First winter storm of 2014 brings ice, snow

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Submitted: Thu, 01/30/2014 - 2:14am
Updated: Thu, 01/30/2014 - 2:16am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The last week of January brought record cold temperatures and a major winter storm to southeastern NC. Several hours of persistent sleet gave way to snowfall accumulations, leading to dangerous road conditions.

Below, you will find a comparison between the forecast given by our weather team and the actual (unofficial) observed totals reported to the National Weather Service.

For any storm you can always follow the latest updates via Facebook & Twitter, or download our StormTrack 3 mobile app to see a more detailed forecast for your home.

Chief Meteorologist Jerry Jackson




  • butwhatif says:

    I understand what you are saying and agree after the day yes the kids could have gone to school but….what if…. then it could be our kids stuck in school buses in gridlock traffic or better yet at schools being asked/told that they will be staying over night because the roads are not safe to get them home. Or going to pick the up off the bus because the bus is stuck… it is what it is we just need to deal with it and actually be thankful that we are not the parents dealing with those type of things. Just food for thought on the matter or saying what we should of done.

  • Guest2020 says:

    If the people from the north would quit starting things, there wouldn’t be an issue.

  • Guest2020 says:

    If you yankees would mind your own business and not put us down every chance you get, we would have no reason to call you yankees.

  • ChefnSurf says:

    Another big battle
    Between North and South
    No brains are engaged here
    Just words from the mouth

    All over a snow storm
    That’s coming tonight
    With things more important
    That just don’t seem right

    We don’t get snow often
    So seems like a waste
    To transform its beauty
    To something debased

    So stop all the bull crap
    And put it away
    When grounds are snow covered
    Just go out and play

  • lonetraveler says:

    For starters, Northerners are usually the ones who cause the accidents here because none of them know how to drive worth a damn.

    Second, we don’t have snow plows like the north so if there isn’t enough salt put down, there is a slick layer of ice on the roads. We all get to see the multi-car pileups on the news of you Northerners driving on snow too fast so that if one slides, you all rear end the sucker in front of you. Y’all think if you just speed through it, the snow and ice will part like the Red Sea just for you.

    I always laugh when the Northerners come out and joke about snow and ice events down here then during the storm and after the storm they get to complain because the roads aren’t plowed and the power lines are down due to ice and they just start to whine.

    Down here Hurricane preparedness is the major concern since we don’t get wintery weather. Then of course we also have to suffer home insurance rate increases so that the damage caused by the category I Hurricane Sandy can be paid for. Down here we call a category I just a tropical breeze but it is worth it just to see the Northerners scared out of their pants when one blows through.

  • Theresa says:

    Does anyone know where to look on line to find if the bridges are open tomorrow from Leland to Wilmington? Thanks!

  • FYI says:

    Just so you know….Roads in colder regions are built and designed for the conditions. Also different mixtures of asphalt or concrete are used for regions. Most buildings and schools are designed that way also. ‘Round heer’ in the south we do not use the same oil, antifreeze, tires, etc, that you would up north. We have a fraction of supplies and equipment that are used to maintain roads in icy conditions. Like alot of people have said alreadythat snow to us here in wilmington is like you guys having a hurricane up north. You saw what happened in Sandy when most were not prepare. You were giving warning for at least a week in advance. Then acted surprised by the damage that was caused.Here in southeastern NC our building and beaches are built to withstand the conditions and hold up better during Hurricanes. I have been through at least 20 tropical storms or hurricanes in my 30 year and i still see the same houses on the water. Its apples and oranges you cant compare the weather. Along with the already high accident rate in the area it makes alot sense to close things down and enjoy a day off. Why risk it??…And i wouldnt blame the traffic on the locals. Our population consist of mostly retired northerners ,college students from out of town, and
    personel from all over the world. Hopefully everyone will stay warm and safe as we prepare for Wilmingtons Winter Storm!

  • Tricia says:

    I’m from MA where we get plenty of big snow storms and blizzards, and its true we don’t shut down the state when we get bad weather, but we are equipped to handle such storms. We have a house on Oak Island and it is my dream to retire there. I don’t understand why you would move to a beautiful place and then complain about how they do things there. We have always felt very welcome when we are there and I hope the locals know that not all northerners are ignorant. I for one can’t wait to call OI my home and I’m happy to have as many snow days to stay safe and warm as they feel are necessary. Enjoy the snow from the comfort of your homes and stay safe!

  • guest 2014 says:

    Hey everyone, Just take a look at this bloggers aberrant sentence structure!

  • CoastalJade says:

    to add to my previous comment.
    How about if those kids, your pupils and possibly children, got to school and then the snow and ice came. What then?
    I for one am glad they called the days regardless if it doesn’t even snow because our buses are not equipped for snow/ice.
    You didn’t think this one out clearly before posting.

  • Guest 2014 says:

    I Agree with you!

    We love “the south”, but mainly, our Wilmington and surrounding area that we moved to over 20 years ago now.

    We also love our southern neighbors and friends and I appreciate their lovely ways. They have been very hospitable to us over the past 20 years and I would NEVER disparage them or anything about the way in which “they” do things.
    The best thing that we ever did was to leave the jerks up north and be graciously accepted into the south. I want to be reincarnated as a born and bred southerner!
    So, the morale of the story is Do not MOCK my Southern Friends…you leave the door wide open for AMPLE criticism and I will comply. So, try to live by example that southerners are known for, and BE NICE!!!

  • QuietOne says:

    Amen. That last sentence sums it up nicely. We have nothing to prove. Every winter I see stories about interstate pileups, fatal wrecks, etc from places that get lots of snow. Why do northerners have to risk their lives to show they aren’t scared of Mother Nature. If you aren’t scared of ice on the roads, you are too stupid to understand the risks.

  • chris says:

    Thank you to the transplanted northerners who truly love this part of this country. To the northerners who continually put us dpwn because we close for a hint of snow… it must be nice to have nothing better to do. This is not directed at anyone in paryicular.

  • unnamed says:

    I am appalled by how my fellow “Northerners” are acting (I don’t even want to be associated with them)! I moved to Southport/Oak Island from VA to get away from all the jerks that live up in the Northern States, up there its all about keeping up with the Jones’ and how much you are worth, its sickening! I will admit that I joked around about how they closed the schools and such, it is new to me to have businesses and schools closed at a moments notice but I completely understand why they did it and I am actually glad that they took the precautions! What the Northerners don’t realize is that you all are not equipped to deal with snow or ice!! When my husband and I moved here almost 4 years ago we left our Northern VA attitude at the VA line and completely engulfed the NC lifestyle. Instead of whining about how “crazy or dumb” the Southern folks are, why don’t you try shutting your mouth and giving them advice on how to handle what is coming at us! I am sure the ones that are making fun of the Southern folks are the ones that run out of dodge when its hurricane season! Get your head out of your butts and stop with the “Yankee” attitude please, you make all of us transplants look bad. If you want to complain go back up North and leave us alone, I for one am proud to be able to say that I am now a Southerner!

  • Transplant says:

    Please remember if you do not like the way we handle snow in the south
    THE 17 WILL TAKE YOU HOME, please drive carefully as you exit our wonderful state.

  • whatta whiner says:

    Awwwwww. I feel so bad that you are going to have to take a day out of your 3 month summer vacation. Those bad ol’ weathermen!

  • JoeThe says:

    I briefly read some of the comments from our transplanted Northern friends and our home grown Southern friends. The comments are all the same old…same old and is not the point!

    The main issue is that because of the over-hyped weather forecast, Local, State, several other agencies, and companies have shutdown. These closures will result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost monies. All this because the forecast was so off! How can they be so far off and yet still be called a weathermen/women??? I have heard and seen many forecast that forecasted 3-6″ of snow to a high of a foot! Now I am sure forecasting isn’t like building a part with instructions, but seriously…look out your window! It’s just cloudy here in Leland with very little precipitation. Believe it or not Brunswick county is under a State of Emergency! Now they’re hyping up the freezing rain and sleet. Both are dangerous no doubt, but the “snow hype” didn’t work let’s move to the “sleet hype”! If I or any of us that work make this grand of error on our jobs we’d be fired! You’d think with all the computer models they rely on they would be much more accurate.

    Lastly, my 6 year old is bouncing off the walls with anticipation of “The Snow that Never Came”! To quote Forrest Gump…”That’s all I have to say about that.”

  • Cheryl Penney says:

    I too am from the mountains of New York, actually Wilmington NY. I have been through many ice and snow storms in my life but with a difference. We were prepared, we had plows,sanders, studded tires or chains. We learned to drive in the bad weather.They don’t have the equipment we had. There was comment that was made that property was able to be purchased because of hard work by someone from the north is very insulting. There are hundreds of hard working people from the north and south that have had to sell their homes because of the economy, what does that have to do with the storm? Those of you who have posted those rude,insulting comments have you been through a major hurricane? I have and I was so grateful to my southern friends and neighbors for helping me prepare. Isn’t that what we should be doing? I have to say something that I never thought that I would say but I am ashamed to say that I am from up North when SOME not all of you can act like this. Like the good people of the south have told you, the road runs North too.

  • Guest2014 says:

    …the power of Positive Thinking or do you prefer to exemplify negativistic vibes?
    Ask yourself what is missing in your life that you find it so hard to use this day to ENJOY a little rest and relaxation.
    Read a book, watch a movie, check in with an elderly shut-in, call your mother. BE NICE, but BE SAFE.

    TEACHER, you too can grow by LEARNING new Personality traits! Again, Be gentle, calm, and nice!
    Breathe Deeply and Think before reacting! Your students are being influenced by you everyday. I surely hope that they have positive influences in their lives!

  • schoolteacher says:

    Great now i have to make up a day at school here in Burgaw b/c we were supposed to get ice and snow this morning. Just FYI it is 35 degrees here in Burgaw and not a trace of anything. It was raining in Rocky Point…..yes i said raining. What a waste of productivity and resources. You would think with todays technology forecasting this close to the alleged event would be more precise. Hope everyone enjoys their rain event today and trace of snow tonight.

  • Bladen Guest says:

    I grew up outside of Buffalo,NY. Snow central! I am thankful that they close up and keep people off of the roads when there’s snow and ice, if you’re not used to it you will get hurt or hurt others. What’s wrong with being smart? There are so many other things that we should focus our energy on. My suggestion is to grab a good movie, make some hot cocoa and snuggle up.Tbikehe war ended years ago…get over it. I love it here!

  • ChefnSurf says:

    If none of you would do it wouldn’t happen at all. Reminds me of a bunch of 4th graders. All of you need to grow up and move on. This is getting old and totally non-productive.

  • john says:

    Maybe if you hadn’t missed so many snow days you would have learned your punctuation, and spelling a little bit better than you did, down here. Just sayin, yall.

  • unnamed says:

    You are totally true, I take back that statement about them giving advice!!

  • Guest2020 says:

    I have lived in Wilmington all of my life and I have never known Jerry Jackson to over-hype snow. If anything, he is a lot more cautious about snow predictions than the other meteorologists in the area. He hates it. He doesn’t get excited about it and he doesn’t get anyone’s hopes up about it. In addition to that, he is the best meteorologist in the area.

    In 1998 Hurricane Bonnie came through Wilmington. All other meteorologists, including The Weather Channel, insisted that it was going to pass us. Jerry and the others at WWAY kept telling us that it was going to turn at the last minute and get us.

    I do agree that the kids could have gone to school on Tuesday, but I would rather err on the side of caution when it comes to our children.

    I would like to know how you feel about all that freezing rain and sleet they were “hyping” up. I don’t know how things have been in Wilmington today, but just tonight the Brunswick County Sheriff’s office has alerted us about two traffic accidents within the last couple of hours. One is an overturned car the other one is car that hit a light pole. We have also been warned that their have been accidents on the Sunset Beach bridge and that no traffic will be allowed until DOT is able to address the ice.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    200 years ago would have been 1814. During 1814, the British were defeated at New Orleans by Andrew Jackson and his troops.

    153 years ago, the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter; that was the outbreak of hostilities after southern states had withdrawn from the Union.

    149 years ago saw The final surrender by General Johnson and his troops near Raleigh, NC; although Jefferson Davis was not captured for another 7 weeks.

    May be your loose use of history earns you the sobriquet of Yankee. At least get your dates correct before you insult another’s intelligence.

  • lonetraveler says:

    Thanks for your great post, however…please, please, please don’t tell a “Yankee” to give us any advice. We get way too much unsolicited advice now, whether we want it or not.

  • Preclovis says:

    Now children, finish your hot chocolate and play nice together. Go outside and build a snowman. Er..or something.

  • Gammy2Ateam says:

    I live in the Great Smokey Mountain area and hope to move to Wilmington soon. Some of our local schools here did not let out early enough, as we were not expecting the snow to be a problem here. I just read on the news site where a fifth bus is off the road, stuck in a ditch with children still on board. Four other buses have returned their students to the schools because the roads were impassable. Those poor children must be cold, hungry and just want their mommies. Your pride in your snow & ice driving skills mean nothing. We don’t risk our children to prove we’re not afraid of ice and we don’t expect anyone else to.

  • Mark Cosentino says:

    I come from Minnesota where snow and sub-zero temps never slow us down. Heck, my friends sent me a picture of Minnehaha Falls completely frozen over. Yeah, we drive in bad weather. Businesses and schools for the most part stay open. It’s -43 windchill this morning. However, if anyone has ever driven on an ice coated road before it is salted and sanded you wish you never started out. I for one am concerned for anyone out in this coming storm. If you can, avoid the roads at all costs. Stay at home and stay alive. Good luck to all Carolinians out there.

  • Lisa says:

    We enjoy the snow occasionally just as Yankees enjoy our beautiful beaches occasionally. We don’t laugh at you when you over react to the sun, heat, humidity or ocean waves so why laugh at us for trying to keep everyone safe during a snow and ice storm? If you think we should be driving on ice, dying in a car accident all because you have experienced more of it, then maybe you should volunteer to show us how it’s done. I’m sure someone in NY will claim your body for burial in NY. Southern hospitality is extended to those worthy of receiving it. SOUTHERNER’S STICK TOGETHER THROUGH THICK AND THIN!

  • Jonathan B says:

    Well…rain/sleet is falling near Mayfaire. I am guessing it will be ice sooner than later.

  • steve says:

    you know ive been down here for years and im tired of you so called Yankees who make fun of the people from the south closing schools and offices they do not have the peoper equipment to deal with this ice is dangerouys NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE I lived in jersey and guess what schools would be closed tommrow there to if they had this forecast so if you think there soooooooooooo scared and dunb here GO BACK TO WHERE YOU COME FROM I love it here and do my best to fit in remember YOU moved here

  • Guest2014 says:

    Did you reprimand her for that or did you condone it?
    Shame on BOTH of you.
    BTW, no one is PERFECT, we do not live in a PERFECT world.
    Sorry to Alarm you and your kid.

    At least ONE flake has Fallen!

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    This would not have happened if they hadn’t of put a man on the moon.
    The flip side of this is…in a day or 2…something else STUPID will come along…and you can all attack that.
    So save up your strength…you are going to need it ;-)

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    How many inches of snow…haven’t fallen there?

  • Pattyoceanside says:

    Thank you for writing what I also think! I’ve told more than one “ugly Northerner” to go back North. We moved here because we wanted to live somewhere different from where we had been. I love the kinder, gentler way of life here which may be partly due to the fact that there seems to be more “people of faith” here.
    I too am proud to be a Southerner.

    A former Buckeye

  • CoastalJade says:

    Wow. A teacher complaining about having to make up a day and not relieved that children were out of school for safety reasons.
    Weather is unpredictable. Nature is unpredictable. We have tonight and tomorrow…anything could happen.

    I am glad you stated your school. Burgaw.
    Think I will start contacting the Board of Education in Burgaw and let them know they have a disgruntled employee complaining on WWAY3.
    Amazing how they can track and trace people today.

  • HYPE says:

    Yet the weather forecasters still say it is coming. This is like Y2K. Or Geraldo Rivera opening the empty vault. There isn’t any snow now nor will there be any snow.

  • Gammy2Ateam says:

    I don’t know you, lonetraveler, but I love you! You just made me lol at the pictures you drew in my head of northerners driving in the snow, and it couldn’t be more accurate! I have encountered many an arrogant northerner who assumes that southerners are of lower intelligence because we don’t have as much snow as they do. If I had known that snow was directly associated with one’s I.Q., I would have taken a snowcone to school with me on test day. But while they brag that snow doesn’t shut them down, we get to read the headlines of their hometown newspapers, telling a different story: “Entire City Shut Down Due To 15 inches Of Snow!” “Stranded in Snow Drift For Seven Days!”, “Latest Victim Found Froze To Death Brings Total to Forty-Seven!”…

    News Flash: Just because you were born in a northern city, does not mean you have super powers, higher intelligence or are impervious to the perils of being encased in ice. All it means is that you have a different set of problems to deal with than we do, so you develop different coping skills over the years. After all, we wouldn’t expect you to hold hurricane drills or trade in your snow plows for snorkels; why do you expect us to trade our swim trunks skis?

  • ROTFL!!! says:

    Very well said Joe. I have a 7 year old bouncing off the walls, well she was bouncing off the walls now she has informed me that I lied because I told her the weatherman was “calling” for snow. As we all know not a flake has fallen!

  • sherry29 says:

    Being born in Leland and raised here…i really appreciate hearing a “transplant” say they enjoy living amongst” us “dumb”southerners
    we are very good, decent, hardworking , and very intelligent people…and we are not snobs like some of the transplants have had to encounter…Thank you u again for your nice comment..IF YOU DON’T LIKE US MOVE BACK TO WHETE YOU CAME fROM..CUS I CAN GUARANTEE YOU WE ARE NOT LEAVING……

  • Proud to be from the South says:

    It always amazes me how people can be so small minded. So many people from up north are quick to talk badly about the way we handle things in the south – weather and everything else. Thank heavens that these people are the minority and there are plenty of good people from up north that chose to live here. That’s right – if you moved here, then you must have liked what you saw. No one forced you to live in southeastern NC and to be sure there are tens of thousands of other places in this country that you could have gone. Just because we talk a little slower than you do doesn’t mean that we are country bumpkins. I’d like to think that those of us who are natives and newcomers alike are proud to call this place home. We are proud of our small neck of the woods and most of us wouldn’t rather live anywhere else. Please consider relocating if you can’t find anything nice to say about the way we do things. I-95 can take you all the way back home and even I-40 can get you to sunny west coast – maybe you’ll have something better to say about them, but I doubt it.

  • panthers4thew says:

    I’m not that old, or maybe I am, but having grown up in eastern North Carolina, we would get snow days, but they were never called the night before. If it snowed over night we were glued to the television the next morning listening to the closing list…Usually we would go to school and spend half a day waiting for the snow/sleet/freezing rain to start and then close. I am pretty sure that when snow, sleet or freezing rain starts, the roads do not instantly freeze over. Especially when the day before was in the 60s. Plenty of time to get the kids home… But …Law suit weary school systems in todays times have to call things early, and usually err on the side of overly cautious, or they face a law suit from an over zealous parent for endangering their child on “icy” roads.

  • SnowBunny says:

    December, 1989. Friday night before the holiday weekend with Christmas coming that Monday. On radio and tv they predicted Wilmington might get a few inches of snow. Saturday morning there was already that much and it did not let up. The mall was closed by lunch time and most business sent employees home if they were open on the weekend. Between 15 and 20 inches of snow fell from Friday night til Sunday early afternoon.

    When I say weather prediction is flawed, I mean it. I have lived in the south, the north, near the beach, in the mountains. And I can honestly say we have the most unpredictable weather in Wilmington and the surrounding counties that I have ever seen.

    If we get any snow or not on this storm warning still seems to be up to nature. We might get some, we may not. But closing the schools only makes sense in this region. We don’t have all the safety items and measures in place for busses to travel in snow, sleet or on black ice.

    Back to 1989 and the blizzard not seen in over 100 years in this area… the town was mostly shut down for 5 days or longer, depending on power outages and rural roads getting plowed. We had tons of road salt. The port was loaded with it. But the spreaders were in the mountains. It took weeks to fully get everything back on track here. And if you logically consider the low likelihood of this happening here… better to be safe than sorry. It is not like it is really a big deal to make up the day at the end of the school year. The northern regions do it all the time. Closing everything else seems a bit over the top but again, who here has snow tires or tire chains in their trunk? Perhaps a dozen in all of Wilmington!

  • Nick says:

    As a Northerner from Ohio, I want to point out if you are tired of being referred to as “crazy or dumb” (your words) fight the media. Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, Welcome to Myrtle Manor, and so many more portray the stareotypes you dispise. Be proud of where you live but blame your fellow “Southerners” acting out on TV. I know there is more to the South than what is on TV but until you educate the rest of the country, we’re going to think you all actually ARE “crazy or dumb” (again, your words)

  • Amused says:

    No one in the National Weather Service has EVER “hyped” the dangers of a forecast! That ridiculous “claim” is just plain ignorant! It is their JOB to provide the best forecast and give us the most advanced warning that they possibly can! Their accuracy rate is continually improving and is FAR better today than in decades past! I am so sorry that you are too ignorant and self-serving to comprehend these basic facts! Would you prefer that we receive NO forecast and NO warnings about potentially dangerous weather? To quote Forrect Gump.. That is “as Dumb as Dumb is”!

  • sue says:

    Really??? A bit overboard to make threats don’t you think?

  • getagrip says:

    Some of you are about as mature as second graders. “Ooohh, the bad Yankee says I’m wimpy about snow… waaaahhh!!!”

    It’s really embarrassing to watch.

    How about you folks get a hold of yourselves and quit acting like it’s the end of the world because somebody told you they handle snow better than you do?

    I really can’t understand how this is so insulting to people.

  • Martin Smith says:

    You are so right my friend. It all started with the wind chill factor and all that crap. These peoples (tv weather people and their producers) are so boring they jump on any every event and try to make it the event of the century just like their colleagues on the news desks. I am so sick of the breathless reporting of absolutely nothing. And yet most people continue to believe these idiots. They should be sued for mal practice for routine exaggerating the facts.

  • SIGH says:

    The fact that 200 years later, you’re still calling us names like “YANKEE”, MOST CERTAINLY makes you a MORON! Get over it. The war is over. Sheesh!

  • Guest 2014 says:

    You’re not kidding, Tim. That was a fantastic post by our brother Adam, whom I wish was among my diminishing circle of sensible friends!!!

  • Adam says:

    To all the people saying we over react.
    Up north they rarely have to drive on roads that are actually covered in ice or snow… It’s usually plowed and salted properly. No one wants to invest the money in snow plows here, no business wants to stock hundreds of pallets of salt… Why? It’s because that sort of business would fail here! It’s cheaper just to close the schools and government offices once or twice every 10 years when it snows.

    If you think “Southerners over react to snow”, think about this; here in NC we have mountainous regions who do JUST fine with snow… LOTS OF SNOW… because it is typical in their environment. They are about as southern as you can get, so it’s not just a southern thing.

    If you think we should “be more prepared”, why don’t you go take out a business loan and start a snow plow business down here, at the beach… I’m sure it’ll be very profitable for you. LOL
    Hopefully you can make enough in 4 or 5 days every decade to pay for all that equipment before it rusts in the salt air…

    Maybe the northerners should send teams of people down here to help if it gets too bad…. you know… the ones that have the right equipment.
    That’s what we do here in the South. We don’t just point our fingers and say “you should have been prepared”, we go help our brother out.

  • linda jones says:


  • SurfCityTom says:

    all the posters who have been grinding their keyboards over the proposed insurance rate increase.

    Call your agent on Friday; ask how many frozen pipe claims there were.

    Ask how many chimney flu fires there were caused by cheapies who did not have their chimney cleaned prior to winter.

    Ask how many claims were due to not opening the flu and the house fills with smoke.

    For that matter, ask how many fires take place due to not properly disposing of cigarette butts.

    If you think hurricanes are the only cause of loss which affects insurance rates, well, ignorance is costly.

    But ask your agent. OR, attend the public hearing in Raleigh and get the dope first hand.

  • Lkennedy28412 says:

    A real crisis? People getting killed in car accidents trying to get to a job wouldn’t be considered a crisis? Sick and elderly people losing power and having no heat isn’t a crisis? ANYTHING that could POSSIBLY cost someone their life, even one person is a crisis! One inch or a half of an inch of ice, sleet or snow is dangerous to for anyone, including YOU! Thinks its a joke? It’s the people like you that don’t prepare, that drive the roads when asked not to that cause harm. Being prepared is not something to laugh at, being unprepared is something to be ashamed of. This is the South, we prepare for storms no matter what the nature of the storm is because it’s the intelligent thing to do.

  • SBCynic says:

    “Mayor Ron Watts has called an Emergency Meeting of the Sunset Beach Town Council for Monday, January 27, 2014 at 5:00 pm to discuss emergency preparedness for the forecasted snow event expected to arrive on Tuesday, January 28, 2014.”

    For ONE INCH of snow or sleet! ONE INCH! Bring on the hysteria!

    Heaven help us if we have a real crisis.

  • mark scheid says:

    It doesn’t matter if DOWNTOWN Wilmington was located in the North, or West rather than being on the S.E. coast. During the ice storm and the previous snow storm, conditions in downtown Wilmington were abominable, and unsafe-both on the roads and sidewalks. Every road downtown and sidewalk was blanketed in snow and then ice for days until temperatures rose. Every city should have plows, salt and ample sand to at least make the main roads and sidewalks in its downtown area safe. O saw 8 cars wreck or wipe out and over a dozen people fall because little or no attempt was made to clear the downtown roads and sidewalks during each storm. Abominable.

  • A Hait says:

    Tonight the Domino’s Pizza at 5621 Carolina Beach Rd called one of their delivery drivers to come to work. The delivery driver stated he was afraid to drive in the current icy conditions. The employee was told “come in or you’re fired.” The employee went in and was in a car accident on the way there. His car was totaled.
    Obviously profit is more important than their employees’ safety.

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    Just got off the phone with a family member up in Denver, Colorado…and he said this is what the city of Denver and outlying areas put on the roads prior to an ice storm. It’s good for up to 20 degrees+ zero.

  • rickc says:

    who complain about southerners who are complaining about northerners that complain about southerners complaining.

  • guestme says:

    Hopefully it is clear to everyone now that NHC made the right call in cancelling classes on Tuesday and Wednesday. My brother spent 7 hours trying to get his 3 year old home yesterday in Atlanta and ended up leaving his car on the road and walking the last 2 miles. This could have been the same scenario here. When it comes to my kids, I hope they will always err on the side of caution. Yes, I had 2 rowdy children at home yesterday waiting for the snow, but I’m glad they were home, warm, and safe.

  • Jane G Haagsman says:

    Hey guys- I live in MN now and grew up in Scotts Hill. We have FEET of snow on the ground. We have a 4WD Jeep. We get out in the cold and the snow. When ice arrives, we stay put. It’s not worth it to get out and get in an accident, the ice is not forgiving. Makes no difference if the weather forecasters got it right or not, it’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. I am glad it wasn’t worse than it was!!!

  • beachlady says:

    I have two daughters in the Birmingham AL area. Their children went to school and were stranded. One of the daughters drives a school bus and managed to get her students and her kids home. The other daughter slid off the road and ended up walking to the first sister’s house, where she remains – and her husband was able to get her children home. I would much rather spend a safe day at home than have to deal with what they have had to deal with in the last 48 hours. It is my understanding that there are still children stranded at school in Alabama. The south is not prepared for snow and ice. If we wanted to live with it, we would live in North Dakota, not North Carolina.

  • Jim 4512 says:

    You people don’t know what snow and ice is! I’m from upstate NY – now there you can see real snow and ice.

  • john says:

    yeah Jim, I bet your the first person to run like a little girl when a hurricane is coming.just another “that aint nothing” story by a damn yankee. bet ya walked in 4 feet of snow to school, uphill both ways.

  • southport girl says:

    I’m from Ohio where they get tons of snow and ice. I’m smart enough to know that 1-2 inches of snow and ice can be just as dangerous as 10-12 inches. And we are not equiped to handle the snow here like they are up north. We don’t have the snow plows and salt trucks that New York has. I’m glad they’re closing schools to keep our kids safe, and I agree you need to go back to NY if you don’t like the way we do things here!

  • Leroy says:

    Jim 4512 Wanted to be the big frog in the little pond? Or moved 1000 miles to be in charge of something?

  • guest2281 says:

    why don’t you just go ahead and go on back? oh wait, you’ll be snowed in and iced in just like the rest of us here tomorrow. no one can drive on icy roads, PERIOD. YALL have snow and ice, and you clear the roads so you can drive normally. we just choose not to waste our money on snow plows and salt because here it isn’t necessary.

    have you ever sued your neighbor?

  • Ginny says:

    I am originally from WV so I do know what ice and snow are all about. Maybe what you are forgetting is that you live in the south now and that this type of weather is not typical; therefore, we are not prepared for clearing roads, etc. Doesn’t matter if you have 1 inch or 20 inches of snow and ice is ice no matter what – if you can’t clear it, you shouldn’t be driving in it.

  • JP guest says:

    Well for us here in eastern NC this is real snow and ice!! Please don’t come here from out of state and refer to us as “You people”!! We don’t get very much snow or ice and those of us who are excited about it do not need people that move here from out of state try and make us look like silly. We only see it once every few years!!!

  • lisa says:

    Another arrogant DAMN YANKEE. I 40 goes 2 ways. I suggest west for you.

  • Brenda says:

    You better hurry, I95 North hasn’t closed yet. You still have time to make it to Up state NY.
    Here in the south we do not have the machines to clear the roads like you do in up state NY. Nor do we have the experience of driving in such conditions. Yes, I know you do. But I do not want my children riding on a school bus with ice on the road. Nor do I. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we don’t have snow tires either. Shouldn’t we stay safe or should we try to prove a point to someone from the North. I vote stay safe.
    A word of advice, when a hurricane comes, I would highly advise you to listen to the old southerners. Because we know to leave the beach.
    Have a good one!

  • Snowbird says:

    Wow, that was so interesting and informative Jim. Thanx so much.

  • guesty says:

    You might want to go back up so you don’t miss the real deal then. We don’t care how you did it up North because apparently it wasn’t working because otherwise you would’ve stayed.

  • Paula Mae says:

    Yes you are right. It does get worse in upstate NY but y’all have a lot of equipment to clear the roads and y’all are used to it. We don’t get to see it often so please let us enjoy it. It probably won’t be here long enough to make you homesick for NY. :)

  • Scot says:

    Oh No, one of them Yankees that thing they know everuthing. I can see by your comment, you got lost and couldn’t find your eay back home to New York!!

  • MJ says:

    No need to be so nasty…you want to be a jerk go back to NY

  • lYNN H says:

    Amen Siter!!!! Tell them like it is!! We appericate YOU! Your the ones we dont mind sharing our beautiful town with :-)

  • guestscarlett says:

    We welcome our neighbors from the North until they start saying “…well, up North we do it this way…”.

    PUHLEASE. You moved here for a reason. Assuming a major factor is the weather. Snow/Ice is a RARE occurrence in the South. If you prefer to be out and about driving in it, do us all a favor and return to your homeland! And take your asinine attitude with you.

    Bless your hearts!

  • Guest2020 says:

    Southern hospitality can only go so far. We get so tired of people coming down here and complaining about everything and I mean everything. Between my time in a grocery and working for a POA office in a neighborhood that is almost completely comprised of northerners, I have heard just about everything, from you don’t carry this product or that product to, “it quit raining ten minutes ago and there is still water in my ditch”. I even heard one woman from Connecticut complain about there not being any green here. Really!!?!?!?!! We just get sick of it and can only take so much. So, please forgive us if our patience wears thin and we run out of our hospitality.

  • Chico Especial says:

    Oooohh: That “thing” they know “everuthing”. That is sooo very not smart for you! That is, as they say, to make a fool of one’s self!

    Nothing is, as they say, so much more stupido than to call a person from somewhere else a bad thing while at the same time showing one’s own Stupido. It is, as they say, a very fine example of the local culture where they say “Hey! Watch me do this!” and then do stupido.

    I too am not from here, but I am wondering; am I not right about this stupido thing?

  • desa says:

    Read your comment to yourself….except insert that “yankee rudeness’ for southern hospitality. And that does exist.

  • Toni says:

    There goes that “yankee” comment. Knew it was coming Scot. That must be that “southern hospitality” everyone keeps promising. DOESN’T exist, I see. Just another hateful, bitter comment from some uneducated person who’s never been anywhere else but in your own surroundings. Get a grip, man, different types of people are all around you and we must all live in peace and harmony. Such an miserable, hateful person you must be. Sigh…

  • lisa says:

    Southern hospitality existed before all of the rude arrogant yankees invaded. I don’t understand why y’all(yes y’all I said it) stay here if you do not like it. Leave and don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. And yes I have even been out of Wilmington city limits. Imagine that !!

  • haha says:

    one of those Yankees*


  • Rusty says:

    Southern Hospitality ends quickly when Yankees try to tell us how it’s down up North ;) Otherwise it’s usually in place with a smile and tolerant.

  • Southern Comfort says:

    is that we southerners do not appreciate you northern transplants coming down here with your pretentious and arrogant attitudes! Yall did not come down here and “save” us. We were doing just fine before the influx of the North. Before you came taxes were a lot less…traffic was not as crazy…and the sound of a sweet southern drawl was the norm. I have met some nice folks from the North that have embraced the southern life. I suggest you do the same and stop with your pretentious and arrogant comments.

  • Hardworking Local says:

    What an ignorant thing to say. If all you wanted was a cheap, warm place to live there were plenty of places you could have gone to bask in the spoils of your “success.” Instead of going back up north, why don’t you just keep on going right on down to Florida? I hear their real estate market is prime picking for vultures and they love Yankee loudmouths.

  • ATM says:

    seriously if you wanted somewhere warmer, why not go to Florida? Economics and the housing industry affect the south and the north. I could just as easily sell my home because I worked hard and move up north and purchase someone’s home that (to paraphrase you) didn’t work hard enough so they lost their home. I agree as a southerner that the Yankee comments are offensive but so are a lot of comments made on this thread about what wimps we southerners are. Seriously, we are not equipped like towns up north to handle ice, sleet and snow. It doesn’t make us wimps, it makes us smart. We rarely have to shut down for situations like this so money is not allocated for things to help clear roads …when the next hurricane comes you’ll be counting your blessings that we didn’t waste money on a snow blower

  • Bettertruth says:

    So were there more people from NJ who couldn’t hold onto their own or NC?

  • Donnyb says:

    Wow, it’s always interesting to see someone measure their success by their bank account. Those same people often times find themselves bitter and alone. I own my home and have done well for myself too, but my greatest accomplishment is my family. You sir are a tool!!! You think you are better than someone else because you made more money? What a loser!

  • RSmith says:

    … you moved down here and bought property that has already reached its maximum appreciation. A few more like you and the values will start to plummet. But guess what, your taxes won’t! Good luck with that!

  • DaBitterTruth says:

    You sure got that one wrong. We moved because, it was just time after a successful life to move to someplace warmer. Obviously, we could afford it. That’s just one of the rewards that come from working hard.

    Conversely, the properties that transplants purchased, were purchased from locals who no longer were able to hold onto their own. That’s just one of the consequences that come from not working hard enough.

    Your sour grapes are just one of the many byproducts of your own poor vinification.

  • Southern Girl says:

    Oh no sweetheart…the properties that transplants purchased were from locals who saw an advantage to sell land they no longer needed and overcharge the hell out of you for it. And when it comes to transplants with sorry, God-complex attitudes like yours…we make sure to charge you double! I’m a local girl, work hard every day, purchased my property (not a mobile home and not a cookie-cutter neighborhood) for what I’m sure is a fraction of what you purchased yours for and can attest that I’m probably sitting better than you. So as far as I’m concerned you can head back north on I-95 and stay gone. You’re the kind of Northern we don’t need and don’t want. Stop giving the other Northerners a bad name.

  • guesty says:

    Sorry chuckles, wrong answer. The people here sold their property because they knew suckers like you wouldn’t mind living in filled in swamp lands.

    But still feel free to go back where I’m sure you know everything because you don’t know squat down here.

  • LIGurl says:

    I am from Long Island too and can’t stand people like you. People like you make it harder for the rest of us, who left that God forsaken place to find a better life, to assimilate well with our new neighbors. If it is so great, and we both know it’s NOT, please go back.

  • WhoCares says:

    Maybe you should move back to whence you came.

  • Penelope says:

    I am also from NY and felt your comments to be extremely rude. Start a snow plowing business down here!!
    You’re one of the ones that give northerners a bad name.

  • steve says:

    like you daid you moved here if ya don’t like it go back simple

  • Lynn H says:

    Tell us again WHY YOU moved here???????

  • Tim says:

    If its all so stupid why did you move down here. We were doing ok before you moved and will be doing even better if you move back. Then we wont have to hear or read your arrogant yankee comments.

  • denzil spain says:

    Unkind response and unnecessary….rare occurrence for the area ….most folk may not have experience. I am moving there soon from Philadelphia where I have lived for many years. With what is being predicted it makes no sense to go out in it. Stay home…….have fun…..relax. Stay off roads.

  • Rachael says:

    I think I hear Long Island calling you home!

  • RSmith says:

    … until we have a hurricane roll through and then come back with your snide remarks.

  • Notive Wilmingtonian says:

    You guys got a category 1 storm called SANDY. To hear you whiners talk it was Katrina’s big sister! NOBODY did benefit concerts for us when we got hit by multiple Cat 2 and Cat 2 plus storms in the same year. So you retired to the wrong place. Besides all you northerners that never drove till you got down here can’t drive on ice and snow either. Fact is you people don’t drive well anytime.

  • KJ says:


  • BarryCohen says:

    I recently retired down here from Long Island. It’s amazing how little it takes to shut the city down. A few flakes of snow and everyone hides in their homes. No wonder why the South lost the war.

  • Fixing Stupid says:

    On which side would you be if the war was resurrected? You moved here for some reason….why? Speaking for every southerner…CARRY YOUR YANKEE SELF BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!! Oh and please take two more with you when you go!

  • BB says:

    Well said, I am not from here either, but I have a deep appreciation for the many good people of Wilmington. I have never been around such sincere, thoughtful people. I love Wilmington.

  • zenobia says:

    (With the exception of parts of Columbus county, where, if a tornado put a tree on you they will only stop by to see if the can steal your shoes and pawn them)

  • Southern Christian says:

    God Bless y’all!

  • Debbie says:

    I, too, am a transplant from Maine now living in the Wilmington, NC area. I learned to drive in snow and grew up with it every winter, and because of this I have a healthy respect for winter weather and I am extremely glad that I am not one of those obnoxious northerners. Driving in the winter weather down here is not the same as it was in Maine. I learned that on my very first NC snow. I stay home now and I’m glad schools closed during Leon to keep our kids safe. Safety is paramount when Mother Nature throws us a curve ball. People around here know how to prepare for storms, being that we live in hurricane territory, and I look to my local friends for their advise with any kind of threatening weather. This is my home now and I respect my neighbors and we help each other any time there is a crisis.

    To those that only complain about the lifestyle and people here in the South, if you don’t like it, then go back to where you came from and take your moronic opinions with you. I love it here and I’ll stand beside these Southerners and defend them against anyone who dares to insult them, for this is my home as well now.

  • tc says:

    Amen,my transplanted former Northern friend!

  • YL says:

    I’m a Northern transplant and love my Southern home, neighbors and friends. They are kind, decent, hard working people. It is the obnoxious northerners (and reading many of these posts, they are the minority here) who know not of what they speak and are pretentious, elitist snobs.

    In the South, we have gone through many hurricanes (Cat 1-3) and we know how to prepare to take care of our loved ones and homes. We don’t go crying to the Feds to help us because we are so traumatized by the effects of a storm. We put our noses to the grindstone, roll up our sleeves, clean up and make repairs. In addition, many of my Southern friends go out and help others who need some assistance. Neighbors helping neighbors.

    It’s the Southern Way. And you know, even when you try to insult them, chances are that if you were in need (say, after a storm), they would still choose to help you.

    Southern Christians. It’s their way and I love them.

    And, if you believe that Southerners are stupid and dumb, I have to ask why you CHOSE to live amongst us.

    Because given of your low opinion of Southerners and by virtue of your choice, YOU are the dumb ones!

  • Happy Transplant says:

    Could not have said it better myself, and I am also a transplant. If you do not like the south remember this 17/40/95 and your out of here.

  • Mimiof3 says:

    I have been seeing many replies in a very negative way. There is no one to blame, or call names. The forecasters are just doing their jobs and warning of possible emergency weather. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and I guess you would call me a transplant. My husband and I have lived in the south for 20 yrs., and no matter if its rain, ice or snow, SAFETY is the most important issue.
    Name calling makes you look completely ignorant and will getnyou no where.
    The only one calling you names is yourself!
    Grow up, its not about whether youre from the North or South, its about using your knowledge when dealing with this type of weather no matter how good or bad!

  • Bax76 says:

    I sit and read some of these comments and I swear, it makes me ashamed that I’m part of the human race.
    All this bickering and arguing from ADULTS..Grow up and have some damn respect for your fellow human being, for the love of God!!

    There is absolutely no sense acting like this.

    No, we aren’t used to snow..Get the heck over it.
    If you are unhappy with your move to the south and our *southern hospitality* then remedy the situation and go home.

    It’s simple…stop bitching about our way of life and accept it…You CHOSE to move down here. Do things our way or don’t..but whining about it isn’t going to help matters.

    If we can’t even get along now over a simple discussion about the weather I hate to see how it will be when it’s something serious.

    Pick and Choose your battles…This my friends, shouldn’t be one.

    Have a great day…be safe and enjoy yourselves.

  • ferg says:

    My guess would be the freezer. *eyeroll*

  • Guest636 says:

    Unfortunately not all of the kids in the county live on major roads. There are school bus routes where the streets are so small and hazardous on either side that the school buses can’t even turn around in good weather and have to back out of the street to get back onto a main road. If some of those roads are heavily woody and therefore shady you are going to get quite a bit of ice that you wouldn’t see on the more heavily traveled major thoroughfares.

    The school systems typically build in some days when they can into the school schedule because stuff happens. 2 hours off of school to make sure that the sun comes out and warms up potentially frozen roads is not going to be the difference between little Johnny getting into Harvard or not. Worst case scenario some time needs to be made up at the end of the year or over a break when the weather is better. Safety should come first because you can always make up time.

  • ice says:

    Where was there ice? I commute everyday to wwork in Wilmington-no ice on major roads.

  • Elphie says:

    Reading the comments and the different perspectives is interesting. I am a northerner from Illinois, moved to Greensboro 20 years ago. Yes, it still amazes me, the panic and drama that goes on whenever the “s” word is mentioned. Moving here was a matter of having a job or not having one; not just out of the desire to move south. If that were the case, I’d have chosen FL or someplace with more consistent warm weather. So not everyone has the choice to just move back if they don’t love it here. After 20 years here, there are many things I like about it and I do consider it home now, though I will always be a northerner. The majority of time, the weather is much better here and I live in a lovely area; the likes of which don’t exist in Chicago. I don’t consider southerners to be stupid by any means. I would say that southern hospitality as such isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. People may be very friendly on the surface, but not willing to let new people into their lives as true friends. Not all but many. I also think that many, well most, of the school closings are ridiculous. I will never get used to the idea that life should stop because of a quarter inch of snow. Ice is a different matter. Then people are having a fit when spring break is cancelled or when the kids are in school longer in June because it interferes with vacation plans. Can’t have it all ways. Why not learn to deal with the snow, though it doesn’t appear that often. Have back up plans for transporting kids to and from school. Some look forward to snow because it is a day off. I have no time for that mentality and it will never cease to irritate me.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I live in Brunswick County and yes, there was ice on the roads.

  • Guest2020 says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Native to here says:

    I have lived in Wilmington 42years, my family goes back at least 175years here.
    I am tired of hearing how we panic about snow, sleet whatever winter brings here rarely!
    The truth is we handle a situation the best we know how and winter weather isn’t what we deal with a lot.

    So let’s state the oblivious. 2 inches of snow with a 1/2 inch of ice is a problem around here.
    But 60mph winds with 10 to 12ft waves is a gale warning with small craft advisory.
    So let’s call our 2inches of snow a Superstorm also!
    Sandy was a nor’easter nothing more! Game set match!!

  • Jeremy says:

    I know most northers see the closures here due to snow as overkill, and yes they may be. However people here do not know how to drive in the snow/ice no matter how much is there. It is a public safety issue plan and simple. So you people from up north joke all you want-it is kind of funny, but realize that it is an issue here, because it is rare, so people do not know how to prepare. Give us a hurricane and we got it down!

  • Guest2020 says:

    The other wasn’t just about cold air, either. In both cases there had been a lot of rain recently and they were concerned about black ice. My daughter was out of school this last time and I had no reason to go out, but during the previous delays I went out about 11:00am and there was still ice on the roads at that time, so it would have been more dangerous before the sun came up when the black ice is harder to see. They did it to keep the kids safe.

  • Vog46 says:

    HERE’s a good reason for cancelling school. Snow on top of icy roads is NOT a good combination. Perhaps they should give half day on Tues and cancel altogether on Weds? Unless of course the storm schedule is slightly off in which case they may want to cancel Tuesday as well.
    But this isn’t about just cold air.


  • Billp says:

    During hurricane season I have seen Yankees leaving squealing like pigs.

  • guesty says:

    If only we could prevent them from coming back.

  • jmt says:

    Even the most experienced Northern driver can’t drive on ice…

  • Theresa says:

    I believe that all schools should be closed whenever there is ANY question of safety!

  • MG says:

    The silly, petty arguments over whether school should be opened or closed demean the most important aspect of all of this – SAFETY!

    The FACT is we have many more cars on the road today than we did ten years ago, along with a seriously growing problem of arrogant drivers. So, when you had even the possibility of slick roads into the mix, it is ALWAYS best to err on the side of safety when it comes to our children.

    I just read a social media post from a friend of mine in North Georgia about how many school buses were still stuck on roads as late as 10:30 tonight trying to get kids home. So, whether you are from the North or the South, that’s insane to place children in that scenario.

  • Screech says:

    Noticed how they are naming winter storms now? Guess what? Any home damage will cause the “named storm” deductible on your homeowners insurance policy to kick in. Pretty soon they will be giving names to cloudy days. Why not sunny days? Yeah, gets to hot and your house burns down the higher deductible kicks in because the “sunny day” was given a name by the weather service.

  • Albert B says:

    “The vast majority of the (clauses) that I’ve looked at require that the storm be named by the National Weather Service or the National Hurricane Center and make no reference to storms named by The Weather Channel,” Hackett said.

  • Guest 2016 says:

    The City was Closed today, but a decision was made to keep the Trash department open and pick up our garbage. So, instead of a day off, the City trash haulers kept on their tight schedule and managed to do an incredible job!
    So, Awesome Job to the City of Wilmington’s Trash Department! We’d be up to our necks in garbage if it weren’t for you, a city crew who seems to do their very best and yet remain as some of the least appreciated City staff by the public who (most of the time) take it all for granted!

    Thanks also to the Fire and Police departments for serving the citizens of Wilmington. People like to complain, but believe me, You are Much APPRECIATED!

  • Rich says:

    I apoligize for some of the comments made from up north where I live. I am from Chicago and my son lives in Wilmington. I have visited and appreciate your community. Although I have lived through many a severe snowstorm and the cold is really a bit much this year, you folks have lived through hurricanes which is a different animal altogether. Of course, I have to dodge bullets that are flying around in Chicago (only kidding). Any way, have fun in the snow. Your’s will melt soon. I think that I have to put up with mine for a couple more months. Bt the way, I really enjoyed touring your battleship.

  • YL says:

    Thank you Happy Transplant! It is good to “meet” other fine Northerners who love the South and it’s people.

    Stay safe and warm! :-)

  • Kay Moore says:

    Why not be safe with our children? Why take the chance? It is better to be safe then have someone get hurt. There will be enough traffic on the road with businesses closing and college kids who might not know how to drive in this kind of weather. I vote for them to have tues and wed off even if you did a half of day they don’t learn anything on half day’s by the time they get there do lunch and any special like art, phyical ed or whatever it’s time for them to go home so why waste the money for electricity and gas for the buses can we not save some money too. Let’s think this out. For those who do NOT have children keep your comments to yourself.

  • Guest1971 says:

    If the roads are bad school should be called off. Making decisions at 2pm the day before for the next 2 days is crazy. So if this turns into a non-event kids are out of school for 2 days and those days do have to be made up. Most likely to be made up in the form of half days. They should have set a time for a decision for the next day and made the decision then. And then if weather was bad Tuesday they could call off Wednesday and if the weather people were wrong school would be back in session on Wednesday. Our local forecasters have been incorrect before about weather.

    Once make up days are announced the parade of whiners & complainers will come out with an assortment of issues with the days chosen as make up days.

  • Guestfly23 says:

    After reading the comments left here before 5:00 complaining of the hyped forecast, I’m sure most of yall are waking up with egg on your faces. So glad most of yall don’t predict the weather for a living.

  • Beachy91 says:

    Don’t even start this. When Washington and the Northeast was slammed with snow and ice last week, everything including the federal government offices, shut down. If you are complaining and feel you have a legitimate complaint about office closings, that’s one thing. But to get sauced to the gills and hide behind a computer screen just to ease your boredom and vent is another.

  • Cheryl Long says:

    This comment from a northerner who lives for my time down in Wilmington. Stay home, safe, and warm. (Weather) you have snow or ice or just some slush–if your area does not have to deal with this white stuff–then better safe than in an accident. Even up here in the great frozen whiteness–if a road is not plowed, you will slide like water off a melting icicle. (sorry for all the puns)
    Plus those who were upset about missing a day of school or two our kids will be going long into your great summer in June. From a northerner who lives for my visits to Wrightsville Beach in any weather.

  • Thomas James says:

    I was born and raised in Illinois,we hyped the weather also,including snow,it was and still is no different,my family still lives there.I guarantee you noone there is better drivers in winter weather than they are here.There are still plenty of wrecks and fatalities in winter weather in Illinois.I like it here,don’t miss the continuous winter weather,I don’t blame the news at all for getting carried away,they still get carried away back home every time a winter storm is approaching.

  • robin says:

    every one stay safe and enjoy the snow it does not come often. i for one grandsons were born and bred right here in nc. so snow is new and exciting to them cant wait.yankee by birth southern by heart

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