Profanity-laced recording of Sen. Rabon’s meeting cited in death of puppy mill bill

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Submitted: Mon, 01/27/2014 - 10:54pm
Updated: Tue, 01/28/2014 - 12:56pm

RALEIGH, NC (WRAL) — State Senate leaders said Monday they plan to kill legislation that would regulate so-called puppy mills in North Carolina after an audiotape leaked of a top Republican senator criticizing the bill and the House lawmakers who passed it last year.

Sen. Bill Rabon, R-Brunswick, met Jan. 16 in his district with constituents to discuss House Bill 930, which sets minimum animal care standards for commercial dog breeders in the state.

The House passed the bill last May with the support of Gov. Pat McCrory and first lady Ann McCrory, but it hasn’t yet been acted upon by the Senate. The governor last week listed passage of the legislation among his 2014 priorities.

Rabon, however, told constituents during a profanity-laced, 90-minute meeting that the bill was dead on arrival last year. He said the Senate had already decided not to act on the bill in the General Assembly’s upcoming short session.

“That bill is not going to pass,” Rabon told the group. “Angels in heaven cannot make that bill pass.”

Gov. McCrory addressed the senator’s remarks at the State Port today. He called the idea of secret recording “disgusting political tactics.”

“It’s disappointing that tactics were used,” McCrory said. “Just because someone uses foolish tactics is no reason to stop good productive legislative which needs to pass in North Carolina.”

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  • brunslife says:

    Why is everyone so angry about this? Sen. Rabon does not think the bill is strong enough. If you are going to do something do it right otherwise your wasting time. I am without question an animal lover but why pass a bill just to say you did it that in the end does not really accomplish anything. Senator Rabon, good job!

  • guest000000 says:

    He could’ve conveyed that without the extremely vulgar references. Instead he made his boorish behavior the focus, not his concerns about the bill.

  • guest000000 says:

    Real Classy, Bill. As a veterinarian, you may have valid objections to this puppy mill bill (what they could be, I have no idea) but you have completely lost all respectability in that argument. As an elected official you are expected to conduct yourself as such IN A MEETING WITH YOUR OWN CONSTITUENTS. And it’s not like you slipped up and let a common everyday curse slip, these were calculated pronouncements on your part. Were you sober? I’m trying to think of any excuse. You could have conveyed the exact same sentiment with language much more professional. I just hope one of those p****** in the house don’t show up and your front door.

  • AnimalLover says:

    ”When I do it, it will be done at the right time, and it will pass,” he said.

    The time is now. Let’s see it, big talker. Let’s see you do it. Oh that’s right, you are completely full of BS. Aren’t you? This Rabon is totally on my radar now. He sounds like a typical political mouthpiece to me, we will see I reckon. On my radar…..

  • Annette Walbon says:

    My question is this. Why would any person stand in the way of animal protection, if not for the fact that money supercedes humane care? What other reason could there be? and for the love of God, who are these kinds of people – are we living in the Matrix?????

  • guest0000 says:

    If you watch the report, the reason he held the “secretly” recorded meeting was to tell these people that the bill had no chance of passing the Senate. The recording has nothing to do with whether the bill passes or fails. Afraid of being recorded? Then don’t say something incredibly stupid in a PUBLIC meeting.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I agree with McCrory, the recording is no reason not to pass a bill if it’s one that should be passed anyway.

  • MG says:

    I recently moved to Brunswick County from central North Carolina, hoping to escape the rapid growth of arrogance among the local commissioners and school board there. This story indicates you can not escape it.

    While I 100 percent support puppy mill legislation, this “man’s” public profanity and vulgar display of an out-of-control ego is indicative of a serious problem we have in all levels of government, from town hall to the White House. It is no longer about serving us, it’s about us serving them.

    I now fully support a bumper sticker I saw on an old pick-up truck while driving through Texas a few years ago. It read, “Don’t re-elect nobody, not even your Momma.”

  • Shaun O'Rourke says:

    We here puppy mills and abuse on the news locally. We know it is a problem. Why was the bill shelved? What was in it that they wouldn’t want to pass it to help regulate this horrible industry?

    The ego’s in this state blow my mind.

    Pass the damn bill and help save animals from abuse and mass breeding.

    NC puts down 250,000 animals a year.

  • 1234543 says:

    I was a big supporter of Rabon when he ran, but I will be the first to tell you I am highly disappointed in him, I have yet to have a phone call or email replied to from him or his staff on any questions, I could care less about his cussing, but I believe he has placed himself above his supporters, I also think it was tacky to tell the news people he would meet with them then blow them off, I would have had a lot more respect for him had he just said he wasn’t going to meet with them, getting harder to get a straight answer out of any politician.

  • guestFred says:

    Why in the world would Sen. Rabon (a veterinarian!) oppose regulating puppy-mills? Does he own one or more of them himself???

  • Larry M says:

    What we need to do is to collect a lot of money and hire the Mafia to come to NC and handle it. They would make them an offer they can’t turn down.

  • Guest2020 says:

    The report says that senate leaders were going to kill the bill after the tape surface. That indicates that they are going to vote against the bill because of someone secretly recording what was being said. They should vote for against the bill according to the merits of the bill.

  • guest000000 says:

    It was not going to be voted on regardless of the recording. That is why he was holding the meeting in the first place, to explain why he was not going to allow this bill to come to the floor. McCrory used that as his excuse when he was asked, but Sen Rabon clearly said IN THE RECORDING in question, that they were going to kill the bill those P*****S in the House sent them.

  • GuestUSMC says:

    Obviously, “Senator” Rabon is in favor of these unmerciful puppy mills. Good thing to find out about him. He certainly owes the Governor and his wife an apology, as well as the thousands of animal victims that this legislation might have helped prevent. I cannot believe any human being would not be in favor of more humane treatment for puppies. Totally embarrassed to live in the same local area with him.

  • Vog46 says:

    You can say what you want but don’t record it?
    Of course that doesn’t tell all your constituents nor ALL voters how you really feel about things. You’re a PUBLIC servant Sen Rabon you should be held to higher standards than we are because of it.
    I find Rabons speech tasteless.
    However – I also find his accusation “curious” as a Governor should NOT be meddling in Legislative affairs as Rabons speech alludes to. There is s separation of the Executive and Legislative bodies for a REASON and according to Rabon, McCrory violated that if it is indeed true.
    I haven’t seen this much political shenanigan’s since the DEMs were in power.


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