotic leader out of town BY MYSELF - but - my kids are important to me).
If this was my child: I would turn their killer in in a heartbeat - (see: I KNOW who my kids friends are, where they're going when they go out and I take the time to CARE) - SOMEBODY knows who did this but are too scared to talk (you know the old "snitch" b/s).
If this was my child I'd be burying him while wondering where I failed but knowing he'd not be in that life anymore.
If this was my child I'd be teaching his children where he went wrong NOT signing into the news posts to say what a "great person he was" - I'm a realist, you see, and I KNOW gang life isn't the way to go.
You "can't believe what people are saying about this child"???? MAYBE if the people who (supposedly) cared about him would have said some of the things people are saying TO HIM it would have SAVED HIS LIFE!
He was a gang member, living the thug life - got him far didn't it? Make sure someone tells his kids THAT - they need to hear it.

Correction Tyrone, "I cannot

Correction Tyrone, "I cannot beleave the things people are saying about this child. When it all boils down to it a mother lost a child, a father lost a son, a brother lost a brother,and kids lost a father."

You can't lose what you never had, he hasn't been a son, a brother, or a dad since he got out of diapers, he was a thug, pure and simple, he was nothing more than a heart ache to any of his family and if the family would be truthful they would tell us that they knew he was going to die a violent and young death. Glad it didn't spill over and take out some innocent neighbors, you people have got to quit condoning thugs activities and quit making excuses for them or you will never live a peaceful and safe life!


Your "mother/fatherhood at that age" point is pretty much invalid and moot because he did it not once, twice, but, a third time. He obviously responded quite well to being a young father, as he went on to knock up someone/or multiple parties two more times.

Why does anyone, anywhere,find this acceptable? Contrary to popular belief, having 3 kids by age 18 BY ANYONE is just plain tacky, trashy and is a reflection of the complete and utter failure by whomever was in charge of rearing and instilling said child with sense and morals.


My God you should be embarrassed! You can't even talk/type simple english.
That mother that lost the 18 year old...should have raised her kid better.
I feel bad for her, but now she has plenty of time to reflect on how bad she failed her son.
He had 2 kids and 1 on the way. And he is 18?
He was not supporting those kids. You and I and all know this.

This is just another day in the ghettos of Wilmington.
None of those animals have any shame or remorse for how they are ruining their city and name.
Bloods? Please. More like rabid animals that need to be exterminated. Birth Control mandatory and the Ghetto projects eradicated of vile filth as this.

I would not flinch or feel one bit bad if a huge atomic bomb on raid was dropped on the filthy criminal sections of Wilmington. Starting at Creekwood.

Save your sniveling for his family because the public just dgaf any more.

Next time..

Next time, post in English, please. Very laughably so, it's ironic you call other people "DUMMIES" and "ignorate".. The little red squiggly under the word means it's spelled incorrectly.

Nope, you don't have to be in a gang to get shot. The majority of shootings are not random acts of violence. If one chooses to associate with people who find this to be acceptable behavior, getting shot is always an option on the table.

Quit trying to convince civilized people that him being an active gang member didn't contribute to or wasn't the catalyst for him being killed.

Stop - We are tired

STOP telling us what a good dad he was. That may be so, but all of us who are not in a gang, who have never been on the dole, and who abide by the laws are TIRED! Tired of the violence, tired of the culture and tired of hearing how we don't know the real story.

Here's the story - you live by the sword, you die by the sword - END OF STORY.

A Crying Shame

He was a great "runner". A born "player" He was a budding "enforcer". And he had all the potential, with family, and hood connections, to become a "shot caller". Or even a "lieutenant". But I guess it's all a distant memory, now.

He crossed paths with another player, who was a little more motivated, and had the same goal.

if yall dident know him than keep your rude comments to yourself

Its sad that all these people are downing lil quan first off for a fact i know his kids are well takein care of. you people that get up here and down people should be ashamed of yourself quan might have been a gang member but he also was a good father to his kids and was a very respetable young man. lil quan word cant exspress how much you will be miss but whoever did this WILL PAY.


Sorry, but respectable

Sorry, but respectable people do not assault people. Respectable people do not commit B&E. Respectable people do not have babies out of wedlock, especially when they cannot or will not provide for them. Respectable people do not join gangs. The Bible says that a tree is known by its fruits and Rouse's fruits were not respectable.

Respectable young man?

My sympathy and prayers are with the family who has lost this loved one.

Now, let's keep it real. I have had dealings with Raequan at PHS before he was kicked out of school. He was a bully. A coward. A troublemaker. A liar. A thief. He also sold drugs on campus. He selected people that he thought was weak to bully them. Once he found out that the selected person was not a weak person, he would run from them or try to sell them drugs to keep them off his back.

Now, where is the respectable man in all of that?

Wake up Ghetto Boo's. Being a gangsta's ho is not respectable at all. There is no glory in living this kind of life. Stop trying to cover up the fact that RaeQuan Rouse had a rap sheet as long as my arm. Stop trying to pretend that he was a good person. Face it! He was not a good person. His family knew what he was into and did not do a thing about it.

Sure, I am sorry for their tears. There is not a parent in the world who really wants to bury their child. I am sorry for their pain and for their loss. But, when did they take the time out to talk to this young man about serving God? Who had bible study at home with this young man? Who told him that the wages of sin is death? Who let him know that he would have to stand before God one day to give an account for his sins? Where was the Godly counsel when he got another child pregnant at 13 years old? Which one of you even tried to stir him in the right direction? Is there one?

The life that he lived, speaks for him right now. Don't get upset because somebody stepped up and told the truth. Maybe the truth will save some of our young men who are mourning RaeQuan's death right now.

Stop saying the he is in a better place. The young man is facing judgement and eternity. He was not a child of the King. Stop lying and get real.

Hey Mudda, you seem to know

Hey Mudda, you seem to know a lot about this young person. What did you do to try to help him before he was kicked out of school? What should be done to help these young people and at what age is it too late?

I wanted to take a switch

He was not my son. Whenever he saw me coming, he went the other way.

The point that I am trying to make is, the hood needs to stop romanticizing this gangsta way of life. There is nothing glorious about the way that this young man died. People are calling him an angel, and he was not and is not one now.. He was a terror to a lot of children when he was in middle school all the way up to high school until he ran into the wrong fist in the bathroom.

It is so sad that the world feels like they do not have to give an account for their sins, because everybody goes to heaven when they die. If that was the case, why did Jesus even bother to shed his blood on the cross? Why did He give His life so that we would not die like this young man died?

The Hood has made this young man into a hero because he was shot 12 times while he was a gang member. They think that it is cool. However, they do not want you to mention a thing about the life that this person lived that caused this to happen to him.

Tell the truth about this gang life! Young women stop having sex with these men just because they are gangsta's! Stop giving them the time of day. Go to school. Go to college and break this curse!

Gangs are a curse! They are destroying our men. Being in a gang is the new form of slavery!

If he was my son, he would've been on his knees praying every morning and every night. He would've been in church with me and his father. He would be in Sunday school, and preparing to go to college. None of these gang members would be welcomed in my house.

I fought to keep my sons away from this crap. This is how I know Raequan. BTW, I am praying for his family. I hurt because they are going through this. BUT TELL THE TRUTH! This kind of life is HELL!

Thank you!

Thank you for your firsthand account of what type of person this guy TRULY was. I think I can safely say thank you to you, not only from me, but also from all who've posted on this story who have been chastised for being 'negative', 'assuming', 'mean', 'racist' and who have been told "You don't know him, so shut up!" Apparently our 'assumptions' into his conduct, character, life and existence were right on the money.

Um, love bug, "good fathers"

Um, love bug, "good fathers" don't bring violence anywhere NEAR their kids.
Oh, I know, you're waiting for them to get old enough for the initiation right? You'll tell them what a "respectable young man" he was right? Is that before or after you give them their "colors"?
Poor kids - already lost - because of people who can't see reality - like you.
p.s. if those kids are SO important to you - turn their killer in. I bet you know quite a few people who know the shooter.

I am sure his kids were well

I am sure his kids were well taken care of.
He and his family should give thanks to the working class who has to feed and house parasites like this.

A simple thank you would suffice.

You know darn good and well he was not taking care of those kids by the sweat off his brow and hard work. Us tax payers are.

I know the mother of one of

I know the mother of one of his kids and I can tell you she's not getting any help from you or anyone else on this page commenting such negativity. She works her butt off and thanks to her, their daughter is very well taken care of. She doesn't go without anything. Before you post all of these comments about people you should think. Just because he lived the life he lived does not mean the women he chose to be with live the same life. You can't choose who your heart decides to love but you do choose how you live your life. And I know FOR SURE his daughters mother is not what you are trying to make her out to be. Let these people mourn their loved one and keep your nasty comments to yourself!!!

What's sad is..

What is sad is your abhorrent brutalization of your native language. It's hard to take what you post seriously when it screams is "Look at me!!! I'm completely uneducated and didn't care to pay enough attention in English class!!" You, your parent(s) and teachers should be ashamed of themselves. Furthermore, "very respetable young men" aren't in gangs. Why, oh why, is such a hard concept to grasp? Oh, PS - in the future, you may not want to post threats on social commentary sites, jus' sayin'!


Please don't blame the teachers. If anyone knows a teacher personally, then you know how difficult it is to combat a poor home life. They are in the trenches trying to make a difference.

Chasey, I couldn't agree with you more.

I think most teachers are amazing.

My comment was strictly directed at his grammar and language arts skills -- ONLY. I certainly wasn't implying that his teachers should have been raising him properly/better.

My only point was that, somewhere, someone HAD TO HAVE witnessed his spoken and written English skills; yet, I'm assuming he made it through the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. That's unacceptable.

My mom was a teacher for years in a middle school - 7th and 8th graders. She had a diverse spectrum of students. She had kids ranging from Senator's kids to children from the Rt. 1 corridor projects (we lived outside of DC). My mom DID put herself in the trenches, frequently. She considered her students to be her responsibility, just as my siblings and I were. She considered them to be "HER" kids, too. She often interjected herself, on behalf of and/or for the welfare of, the children she taught. She may have pi$$ed off a few parents who felt it wasn't 'her place'. She never relented. To her, it WAS her place. More often than not, no one else gave a crap whether those kids succeeded or failed. Every year, she had a constant stream of former students who'd come back to thank her, even years upon years later. They always thanked her for caring as much as she did; for helping them achieve and set their sights on higher goals than they otherwise would have. A lot of them simply thanked my mom for being the only one who believed and had faith in them.

Stop being victims!!

First let me start by stating I am a true African American.
I came to the US by way of Sierra Leone in 2002. I did it the right way!
My first place to live at 14 yrs old was in the projects in Atlanta GA. And let me start by saying, your worst day in the projects in this country are a wonderful day where I come from!!

My father and brother were killed in front of us in 1999 because our uncle was trying to run for council.
My 9yr old sister was taken from our house by 6 men in the middle of the night, and we haven't heard from her since.
Our neighbors were skinned alive because of whom they were seen talking to. So that's a few things I will just begin with. I could barely speak 10 words of English when I arrived. I graduated highschool with the 4th highest GPA. Got a scholarship to GA Tech, graduated as an engineer and got out of the so called slums!

The problem you blacks have here is you haven't seen real suffering and poverty Ever!
You have no real clue about unfair treatment! You bark very loud, then do nothing with opportunity. I am so filled with pity for you here. No pride, no drive, no work ethic. That is what I have noticed here.
I pray for your people to stop with excuses and start with actions. You have it made!! These gang members here would be actually Eaten by our thugs in Africa! That is the truth!



Your story should serve as inspiration to the black community! I wish you could shout it from the rooftops! It would, undoubtedly, help push those who feel trapped by their surroundings to WANT to aspire to more and to pursue a better path for themselves and their families. Perhaps it would also help break the perpetual cycle. I commend you for pressing on, despite the horrible things that have occurred to you and your family. You should be so proud of yourself. Ladies and gentlemen: Rettanya IS the epitome of fortitude, perseverance, determination, pride, desire, class and hard work!