Municipal Golf Course work could cost up to $1 million

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Submitted: Wed, 01/22/2014 - 2:04am
Updated: Wed, 01/22/2014 - 8:43pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington City Council found out Tuesday night that repairing the Municipal Golf Course will cost much more than estimated.

It was supposed to be a $700,000 project. But, the city’s spokeswoman, Melissa Talbert, said it will now most likely cost more than $1 million to restore the greens and bunkers, plus do drainage and irrigation improvements because crews must make more repairs than originally thought.

Talbert said at the council’s next meeting on Feb. 4, members will look at a plan and budget that will show how the overhaul can be done all at once. She added that user fees not taxpayer dollars fund the course.

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3 Comments on "Municipal Golf Course work could cost up to $1 million"

Malissa Talbert
2015 years 8 months ago

City Communications Manager Malissa Talbert here: The City Council has been very clear that they want the repairs done all at once. At their Feb. 4 meeting, staff will bring to Council a plan and project budget that will show how the repairs can be done all at once. The additional costs are to make more repairs to the greens than was originally expected. The course was built in the 1920s and the greens have not been renovated since that time. The city’s golf course is funded through fees paid for by those who use the course, not by property tax dollars.

2015 years 8 months ago

they can afford this all at once. After all, how much has City Council spent on lighting and re-lighting Kenan Fountain? What’s another $300k?!

And in other news, City Council agreed to apply for a grant to fund two additional anti-gang police officers. Is it me, or is the “war on gangs” going the same way as the “war on poverty”?

2015 years 8 months ago

It does not need overhauling and fixed up with those country club chocolate pudding greens. The people that play it all enjoy and it is a hard enough course as is because par is rarely broken in the city championships. Fix it up with those fancy soggy greens that all the hacks love, and you will see how much it will cost to maintain—-AND HOW MUCH THE RATES WILL GO UP AND HOW SLOW PLAY WILL BE…

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