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First winter storm of 2014 brings ice, snow


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The last week of January brought record cold temperatures and a major winter storm to southeastern NC. Several hours of persistent sleet gave way to snowfall accumulations, leading to dangerous road conditions.

Below, you will find a comparison between the forecast given by our weather team and the actual (unofficial) observed totals reported to the National Weather Service.

For any storm you can always follow the latest updates via Facebook & Twitter, or download our StormTrack 3 mobile app to see a more detailed forecast for your home.

Chief Meteorologist Jerry Jackson



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Wish We had Closed Our Schools Sooner!

I live in the Great Smokey Mountain area and hope to move to Wilmington soon. Some of our local schools here did not let out early enough, as we were not expecting the snow to be a problem here. I just read on the news site where a fifth bus is off the road, stuck in a ditch with children still on board. Four other buses have returned their students to the schools because the roads were impassable. Those poor children must be cold, hungry and just want their mommies. Your pride in your snow & ice driving skills mean nothing. We don't risk our children to prove we're not afraid of ice and we don't expect anyone else to.


Amen. That last sentence sums it up nicely. We have nothing to prove. Every winter I see stories about interstate pileups, fatal wrecks, etc from places that get lots of snow. Why do northerners have to risk their lives to show they aren't scared of Mother Nature. If you aren't scared of ice on the roads, you are too stupid to understand the risks.


Now children, finish your hot chocolate and play nice together. Go outside and build a snowman. Er..or something.

I am tired of the Northerners complaining!

I am appalled by how my fellow "Northerners" are acting (I don't even want to be associated with them)! I moved to Southport/Oak Island from VA to get away from all the jerks that live up in the Northern States, up there its all about keeping up with the Jones' and how much you are worth, its sickening! I will admit that I joked around about how they closed the schools and such, it is new to me to have businesses and schools closed at a moments notice but I completely understand why they did it and I am actually glad that they took the precautions! What the Northerners don't realize is that you all are not equipped to deal with snow or ice!! When my husband and I moved here almost 4 years ago we left our Northern VA attitude at the VA line and completely engulfed the NC lifestyle. Instead of whining about how "crazy or dumb" the Southern folks are, why don't you try shutting your mouth and giving them advice on how to handle what is coming at us! I am sure the ones that are making fun of the Southern folks are the ones that run out of dodge when its hurricane season! Get your head out of your butts and stop with the "Yankee" attitude please, you make all of us transplants look bad. If you want to complain go back up North and leave us alone, I for one am proud to be able to say that I am now a Southerner!

Northerner's Complaining

As a Northerner from Ohio, I want to point out if you are tired of being referred to as "crazy or dumb" (your words) fight the media. Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, Welcome to Myrtle Manor, and so many more portray the stareotypes you dispise. Be proud of where you live but blame your fellow "Southerners" acting out on TV. I know there is more to the South than what is on TV but until you educate the rest of the country, we're going to think you all actually ARE "crazy or dumb" (again, your words)

reply to northerners complaining...

Being born in Leland and raised here...i really appreciate hearing a "transplant" say they enjoy living amongst" us "dumb"southerners
we are very good, decent, hardworking , and very intelligent people...and we are not snobs like some of the transplants have had to encounter...Thank you u again for your nice comment..IF YOU DON'T LIKE US MOVE BACK TO WHETE YOU CAME fROM..CUS I CAN GUARANTEE YOU WE ARE NOT LEAVING......

Thanks for your great post,

Thanks for your great post, however...please, please, please don't tell a "Yankee" to give us any advice. We get way too much unsolicited advice now, whether we want it or not.


You are totally true, I take back that statement about them giving advice!!

Thank you for writing what I

Thank you for writing what I also think! I've told more than one "ugly Northerner" to go back North. We moved here because we wanted to live somewhere different from where we had been. I love the kinder, gentler way of life here which may be partly due to the fact that there seems to be more "people of faith" here.
I too am proud to be a Southerner.

A former Buckeye

The Snow that Never Came

I briefly read some of the comments from our transplanted Northern friends and our home grown Southern friends. The comments are all the same old...same old and is not the point!

The main issue is that because of the over-hyped weather forecast, Local, State, several other agencies, and companies have shutdown. These closures will result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost monies. All this because the forecast was so off! How can they be so far off and yet still be called a weathermen/women??? I have heard and seen many forecast that forecasted 3-6" of snow to a high of a foot! Now I am sure forecasting isn't like building a part with instructions, but seriously...look out your window! It's just cloudy here in Leland with very little precipitation. Believe it or not Brunswick county is under a State of Emergency! Now they're hyping up the freezing rain and sleet. Both are dangerous no doubt, but the "snow hype" didn't work let's move to the "sleet hype"! If I or any of us that work make this grand of error on our jobs we'd be fired! You'd think with all the computer models they rely on they would be much more accurate.

Lastly, my 6 year old is bouncing off the walls with anticipation of "The Snow that Never Came"! To quote Forrest Gump..."That's all I have to say about that."

RE: The snow that never came

No one in the National Weather Service has EVER "hyped" the dangers of a forecast! That ridiculous "claim" is just plain ignorant! It is their JOB to provide the best forecast and give us the most advanced warning that they possibly can! Their accuracy rate is continually improving and is FAR better today than in decades past! I am so sorry that you are too ignorant and self-serving to comprehend these basic facts! Would you prefer that we receive NO forecast and NO warnings about potentially dangerous weather? To quote Forrect Gump.. That is "as Dumb as Dumb is"!

I have lived in Wilmington

I have lived in Wilmington all of my life and I have never known Jerry Jackson to over-hype snow. If anything, he is a lot more cautious about snow predictions than the other meteorologists in the area. He hates it. He doesn't get excited about it and he doesn't get anyone's hopes up about it. In addition to that, he is the best meteorologist in the area.

In 1998 Hurricane Bonnie came through Wilmington. All other meteorologists, including The Weather Channel, insisted that it was going to pass us. Jerry and the others at WWAY kept telling us that it was going to turn at the last minute and get us.

I do agree that the kids could have gone to school on Tuesday, but I would rather err on the side of caution when it comes to our children.

I would like to know how you feel about all that freezing rain and sleet they were "hyping" up. I don't know how things have been in Wilmington today, but just tonight the Brunswick County Sheriff's office has alerted us about two traffic accidents within the last couple of hours. One is an overturned car the other one is car that hit a light pole. We have also been warned that their have been accidents on the Sunset Beach bridge and that no traffic will be allowed until DOT is able to address the ice.

I'm not that old, or maybe I

I'm not that old, or maybe I am, but having grown up in eastern North Carolina, we would get snow days, but they were never called the night before. If it snowed over night we were glued to the television the next morning listening to the closing list...Usually we would go to school and spend half a day waiting for the snow/sleet/freezing rain to start and then close. I am pretty sure that when snow, sleet or freezing rain starts, the roads do not instantly freeze over. Especially when the day before was in the 60s. Plenty of time to get the kids home... But ...Law suit weary school systems in todays times have to call things early, and usually err on the side of overly cautious, or they face a law suit from an over zealous parent for endangering their child on "icy" roads.

I understand what you are

I understand what you are saying and agree after the day yes the kids could have gone to school but....what if.... then it could be our kids stuck in school buses in gridlock traffic or better yet at schools being asked/told that they will be staying over night because the roads are not safe to get them home. Or going to pick the up off the bus because the bus is stuck... it is what it is we just need to deal with it and actually be thankful that we are not the parents dealing with those type of things. Just food for thought on the matter or saying what we should of done.

The snow that never came

Very well said Joe. I have a 7 year old bouncing off the walls, well she was bouncing off the walls now she has informed me that I lied because I told her the weatherman was "calling" for snow. As we all know not a flake has fallen!

Your daughter called you a Liar?

Did you reprimand her for that or did you condone it?
Shame on BOTH of you.
BTW, no one is PERFECT, we do not live in a PERFECT world.
Sorry to Alarm you and your kid.

At least ONE flake has Fallen!

The Snow that Never Came

You are so right my friend. It all started with the wind chill factor and all that crap. These peoples (tv weather people and their producers) are so boring they jump on any every event and try to make it the event of the century just like their colleagues on the news desks. I am so sick of the breathless reporting of absolutely nothing. And yet most people continue to believe these idiots. They should be sued for mal practice for routine exaggerating the facts.


Yet the weather forecasters still say it is coming. This is like Y2K. Or Geraldo Rivera opening the empty vault. There isn't any snow now nor will there be any snow.

Well...rain/sleet is falling

Well...rain/sleet is falling near Mayfaire. I am guessing it will be ice sooner than later.

Forecasters nailed this

Great now i have to make up a day at school here in Burgaw b/c we were supposed to get ice and snow this morning. Just FYI it is 35 degrees here in Burgaw and not a trace of anything. It was raining in Rocky Point.....yes i said raining. What a waste of productivity and resources. You would think with todays technology forecasting this close to the alleged event would be more precise. Hope everyone enjoys their rain event today and trace of snow tonight.

Do you teach your students

...the power of Positive Thinking or do you prefer to exemplify negativistic vibes?
Ask yourself what is missing in your life that you find it so hard to use this day to ENJOY a little rest and relaxation.
Read a book, watch a movie, check in with an elderly shut-in, call your mother. BE NICE, but BE SAFE.

TEACHER, you too can grow by LEARNING new Personality traits! Again, Be gentle, calm, and nice!
Breathe Deeply and Think before reacting! Your students are being influenced by you everyday. I surely hope that they have positive influences in their lives!


to add to my previous comment.
How about if those kids, your pupils and possibly children, got to school and then the snow and ice came. What then?
I for one am glad they called the days regardless if it doesn't even snow because our buses are not equipped for snow/ice.
You didn't think this one out clearly before posting.

Poor schoolteacher

Awwwwww. I feel so bad that you are going to have to take a day out of your 3 month summer vacation. Those bad ol' weathermen!


Wow. A teacher complaining about having to make up a day and not relieved that children were out of school for safety reasons.
Weather is unpredictable. Nature is unpredictable. We have tonight and tomorrow...anything could happen.

I am glad you stated your school. Burgaw.
Think I will start contacting the Board of Education in Burgaw and let them know they have a disgruntled employee complaining on WWAY3.
Amazing how they can track and trace people today.

Really??? A bit overboard to

Really??? A bit overboard to make threats don't you think?

To all the people saying we

To all the people saying we over react.
Up north they rarely have to drive on roads that are actually covered in ice or snow... It's usually plowed and salted properly. No one wants to invest the money in snow plows here, no business wants to stock hundreds of pallets of salt... Why? It's because that sort of business would fail here! It's cheaper just to close the schools and government offices once or twice every 10 years when it snows.

If you think "Southerners over react to snow", think about this; here in NC we have mountainous regions who do JUST fine with snow... LOTS OF SNOW... because it is typical in their environment. They are about as southern as you can get, so it's not just a southern thing.

If you think we should "be more prepared", why don't you go take out a business loan and start a snow plow business down here, at the beach... I'm sure it'll be very profitable for you. LOL
Hopefully you can make enough in 4 or 5 days every decade to pay for all that equipment before it rusts in the salt air...

Maybe the northerners should send teams of people down here to help if it gets too bad.... you know... the ones that have the right equipment.
That's what we do here in the South. We don't just point our fingers and say "you should have been prepared", we go help our brother out.

Best post ever!

Well put Adam!

Better than Best, Accolades to Adam

You're not kidding, Tim. That was a fantastic post by our brother Adam, whom I wish was among my diminishing circle of sensible friends!!!

Snow Battle 2014

Another big battle
Between North and South
No brains are engaged here
Just words from the mouth

All over a snow storm
That’s coming tonight
With things more important
That just don’t seem right

We don’t get snow often
So seems like a waste
To transform its beauty
To something debased

So stop all the bull crap
And put it away
When grounds are snow covered
Just go out and play

If the people from the north

If the people from the north would quit starting things, there wouldn't be an issue.