Southport company helps fight crime with digital forensics

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Submitted: Thu, 01/23/2014 - 3:21am
Updated: Wed, 07/01/2015 - 9:42am

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — A Southport company is keeping investigators up to speed with criminals in this digital age.

In TV shows like ABC’s Castle, you watch as investigators solve the crime fast, in one episode.

That unrealistic time frame might actually become more realistic thanks to Tritech Digital Forensics.

“Every crime scene is no longer just a physical crime scene. Its a digital crime scene as well,” said Troy Vasos, Vice President of Tritech Digital Forensics.

Tritech developed software on tablets and put together kits investigators can use to extract data from elections, like phones, that are evidence in a crimes.

“They need to know that things they have in their possession, data can be extracted from it to be used to solve that crime,” said Vasos.

From pictures and videos, to text messages and emails, saved or deleted, Vasos said his device can find them and help solve a mystery.

“Its more rewarding to see the detectives’ faces,” said Vasos.

A reaction he guesses he’ll probably see more of.

Tritech is working with the North Carolina Highway Patrol on a 30-day pilot program. Troopers will use the computers to investigate crashes.

“We’ve gone back and actually examined cell phones that we’ve had from last year and were able to get more information,” said Sgt. A. Justice of Highway Patrol.

That information is not only valuable during an investigation, troopers say it might also lead to changes.

“Taking the statistics back of how many phones are used during crashes for possible legislation changes,” said Justice.

Highway Patrol says there are two patrol cars using the software.

It hopes to get funding soon to equip all 20 cruisers used to investigate crashes.

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