HAPPENING TODAY: McCrory plans to visit Port of Wilmington

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Submitted: Mon, 01/27/2014 - 12:36pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Gov. Pat McCrory is scheduled to make his first visit of 2014 to Wilmington today.

An aide says the governor will tour the State Port of Wilmington. Other specifics about the governor’s visit are not yet available.

Friday, the North Carolina Economic Development Board, which is made up of business leaders, educators and elected officials, gave McCrory what’s billed as a road map for the state’s economic prosperity for the next decade.

Click here to see the full NC Jobs Plan report

The report calls for integrating port competitiveness into the state’s 25-year infrastructure plan as one component to improving the infrastructure to rural communities.

Gov. McCrory last visited our area in October to kick off manufacturing day across the state.

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17 Comments on "HAPPENING TODAY: McCrory plans to visit Port of Wilmington"

2015 years 8 months ago

dummycrats had control for over 112 years and you want McCroy to fix it in less than a year?? he cut out owing the gub mint[feds] for extended unemployment benefits and guess what?? the jobless rate went down in N.C. you can check it out for yourselves, unless you refuse to listen to common sense! i guess the freeloaders or loafers finally went and got a job being McCroy made them get off their butts and off the taxpayer dole and get to work like everybody else is that is paying taxes from their job!where are all the shovel ready jobs that Oblamo promised?? shovel ready alright, shoveling the B.S. blame repubs because people have to account and depend on themselves and not depend on gub mint to keep them on their democrat auto voter roll!!!!!! i understand that people need help , but at some point they need to get up and find something to do, there are jobs , might not be what they want , too proud i guess to do something like dig a ditch , or stock shelves, fast food, but who needs them when there is Uncle Sam!! right? but pride dont pay the bills anyway, hard work does.

2015 years 8 months ago

I am amazed at your post.

DHHS was in a sad state before the inauguration. Same goes for buildings.

Let the legislature really use a fine tooth comb to go over the budget. There are still far too many give away programs. Far too many Section 8 and Food Stamp recipients who are able to work or at least perform some public service.

Why do some receive vouchers for Section 8 rather than live in vacant public housing units?

When do taxpayers quit funding the baby making machines who often may not be able to identify the father without a DNA test?

We could continue.

At least he remained in state and on the job after his inauguration. Smiley can not say the same.

He’s forced to deal with 12 years of predecessor give aways, borrowing, and mismanagement.

Don’t you think he needs a bit more time for the progress to really shine?

2015 years 8 months ago

A federal judge has struck down NC’s anti abortion ultra sound law.
PA’s voter ID law has been ruled unconstitutional and its very similar to NC’s law. Legal experts expect our to be struck down as well…..
so these are supposed to be conservatives pushing laws that lead to legal challenges and potential over turning causing large legal bills for the state?

Our new tax laws are great but even Republicans are scratching for revenues for next year already – meaning more department cuts or “GULP” possible tax increases?
DHHS is a sorry mess…….as are our state buildings according to the Gov.

The difference between Smiley and Smirky is ONLY two letters….


nc tax payer
2015 years 8 months ago

stay home you not welcome in wilm. we hate republicans.

2015 years 8 months ago

As I recall he nearly accosted the Governor last time he was in town with his antics. Maybe McCrory should get a restraining order just in case.

2015 years 8 months ago

Given that the governor’s staff say that the governor was never in any danger from Berger, a restraining order won’t be necessary.

Shaun O'Rourke
2015 years 8 months ago


I hate to bust your bubble, but the food stamp issue is dead on arrival. Pat doesn’t care about the poor…..they are just bottom feeders.

This is the Governor you voted for.

Pat cut unemployment, but gave cabinet members a $13K year raise. Not logical.

Pat refused to expand Medicaid that would have helped 300,000 North Carolinians.

Pat refused to set up state exchange allowing other insurance companies to compete and drive the cost down…..you know “Capitalism”? This helped Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC to have no real competition and guess what? BCBS raised rates. BCBS was also a huge donor to all the freshmen GOP reps elected in and the Governor.

The new tax laws are an abomination. They cut the “tax Free” weekend for school supplies? Are you kidding me?

They also raised taxes when purchasing mobile homes by $300 bucks. Do rich people buy mobile homes? NO….the middle class and poor do.

Did they cut the gas tax? Nope.

This legislature voted in on fear of gay marriage, and fear of the Muslim in the white house without a birth certificate played right into their hands.

Just expect more of the same going forward unless a balance can be made in the mid terms.

Don’t be fooled….Pat is doing everything Art Pope and the Koch brothers want. Just another puppet.

2015 years 8 months ago

i like mccrory and voted for him but he AND the media need to get on top of this food stamp issue . these people are going hungry and that on top of the jobs situation is unacceptable ! you cannot just cut them off without notice . i understand that we need to reduce spending but this is NOT the way to go about it . i am still not sure i believe the whole software excuse . thank you wect for your reporting on it ! please apply as much pressure as you can . i really feel bad for these folks especially with this cold weather it has to be a bad situation .

2015 years 8 months ago

excuse me but just this morning on National news T.V. the jobless rate went down since they cut the freeloaders off the extended benefits, otherwise known as , dont work or get any type of job while Uncle Sam is paying you. we the working taxpayers are Uncle Sam!! why would anyone look for a job when they are auto rolled into voting dummycrat because they keep Giving them benefits and the bill keeps going up!! I agree about food stamps, but really, all of them that get them do not need them. they sell them for 50% on the dollar. cut them out. it is time to stop people from abusing the taxpayer that are out there busting their butts for these freeloaders i see using food stamps buying the highest quality steaks and food, then pay for other items using a wad o cash, then go out and get in a better vehicle than i drive!!! sympathy from me is not forthcoming to those that are abusing the system or taking advantage of it when they CAN WORK AS GOD AS ME!!

2015 years 8 months ago

so the gov is coming to town, we all know this is a photo shot and just one more lie ,, he promise that if he was to get in to office that the jobs would be coming to the port ,, i haven’t seen any job’s come ,, this port should be running 24/7 like in long beach cailf ,, the jobs are run by china and they will work when they fill fitt to ,, this port off of shipyard rd could have hire over 3.000 people to work ,, and the pay would be great for our town wilmington , but we work on a part-time need,, some one please ask the gov,, WERE ARE THE JOBS YOU PROMISE

2015 years 8 months ago

…do a WHOLE LOT BETTER job at filling out your application than you just did in attempting to write your post! Geeez dude, I’ll bet the 6th grade were the most difficult three years of your life!

2015 years 8 months ago

while unemployed by returning to school and improving your grammar.

Spelling does count when completing an employment application.

Were you posting similar comments when Smiley was borrowing billions from the Feds to give to entitlement recipients?

Instead of sitting on your duff; why didn’t you go to one of his public appearances and ask your question?

2015 years 8 months ago

Nice rant but doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Sect 8 is a huge program using mostly federal funds correct? So what does the state have to do with it? Locally we have seen what inspections have resulted in – NOTHING !!! WHA believes that Houston Moore and Creekwood were well maintained and their surprise inspections have resulted in ZERO evictions.
I agree with your outlook on curfews etc……..
As for jobs where are they? Even you would have to admit that both Obama and McCrory have the same unemployment dilemma – the drop in numbers was mainly caused by people dropping off unemployment not by job creations – so again where do these baby making, sect 8 housing grabbing, uneducated food stamp recipients finds jobs? I could quote UI numbers for you but you know darned well there are still not enough jobs out there.
McCroy is dealing with what the DEMS left, no doubt, but the buck stops at his desk as soon as he occupies the seat – especially with a lock on both houses of the state legislature – the same way it stopped with Smiley – at her desk.
At least you recognize that state buildings were unattractive during Smiley’s administration too and Smirky has appointed idiots to plum state jobs the exact same way Smiley and other DEMs did.
As I said there’s only a two letter difference between the two of them.


2015 years 8 months ago

If nutty Big Bri is back in town, get the police ready to serve the warrant on him when he shows up.

2015 years 8 months ago

but his friend and fellow repub Michael lee who just announced his candidacy for the Senate. I love when these cronies set up opps for each other to speak about each other and use our tax money to promote one another. local fundraisers who make this stuff happen and make these appts. happen with their donations and financial influence like Parks and that club in our little downtown should be pleased. Someday, someone is going to be brave enough to connect the dots and stand up and do something about it and break down the generations of cronyism and create real change for real families her in Southeastern North Carolina.

Oh yeah…and by going to the port, he is behind a security gate and is sure to not have to mingle with the people and not have to answer to all the screw ups his administration has done to the middle and working class, let alone the working poor and impoverished of our state.

jeremy soles
2015 years 8 months ago

He has done enough damage to our state. Stay in Ralieghquee

2015 years 8 months ago

…… To lure Berger back to Wilmington.