UPDATE: Man who was shot several times in Wilmington dies in hospital

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Submitted: Mon, 01/20/2014 - 1:01pm
Updated: Mon, 01/20/2014 - 8:22pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — An 18-year-old who was shot several times in Wilmington Sunday night has died in the hospital, according to a spokeswoman with Wilmington Police.

Police say Raequan Dupree Rouse died at New Hanover Regional Medical Center a short time after being taken there for injuries following a shooting in the 600 block of N. 10th Street.

Around 6:30 p.m., officers responded to that area after Shotspotter picked up gunfire there and dispatchers got numerous calls from people who heard shots fired.

When police got to the scene, they say they found several shell casings and a trail of blood at the corner of N. 10th and Campbell streets. A short time later, officers were told the victim in that shooting showed up to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

Police say they are still investigating the crime, but that they have no information on a suspect at this time.


  • Stop the madness says:

    Being in or out of a gang does not define who these people are and not every gang member is bad. This young man had a mother and father who is active in his life. I don’t know how much talking they could have done when society tells our children they are grown at 18. He may have been arrested for selling drugs but will it still look down upon once they legalize marijuana? He made choice and unfortunately it was not a good one. I’m not justifying his or anyone else’s action, all I’m saying is that a young man, not garbage or a thug, but a young man, father, a brother, etc. lost his life for no reason. While we are left on earth to talk about it, I pray he is one with our Father asking God to have mercy on all of us.

  • vegan girl says:

    The term statutory rape generally refers to sex between an adult and a sexually mature minor past the age of puberty. Sexual relations with a prepubescent child, generically called child sexual abuse or molestation, is typically treated as a more serious crime.

    This is not a statutory rape issue! They mother was not an adult neither was he. Nor was it forced!

  • Lisa says:

    Question: When did it become a crime to procreate at any age? Or justify a murder because of the age of fatherhood?

    Answer: It is called statutory rape

  • Guest1221 says:

    First of all, no one inferred that he was killed due to becoming a father at a young age. Your “question” is absolutely ridiculous and ludicrous.

    “There’s no judicial system designed for the protection nor the benefit of my people yet so many are so quick to judge how the black man live his life.” Just what in the heck are you talking about? Last time I checked, WPD doesn’t just protect and serve the white people, they protect and serve all residents of the city. If you’re a criminal thug in a gang, you’re damn straight you’ll get judged as such. Not all black men are thugs and not all thugs are black men. Get it? It’s got nothing to do with race and everything to do with abhorrent, uncivilized behavior. Get it?

    “Your people” keep themselves oppressed within that ‘invisible fence or cage’. Quit blaming everyone else for the sad state of affairs with “your people”.

    And, lastly, let’s not forget, your buddy Q would be alive right now if he did choose the path of a thugging gangbanger. Blame your friend for his poor choices – no one else!

    Say it with me, kids: PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY

  • Shamma Lammadingdong says:

    “This city has been like this since my mom was a child and my grandmother was a child and that was back in the 1930’s.” Bullsquash. You live in a fantasy world if you think that the level of crime that exists today is the same as the 1930’s and that the only reason it appears to have increased is because the media is now reporting it. I used to be able to go to Maides park and play softball with people of all colors. This was a regular thing. Try that today and see what happens.

  • Respect 101 says:

    Regardless of who he was and what he did for a living doesn’t change the fact that a family has lost a loved one and that two children no longer have a father. I’m not saying that he should’ve been involved with gangs or not but that was his decision and no one can change that. Either way he is not a piece of “garbage” like you claim; doesn’t matter if he was in a gang or not he was still a human being and was loved by many. Although I didn’t know him that well I do know that by going to middle school with him and a few years in high school that he was one of the coolest, funniest, and most chill guys you would ever meet. That’s all I ask of some of you people is to stop being disrespectful regardless who he was and show some respect for him and his family as they go through this tough time. My prayers go out to Quan and his family

  • Shamma Lammadingdong says:

    Your ideas are great! Let’s put people on the street and cut off any assistance. The people affected will suddenly adopt a new, law abiding and hard working way of life. That will end crime and solve everything! Why aren’t you president?

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    …get back on their feet after inordinately difficult times. It was never intended as a “save all” to maintain multiple generation after generation of supporting those that don’t have the personal motivation to get up, get an education, go to work and provide for their families.

    But, for the most part, that is what Welfare has turned into! You can thank your local and federal vote-hoarding libs that feed themselves off of the entitlement recipients continued misfortune and their poverty!

  • VeganGirl says:

    Question: When did it become a crime to procreate at any age? Or justify a murder because of the age of fatherhood?
    The fact that Q had a baby young is not the issue and should have never been! If sex is a crime approximately 99% of those viewing this are guilty and I guess deserve to be killed in the streets….

    Well, that is what you guys are implying right???
    Now in defense to RaeQuan and urban communities everything isn’t what it seem, some things are stimulated by word of mouth, lies, he said and she said and to top it all off whatever the media said. There are times when people who dislike you will intentionally throw salt on your reputation by creating perceptions or lies due to their misunderstanding. This happens everywhere not just in the urban communities, it’s just that when it happens in the hood the results are usually fist fight or gun play. There’s no judicial system designed for the protection nor the benefit of my people yet so many are so quick to judge how the black man live his life. What my brothers are up against is an invisible fence or cage supplied with guns and an over flow of alcohol and drugs mixed with natural male instincts to prove who is who.

    It’s so easy for the ignorant to say stop or don’t break the law, mainly because they are not faced with hatred, jealously, hustle, dilemmas, the need to protect themselves from those whom they are caged in with. So who is to say that’s this crime wasn’t a result of pure lies, misunderstanding, or jealously. Who is to say Q was up to know good? Who’s to say????

    Furthermore all of you, who speak of the hood so casually as though you’ve lived or know and understand the people there, bother me. Most of what you know is assumptions and what you’ve been told is not valid, unless you have had the experience there is no true way for you to judge how life is perceived in the eyes of those you judge. So if you don’t know the facts then fall back!!!! Stop exploiting the reality of losing a love one, a son, a father, a friend by blasting your views on the internet about the victim whom you don’t know, and you’ve never met therefore you are ignorant and your views reflect that.

    R.I.Paradise RaeQuan Dupree A.K.A ‘Q’

  • vegan girl says:

    I never said all black men are thugs.
    I never said that the choices made was appropriate!
    Yet I did say the urban areas is filled with all the wrong influence, I did say INVISIBLE cage or system that is not attacking the problem. Just locking people up especially minors then letting them back on the streets and expecting a different result is not working. If the system really cared and really wanted change they would try different approaches. But that would be taking away state Funds from all the privately owned prisons. Who get paid by the head of the prisnors that come there. These are the true evil ones, the corporate thugs that control the media and make sure our communities are supplied with everything that leads to prison.
    I am not claiming that there’s no way out yet I am claiming that being raised in a certain environment can blind fold you to other realities. So pointing fingers at the so called thugs is not solving or stopping any crime. Give love and understanding to all beings only then can we find peace. Understanding is key not bashing blaming and judging. When a person feel oppressed they feel as though they’re not excepted so they go and hang where they are excepted.

    Finally as far as the judicial system they could care less there is no protection for the urban community almost every young BLACK male and female are looked upon and judged by sight or by past mistakes and is placed in a category of unworthiness and automatic guilt, Very rarely a fair trial. (This is true I often hear white folks joking about how we get racially profiled) Cops act as though they care yet truthfully speaking it’s a job a public service job one of the most annoying jobs you can possibly have with very little pay. So how do you think they feel? Just another day on the job! Dealing with so called thugs, so they usually easily show their frustrations and personal judgements. After all cops are just human with an ego just as everyone including the Gangsters!!
    People stop acting like we are all different we as humans are the same just some play thug in the corporate world, political world, and the urban world, even the religious world. So stop judging my brothers for killing in the streets while the fda is killing thru their drugs, big farming companies are killing animals and feeding it to the public with ammonia and pink slim which kills more people daily then gang violence. Religious leaders pimping the mentality of members for selfish gain. Ugh people open your eyes there is so much to be mad about than judging the death of a man you have never met.!!!!!!

  • Rusty says:

    Take a bulldozer and raze all the projects, end welfare etc. Go back to as it was in the 30’s and people in need relied on church or family; at least those would cut you off if doing mis-deeds.

  • Chasey says:

    No sympathy for gang members, thieves, drug dealers. Nope, none. I am tired of it. I am tired of my town becoming a scary place to be because of people with no moral compass. I am still mad that my friend Josh was shot by a POS for a few bucks and half a sandwich. That was a tragedy. This kid getting shot for being a gang member loser, nope not sorry a bit. His being off the streets makes the streets a little bit safer in my opinion. Make better choices. And for the sake of all that is good in the world, I hope his family doesn’t glorify his memory to his children. Let them know what horrible choices he made and what became of him. Maybe they will choose differently. I do not judge his soul. That is God’s place, but I am not a bit sad that he is no longer on the streets of Wilmington.

  • Nicole says:

    I know what Quan did wasn’t right but if u do not know him have walked in his shoes than hush.!! He took care of his kids unlike some fully “Grown” Men.!! Plz if your gonna talk speak of what u know bot what u heard on the news or think u no but what u know. It pisses me off when i see some of y’all commenting on this know you had or haves kids thats bad or has or had a record and not only that maybe you.!!! He was not a bad person his decisions just wasn’t right.!! So plz i know everybody has their opinion but plz only talk bout what u know.!! He was a great father, friend, person, and family member.!! Most importantly he was someone child know if he was you all son you wouldn’t anybody to say anything.!! So think about it before you get up here n talk.!!! And I’m done thanks!!!!

  • K says:

    Wow. With all do respect. No one has asked anyone who commented to feel a single emotion over his death. And I mean good or bad. He knew what lifestyle he was living and died because of it, but let me spread some light on all of you about your precious city and that’s that the word “precious” does not apply. Whoever believes so, please tell me what side of town you live on so I can tell you what really goes on while you’re living in your dream world. I was born and raised in Wilmington and I have seen some crazy messed up stuff from gangs, drug dealers and rapist to corrupt officers and officials. This city has been like this since my mom was a child and my grandmother was a child and that was back in the 1930’s. My grandfather was murdered over $2.00 when my mother was a child right on 13th street. The only difference between now and then is your more aware because of media.

  • smin says:


  • amerikah divine says:

    By the way read earlier comments and you will see many people expressing their ignorance by focusing on what age he became a father!

  • Guest1221 says:

    Shot by a FELLOW gang member. How’s that sense of street family working out for you? Oh, wait, it’s not…Your homie, one of your clique, your crew, shot his bruthaman dead. #ThugLife

  • Akeem says:

    R.I.P Quan … I love you so much.

  • The Truth says:

    Most of you have drug attics, alcoholics, couch potatoes, dysfunctional families and dropouts in your family. Should society blame you. We grow up and develop our own minds and make our own decisions. He made decisions that more than 80% of you would have made those decisions under the conditions he dealt with. Its easy to look into someone’s box and judge them, But you ignore your own issues. You think you and your family are safe. The same thing that lurked outside his door lurks outside yours. Judgement day is coming and he doesn’t take kindly to Hippocrates. They are the ones destroying society. Try doing something to help because your child or family member could be next.

    Christ already walks this earth and he watches all of us.

  • Anon. says:

    Not only did a baby lose it’s father but the innocent people who live in this area have been dealing with this kind of stuff long enough!!!!
    The system is not working apparently.Maybe it is time for this community to take a stand!!!!!

  • Tracie C says:

    Well then, take a STAND. Stop talking about it, tell your neighbors who CONTINUALLY protect gang members to take a stand!!!!! Maybe those in the “area” will wise up and turn in whomever did the shooting for a change?
    If his family KNOWS he was a gang member do you REALLY think they don’t know the shooter?

  • Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t the community already be taking a stand? Realistically if no one reports anything there isn’t much police can do… there are rules they have to follow, they can’t just go bust in every door to every “suspected” persons house and arrest them without probable cause. Maybe you need to spend a week in an officer’s shoes and see how aggravated you would get when you have to follow those rules.

  • Guest of the Week says:

    I’m pretty sure that the “baby” bit is BS from some jerk trying to make a lame joke here.

  • Guest1221 says:

    Seems it, in fact, wasn’t a joke, and, is completely true. 2 children and one on the way at age 18. THIS IS A PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!! His family and friends confirm his gang ties. THIS IS A PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!! Where was his loving family years ago when he began making stupid life choices and headed straight down the path of being a blithe on society? The fact that many people here are condoning his life, actions and gang involvement just shows that this is standard and accepted behavior by, not all, but, a majority of the black community. THIS IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest1221 says:

    You’re right. However, their joke could have been, without a doubt, viable and true! :)

  • taxpayer says:

    If your timeline is correct, Raequan became a father at 14. Babies siring babies.

    You probably have a good idea who did this. However, I doubt you’ll talk to the police about what you know.

  • lonetraveler says:

    Are you actually suggesting that this thug actually supported his many children??? Anyone who can copulate and procreate, that doesn’t make them a “father”. I guess being “baby daddy” actually means sperm donor.

  • Latisha S. says:

    …who did this, but now you are on a local news website talking about it. Unless I’m mistaken, between the facts in the article and your post, the baby daddy was 14 when he was procreating?

  • Lilly says:

    So you refer to him as your baby daddy. He was a father at 14 years old out running the streets last night and not home taking care of his child like a father should be. Some baby daddy he is!!!!!

    I bet you he was up to no good in that neck of the woods, I am sure it was gang related.

    Shootings, stabbings, etc need to stop but never will. It’s funny NAACP is no where to be found lately they are hiding since they know it’s their own people killing their own color.

  • Guest1221 says:

    Okay, so yo baby daddy was 14 when he fathered your child? Perhaps therein lies the problem.

  • roy says:

    Was he in a gang

  • SurfCityTom says:

    and meaning no disrespect.

    BUT, the deceased was 18. You report your son is 4.

    That means, the baby’s father was 14 at the time of inception; possibly 13.

    Is that what you are stating?

  • talisha parker says:


  • mother says:

    Does that really matters

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Matters to us. Did it matter to you that he was in a gang? The only thing that no longer matters is him. He is dead and that is one less punk roaming our streets.

  • Eric M Lee says:

    But you degrade someone who has even been dead a full day and his family. I bet many of you go to church on Sundays. Pray do you? Pray harder. You all need it. Acting like your values are so much better than his were taking your time to post your hate about a person not a single one of you knew. You can say he did many things wrong in his life. That he had kids young or that he was living in a bad way. The truth is there are people getting chance after chance that didn’t deserve them. Quann didn’t get another chance. Let the man’s name rest before you post your simple minded hate. Go say some hail Marys and cheat on your taxes.

    R.I.P Quann. We might not have been the best of friends but I certainly shed more than a tear for you man….

  • Big D says:

    He was a blood gang member and has been arrested for selling drugs last year. It’s just more garbage off our streets.

  • Friend says:

    U real stupid.!! U dont understand what its like.!! So keep your mouth shut.!!

  • lonetraveler says:

    It is very important to note that he is breeding like rabbits when he obviously had no intention of being a father to any of them. You can’t be a father to a child when you are pursuing a life of violence and murder. I can venture a guess that he didn’t have a father in his life either, “How did that work for him?” One of the major reasons young, black males end up in gangs is because they do not have “father figures” in their lives so they use the gang as an influence. You need to think this out before you comment such BS. As soon as it is noticed that gang violence is the intent of these teens, birth control should be put in use. I’m talking about birth control you don’t have to remember or be responsible enough to use. Birth control you can’t undo or stop until your damn life in turned around and you decide to become something besides a gang member or a breed sow.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    No, the point of this story is that he lost his life and not someone that actually contributes to society. Save your prayers for the living, it’s 2 late for the dead.

  • lisa says:


  • John says:

    The thugs way of saying Happy MLK Day!!

    The the baby father comment…took me a second… but pretty good….

  • lonetraveler says:

    So you think that the people here who are sick to death of this gang violence should do something about it? What about the family of this gang member who was killed? What exactly have they done about this POS who got killed by one of his bros? The way I see it, they are equally bad and please EXXXXXCUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE us if they don’t cry and moan when they knock each other off. In my opinion, his family should be ashamed of themselves for not parenting this gang member long time ago. It is way past time that the NAACP started working on Black on Black crime and stop whinning and pointing the finger at the white people. They need to clean up their own backyard and stop ignoring it.

  • walker says:

    I was born in Wilmington, Nc but no long live there but was told about this story from family members. As I read the comments left by some people it truly makes me sad to know that some people have no heart. Here we have a young man who has been killed regardless of he may or may not have been doing at the time a life was lost, a family in pain, and a child one less parent. Instead of wasting your energy being negative about the person that was killed, use your energy to his killer. But who care right it wasn’t me so you don’t care. I just want the negative people commenting on this to put yourself in his family shoes. This should be a life lesson, people wake up if we as a whole don’t do something to stop the senseless violence it can only get worst. don’t let this be another story on the news that you watch, let it be the story that brings change in the city.

  • Guest1221 says:

    Perhaps his FAMILY should have intervened as soon as they found out he was involved with and was a Blood… Personal accountability doesn’t mean $h!t anymore and I, for one, am sick of the shouting of “We, as a whole, need to stop the senseless violence!” Nope, sorry, not everyone in this world lives like a heathen beast. This senseless violence is being perpetrated by and perpetrated on the same group of people – young, black males.

    There’s not one damn thing I can do to stop it. And, the negativity you perceive from the posts is from people who realize this kid was nothing but a thug and had he, perhaps, chosen a different path, he’d very well be alive right now and NO ONE would be commenting on his demise.

  • Tracie C says:

    FACT: he was a known member of the Bloods killed by a Blood (this FACT came in from his “family”).
    Innocent people don’t fly colors.

  • SMP says:

    First of all…Who said he was out RUNNING the streets? What is it called when you’re downtown drinking instead of being home with your child/children? Perhaps running the streets? We all need to stop assuming what a person is doing when something happens to them. Everybody is not a thug or gang banger. Have you ever heard of innocent people being HURT? or Wrong place at the wrong TIME? Get the facts and then voice your opinion!!!

  • guest123 says:

    We know the gang man was in the street based on the news story where the witness looked out at the commotion and saw 6 men fighting in the street. Gangs are useless and members are criminals. Always fighting, selling drugs etc. The fact that this man was a gang memeber says all about his character we need to know. Sorry for his parents loss but he was on a dead end street the day he joined the gang! That is where 99% of them end up—in the grave or prison. no major loss to society.

  • Big D says:

    He was a blood gang member and was arrested for selling drugs in the past. He’s just more garbage we don’t have clean up now.

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