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First winter storm of 2014 brings ice, snow


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The last week of January brought record cold temperatures and a major winter storm to southeastern NC. Several hours of persistent sleet gave way to snowfall accumulations, leading to dangerous road conditions.

Below, you will find a comparison between the forecast given by our weather team and the actual (unofficial) observed totals reported to the National Weather Service.

For any storm you can always follow the latest updates via Facebook & Twitter, or download our StormTrack 3 mobile app to see a more detailed forecast for your home.

Chief Meteorologist Jerry Jackson



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Ill Prepaired, Dangerous, Callous Attitude of City and County

It doesn't matter if DOWNTOWN Wilmington was located in the North, or West rather than being on the S.E. coast. During the ice storm and the previous snow storm, conditions in downtown Wilmington were abominable, and unsafe-both on the roads and sidewalks. Every road downtown and sidewalk was blanketed in snow and then ice for days until temperatures rose. Every city should have plows, salt and ample sand to at least make the main roads and sidewalks in its downtown area safe. O saw 8 cars wreck or wipe out and over a dozen people fall because little or no attempt was made to clear the downtown roads and sidewalks during each storm. Abominable.

Icy Road Conditions

Tonight the Domino's Pizza at 5621 Carolina Beach Rd called one of their delivery drivers to come to work. The delivery driver stated he was afraid to drive in the current icy conditions. The employee was told "come in or you're fired." The employee went in and was in a car accident on the way there. His car was totaled.
Obviously profit is more important than their employees' safety.

right call

Hopefully it is clear to everyone now that NHC made the right call in cancelling classes on Tuesday and Wednesday. My brother spent 7 hours trying to get his 3 year old home yesterday in Atlanta and ended up leaving his car on the road and walking the last 2 miles. This could have been the same scenario here. When it comes to my kids, I hope they will always err on the side of caution. Yes, I had 2 rowdy children at home yesterday waiting for the snow, but I'm glad they were home, warm, and safe.

I'm tired of Southerners complaining about Northerners...

who complain about southerners who are complaining about northerners that complain about southerners complaining.


I have two daughters in the Birmingham AL area. Their children went to school and were stranded. One of the daughters drives a school bus and managed to get her students and her kids home. The other daughter slid off the road and ended up walking to the first sister's house, where she remains - and her husband was able to get her children home. I would much rather spend a safe day at home than have to deal with what they have had to deal with in the last 48 hours. It is my understanding that there are still children stranded at school in Alabama. The south is not prepared for snow and ice. If we wanted to live with it, we would live in North Dakota, not North Carolina.


Hey guys- I live in MN now and grew up in Scotts Hill. We have FEET of snow on the ground. We have a 4WD Jeep. We get out in the cold and the snow. When ice arrives, we stay put. It's not worth it to get out and get in an accident, the ice is not forgiving. Makes no difference if the weather forecasters got it right or not, it's ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. I am glad it wasn't worse than it was!!!

Mag Chloride is what is needed on your roads...

Just got off the phone with a family member up in Denver, Colorado...and he said this is what the city of Denver and outlying areas put on the roads prior to an ice storm. It's good for up to 20 degrees+ zero.

northern reply

I apoligize for some of the comments made from up north where I live. I am from Chicago and my son lives in Wilmington. I have visited and appreciate your community. Although I have lived through many a severe snowstorm and the cold is really a bit much this year, you folks have lived through hurricanes which is a different animal altogether. Of course, I have to dodge bullets that are flying around in Chicago (only kidding). Any way, have fun in the snow. Your's will melt soon. I think that I have to put up with mine for a couple more months. Bt the way, I really enjoyed touring your battleship.

Sandy was a nor'easter

I have lived in Wilmington 42years, my family goes back at least 175years here.
I am tired of hearing how we panic about snow, sleet whatever winter brings here rarely!
The truth is we handle a situation the best we know how and winter weather isn't what we deal with a lot.

So let's state the oblivious. 2 inches of snow with a 1/2 inch of ice is a problem around here.
But 60mph winds with 10 to 12ft waves is a gale warning with small craft advisory.
So let's call our 2inches of snow a Superstorm also!
Sandy was a nor'easter nothing more! Game set match!!

Winter In Wilmington

After reading the comments left here before 5:00 complaining of the hyped forecast, I'm sure most of yall are waking up with egg on your faces. So glad most of yall don't predict the weather for a living.

Take No Chances

The silly, petty arguments over whether school should be opened or closed demean the most important aspect of all of this - SAFETY!

The FACT is we have many more cars on the road today than we did ten years ago, along with a seriously growing problem of arrogant drivers. So, when you had even the possibility of slick roads into the mix, it is ALWAYS best to err on the side of safety when it comes to our children.

I just read a social media post from a friend of mine in North Georgia about how many school buses were still stuck on roads as late as 10:30 tonight trying to get kids home. So, whether you are from the North or the South, that's insane to place children in that scenario.

School Closures

I believe that all schools should be closed whenever there is ANY question of safety!

Even the most experienced

Even the most experienced Northern driver can't drive on ice...

Stay home and warm

This comment from a northerner who lives for my time down in Wilmington. Stay home, safe, and warm. (Weather) you have snow or ice or just some slush--if your area does not have to deal with this white stuff--then better safe than in an accident. Even up here in the great frozen whiteness--if a road is not plowed, you will slide like water off a melting icicle. (sorry for all the puns)
Plus those who were upset about missing a day of school or two our kids will be going long into your great summer in June. From a northerner who lives for my visits to Wrightsville Beach in any weather.


I was born and raised in Illinois,we hyped the weather also,including snow,it was and still is no different,my family still lives there.I guarantee you noone there is better drivers in winter weather than they are here.There are still plenty of wrecks and fatalities in winter weather in Illinois.I like it here,don't miss the continuous winter weather,I don't blame the news at all for getting carried away,they still get carried away back home every time a winter storm is approaching.

Obnoxious Northerners...

I'm a Northern transplant and love my Southern home, neighbors and friends. They are kind, decent, hard working people. It is the obnoxious northerners (and reading many of these posts, they are the minority here) who know not of what they speak and are pretentious, elitist snobs.

In the South, we have gone through many hurricanes (Cat 1-3) and we know how to prepare to take care of our loved ones and homes. We don't go crying to the Feds to help us because we are so traumatized by the effects of a storm. We put our noses to the grindstone, roll up our sleeves, clean up and make repairs. In addition, many of my Southern friends go out and help others who need some assistance. Neighbors helping neighbors.

It's the Southern Way. And you know, even when you try to insult them, chances are that if you were in need (say, after a storm), they would still choose to help you.

Southern Christians. It's their way and I love them.

And, if you believe that Southerners are stupid and dumb, I have to ask why you CHOSE to live amongst us.

Because given of your low opinion of Southerners and by virtue of your choice, YOU are the dumb ones!

Obnoxious Northerners

I, too, am a transplant from Maine now living in the Wilmington, NC area. I learned to drive in snow and grew up with it every winter, and because of this I have a healthy respect for winter weather and I am extremely glad that I am not one of those obnoxious northerners. Driving in the winter weather down here is not the same as it was in Maine. I learned that on my very first NC snow. I stay home now and I'm glad schools closed during Leon to keep our kids safe. Safety is paramount when Mother Nature throws us a curve ball. People around here know how to prepare for storms, being that we live in hurricane territory, and I look to my local friends for their advise with any kind of threatening weather. This is my home now and I respect my neighbors and we help each other any time there is a crisis.

To those that only complain about the lifestyle and people here in the South, if you don't like it, then go back to where you came from and take your moronic opinions with you. I love it here and I'll stand beside these Southerners and defend them against anyone who dares to insult them, for this is my home as well now.

Amen,my transplanted former

Amen,my transplanted former Northern friend!

Weather wrong or right!

I have been seeing many replies in a very negative way. There is no one to blame, or call names. The forecasters are just doing their jobs and warning of possible emergency weather. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and I guess you would call me a transplant. My husband and I have lived in the south for 20 yrs., and no matter if its rain, ice or snow, SAFETY is the most important issue.
Name calling makes you look completely ignorant and will getnyou no where.
The only one calling you names is yourself!
Grow up, its not about whether youre from the North or South, its about using your knowledge when dealing with this type of weather no matter how good or bad!

Well said, I am not from

Well said, I am not from here either, but I have a deep appreciation for the many good people of Wilmington. I have never been around such sincere, thoughtful people. I love Wilmington.

(With the exception of parts

(With the exception of parts of Columbus county, where, if a tornado put a tree on you they will only stop by to see if the can steal your shoes and pawn them)

Transplanted Northerner YL

God Bless y'all!

About the south

Could not have said it better myself, and I am also a transplant. If you do not like the south remember this 17/40/95 and your out of here.

Thank you Happy Transplant!

Thank you Happy Transplant! It is good to "meet" other fine Northerners who love the South and it's people.

Stay safe and warm! :-)

Collusion of Weather Service and Insurance Companies

Noticed how they are naming winter storms now? Guess what? Any home damage will cause the "named storm" deductible on your homeowners insurance policy to kick in. Pretty soon they will be giving names to cloudy days. Why not sunny days? Yeah, gets to hot and your house burns down the higher deductible kicks in because the "sunny day" was given a name by the weather service.

Won't effect insurance rates

"The vast majority of the (clauses) that I've looked at require that the storm be named by the National Weather Service or the National Hurricane Center and make no reference to storms named by The Weather Channel," Hackett said.

City of Wilmington Trash Haulers!

The City was Closed today, but a decision was made to keep the Trash department open and pick up our garbage. So, instead of a day off, the City trash haulers kept on their tight schedule and managed to do an incredible job!
So, Awesome Job to the City of Wilmington's Trash Department! We'd be up to our necks in garbage if it weren't for you, a city crew who seems to do their very best and yet remain as some of the least appreciated City staff by the public who (most of the time) take it all for granted!

Thanks also to the Fire and Police departments for serving the citizens of Wilmington. People like to complain, but believe me, You are Much APPRECIATED!

How many inches of

How many inches of snow...haven't fallen there?

Face It Folks...

This would not have happened if they hadn't of put a man on the moon.
The flip side of this a day or 2...something else STUPID will come along...and you can all attack that.
So save up your are going to need it ;-)

Logic of Weather Prediction in our Region is flawed by nature!

December, 1989. Friday night before the holiday weekend with Christmas coming that Monday. On radio and tv they predicted Wilmington might get a few inches of snow. Saturday morning there was already that much and it did not let up. The mall was closed by lunch time and most business sent employees home if they were open on the weekend. Between 15 and 20 inches of snow fell from Friday night til Sunday early afternoon.

When I say weather prediction is flawed, I mean it. I have lived in the south, the north, near the beach, in the mountains. And I can honestly say we have the most unpredictable weather in Wilmington and the surrounding counties that I have ever seen.

If we get any snow or not on this storm warning still seems to be up to nature. We might get some, we may not. But closing the schools only makes sense in this region. We don't have all the safety items and measures in place for busses to travel in snow, sleet or on black ice.

Back to 1989 and the blizzard not seen in over 100 years in this area... the town was mostly shut down for 5 days or longer, depending on power outages and rural roads getting plowed. We had tons of road salt. The port was loaded with it. But the spreaders were in the mountains. It took weeks to fully get everything back on track here. And if you logically consider the low likelihood of this happening here... better to be safe than sorry. It is not like it is really a big deal to make up the day at the end of the school year. The northern regions do it all the time. Closing everything else seems a bit over the top but again, who here has snow tires or tire chains in their trunk? Perhaps a dozen in all of Wilmington!