Council agrees to ask for grant to hire gang prevention specialists

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Submitted: Wed, 01/22/2014 - 2:17am
Updated: Wed, 01/22/2014 - 5:30am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington City Council took another step to fight the gang problem in Wilmington Tuesday night.

Council Members passed a resolution to apply for a grant to hire one full-time and one part-time gang prevention specialist.

Those jobs would work with kids who are most at risk to join gangs in Wilmington.


  • droppy says:

    Instead of spending even MORE money, this time hiring so-called “gang prevention specialists,” why doesn’t the housing authority simply evict the “problem tenants” and allow their housing to be occupied by a more deserving, law-abiding individual? The gang problem is not going to disappear — it is going to follow wherever the gangsters are. So kick them out and they will leave … taking their gang problem with them.

  • Bill OBrien says:

    One full time and one part time gang specialist. Doesn’t the department already have over 300 gang specialists? Every cop on the force should be extremely knowledgable on the gangs they are daling with everyday. Trying to win the hearts and minds of the kids is not going to fix the problem. What will fix the problem is pursuing federal charges against these thugs everytime they even step on a crack in the sidewalk. Make them do real prison time and take away the option of plea bargains that DA Ben David keeps rewarding these mutts with. No more deals…no more bargains…you break the law asa gang banger, you are looking at a ten year minimum in federal prison.

    That is what is called a deterrent!

  • Guestomfg says:

    Throw more money at the low life losers of the city. What about the good decent kids around town? What do they get? How about this, arrest them and STOP letting them go !

  • live in the city says:

    please thats not going to help. dont have so many kidds.

  • Old Guy says:

    The council is finally starting to get it!(maybe) After eighteen years of having this problem they are finally waking up. As one of the first three Gang Investigators in New Hanover County in 1996 and one of the first Gang investigators of the City County Gang Task Force I can tell you that our city and county government is about as slow as molasses running up hill in the winter time.
    Can you believe it eighteen years this has been going on? Don’t be fooled these guys are going to throw a bunch of money to the problem just like they have all along. Yes education is the key to the youth but the parents are to blame for this problem. Then the community leaders are the next to blame. Examples like the rap artists and stars that the youth see and the amount of money that can be made from drug trade is the biggest problem ever!
    Come on Wilmington its not about the kids in the schools, its about the kids on the streets. Law Enforcement know who the gang members are. Unleash them to do their jobs. Stop critising them for enforcing the Law. They no more want to arrest and defend the public from these crudwads! They really want to be able to work safe and actually go home to their families at the end of their shifts.
    The City and County officials need to get their hands dirty and stop talking and get to work right out there on the streets just like these people that are sworn to protect and serve.

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