Creativity reigns for makeshift sleds

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Submitted: Thu, 01/30/2014 - 4:39am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s not often we get a snow day in southeastern North Carolina. So why let it go to waste when we finally get one?

Sledding isn’t something you’d expect to be doing, so sledders did not ever expect they needed one.

“He was like ‘oh can’t we just go out and get one?’ ‘No there are no sleds to be had” said Ryan Weaver.

With no sled to cruise down the hilly roads with, Weaver and his son Jasper had to improvise.

“I think everyone has been going through whatever they can find pretty much,” said Weaver. “We ransacked the house. We went into the back closet, the storage unit. We went through everything.”

They’ve managed to use just about every to slide down Ann Street on.

“Currently we have a boogie board,my son is riding a sheet pan we got from the restaurant, and my roommate is riding on a piece of old Plexiglas,” said Weaver.

Those weren’t the only ideas. People told us they used everything from boogie boards, to toilets lids, pizza pans, and even a refrigerator door.

“I had a piece of cardboard I was using from a box.It just wasn’t cutting it,” said Mallik Banat. “I was like ‘let’s find a better sled.’ I knew that wall was going to be torn down anyways and this was falling off of it. I picked it off and asked my mom if I could use it, and she was like ‘sure’,” he said has he clutched a wooden piece of wall.

Sure, it’s defiantly not the tradition way to sled, but for these sledders it might be the better way.

“It’s just really fast,” said Jasper Weaver after he took a pass with a sheet pan. “It doesn’t break easy like the plastic sleds and you can also use it for cooking. That’s what I like about.”

With many schools and businesses already announcing closings for Thursday, a lot of people around the region will be able to take advantage of the slopes for another day.

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