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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A former Hugh MacRae Park groundskeeper pleaded guilty today to trading court ordered community service hours for cash.

The judge suspended a jail sentence for Richard Randolph Huddleston, 53, giving him 12 months probation with an order to complete 200 hours of community service.

He is not allowed to do the community service hours at any New Hanover County parks.

Huddleston was arrested last summer after a sting operation where investigators say he took $80 from an undercover officer to sign off on eight hours of community service.

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  • Gatekeeper

    Have they fired all his bosses? How was such a low level, low paid worked allowed to manage such a high risk program? Or was all the upper mangement on the take as well and they just pinned it on this guy.

  • taxpayer

    Given how the County/City operates…the bosses probably got a pay raise AND a promotion.

  • guesty

    Chump making extra money should also have to pay a fine to help recover the amount of “extra” money he made.


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