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Clyde Wesley Way (Source: Brunswick Co. Jail)
Clyde Wesley Way (Source: Brunswick Co. Jail)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County grand jury has indicted an Albemarle man on eight felony charges stemming from allegations of sex crimes involving children at Fort Caswell in June.

District Attorney Jon David says indictments charge Clyde Way, 68, with exposing himself to four boys under the age of 13, as well as organizing a strip poker game.

Way was released from jail in July after his bond was reduced from $350,000 down to $20,000.

Way was not an employee of Fort Caswell. He was a volunteer student ministries team leader for the Stanly Baptist Association. The association said Way was removed from his position after the incident.

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  • It bad enough that this happen, To error is human to forgive divine. Now if you all call yourself Christians we are suppose to forgive the brother that errors in his ways. Some can call him a wolf in sheep’s clothing or whatever you think. God is spiritual and we worship in spirit and truth. Believe it or not I am on the sex registry, I am not proud in any way of it.
    I rejoice in my affliction as if it wasn’t for my affliction I wouldn’t find out that is the more I needed to get back in church as I was loosing it so to speak. You know God moves in mystery’s ways in all peoples lives. Is the church only for God fearing people? Most of you comment about handing him up by his …… or dropping him from a plane. God will deal with him as he deals with everyone. We are all accountable and God does not wish one to parish. There are those that have reprobate minds but if one repents of his sin and ask for remission and forgiveness than God will forgive. With God all things are possible with man it is impossible. Can we all say forgiveness and show your love in this time of this man’s troubles.

  • There have been no updates to any of the calendars in regard to Mr. Way’s case or any returned calls or emails from the District attorney’s office. The trial was delayed. Last heard, they hope to reschedule before the end of 2014, I’m not holding my breath. Thank you for continuing to follow this case and support the four victims and their families.

  • sherry gracie

    Was just wondering if Clyde Way has been charged

  • Kevin G

    What I don’t understand is how common lay people get prosecuted and in general so does the average ordinary person but if you are a Catholic Priest you’ll rarely step foot inside a jail cell, your worst fear would be being ex-communicated.

  • PublicAvenger

    In the Catholic Church they don’t caste stones. They use the stones to build a wall of protection, around their pedophile priests.

  • Lisa’s Two Cents

    They should take this monster, all pedophile priests, and any wolf, in sheep’s clothing, who misuses religion, to abuse children. And drop them from a helicopter, 3000 ft. in the air.

  • Guest2020

    I pray he doesn’t hurt anyone while he is awaiting trial. That bond reduction was despicable.

  • guesty

    Just chop off his weewee and that will solve many problems. What a sicko.

  • LGH

    Good! I hope you spend the rest of your miserable life in jail. Many, many years in jail so you have plenty of time to think about how you have destroyed the lives of so many innocent children and their families. Your family should be ashamed of themselves for supporting you through this entire process. What you have done is beyond comprehension. There is no excuse for what you have taken from so many young boys and how much pain you have caused their parents. I hope that your trial is swift and justice is served. To the 4 boys and their families, thank you for your bravery. I hope you find some peace and healing. Do not let this monster determine your life. He is a coward and a bully, your strength and courage allows him to have no control over you ever again!

  • His other victims in Glen Burnie, MD

    Clyde Way has been a sick pervert manipulating children for years in churches. He gains the trust of parents of little children and churches alike, then seeks out those he feels that he can get away with nothing less than rape and severe child abuse. He and his sick wife who knows what he does should be charged with murder! The murder of innocence in the young victims he has violated. He should not be allowed around even his own grandchildren!

  • KB

    I think they should talk to his grandchildren. I think it would be a pretty fair assumption that these kids have been victims of his evil. By his now deleted fb page he has a daughter with young kids in Charlotte NC and a son in California and some family in Maryland.

  • We are starting a group page on facebook for anyone who has been affected and who would like to try to keep up to date on this and just be encouraged and supported by others. If you are interested in becoming part of our journey to healing, you can be added to the group.

  • jack simone

    i see that not one of you cowards that want to hang clyde had enough balls\ to state your name: what happened to innocent until proven guilty: clyde is one of the best men i have ever known and when the truth comes out all of you will owe him an apology!

  • Kara Bradley

    I posted my real name. feel free to apologize to my son for basically calling him and the other victims liars after the trial is over. What happened to protecting children? All the good he may have done will forever be blemished. By looking through comments and hearing news reports and interviews, you may want to consider the fact that this may not be an isolated incident. What you thought you knew about him is merely what he wanted you to believe. I challenge you to open your eyes to the possibility that you may be wrong.


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