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First winter storm of 2014 brings ice, snow


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The last week of January brought record cold temperatures and a major winter storm to southeastern NC. Several hours of persistent sleet gave way to snowfall accumulations, leading to dangerous road conditions.

Below, you will find a comparison between the forecast given by our weather team and the actual (unofficial) observed totals reported to the National Weather Service.

For any storm you can always follow the latest updates via Facebook & Twitter, or download our StormTrack 3 mobile app to see a more detailed forecast for your home.

Chief Meteorologist Jerry Jackson



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"Lost the war"

On which side would you be if the war was resurrected? You moved here for some reason....why? Speaking for every southerner...CARRY YOUR YANKEE SELF BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!! Oh and please take two more with you when you go!

You are a moron

Maybe you should move back to whence you came.

go back

like you daid you moved here if ya don't like it go back simple

I think I hear Long Island

I think I hear Long Island calling you home!

Really Whiner ? ? ?

You guys got a category 1 storm called SANDY. To hear you whiners talk it was Katrina's big sister! NOBODY did benefit concerts for us when we got hit by multiple Cat 2 and Cat 2 plus storms in the same year. So you retired to the wrong place. Besides all you northerners that never drove till you got down here can't drive on ice and snow either. Fact is you people don't drive well anytime.

Unkind response and

Unkind response and unnecessary....rare occurrence for the area ....most folk may not have experience. I am moving there soon from Philadelphia where I have lived for many years. With what is being predicted it makes no sense to go out in it. Stay fun.....relax. Stay off roads.

Just wait

... until we have a hurricane roll through and then come back with your snide remarks.

Rude LI Jim

I am also from NY and felt your comments to be extremely rude. Start a snow plowing business down here!!
You're one of the ones that give northerners a bad name.

Oh shaddap!

I am from Long Island too and can't stand people like you. People like you make it harder for the rest of us, who left that God forsaken place to find a better life, to assimilate well with our new neighbors. If it is so great, and we both know it's NOT, please go back.

Tell us again WHY YOU moved

Tell us again WHY YOU moved here???????

If its all so stupid why did

If its all so stupid why did you move down here. We were doing ok before you moved and will be doing even better if you move back. Then we wont have to hear or read your arrogant yankee comments.



Amen to that

Amen to that

Snow and Ice?

You people don't know what snow and ice is! I'm from upstate NY - now there you can see real snow and ice.


Another arrogant DAMN YANKEE. I 40 goes 2 ways. I suggest west for you.

You need to be on 95 north

Jim 4512 Wanted to be the big frog in the little pond? Or moved 1000 miles to be in charge of something?

why don't you just go ahead

why don't you just go ahead and go on back? oh wait, you'll be snowed in and iced in just like the rest of us here tomorrow. no one can drive on icy roads, PERIOD. YALL have snow and ice, and you clear the roads so you can drive normally. we just choose not to waste our money on snow plows and salt because here it isn't necessary.

have you ever sued your neighbor?

Snow & Ice

You better hurry, I95 North hasn't closed yet. You still have time to make it to Up state NY.
Here in the south we do not have the machines to clear the roads like you do in up state NY. Nor do we have the experience of driving in such conditions. Yes, I know you do. But I do not want my children riding on a school bus with ice on the road. Nor do I. As I'm sure you've noticed, we don't have snow tires either. Shouldn't we stay safe or should we try to prove a point to someone from the North. I vote stay safe.
A word of advice, when a hurricane comes, I would highly advise you to listen to the old southerners. Because we know to leave the beach.
Have a good one!

what a stupid statement

I'm from Ohio where they get tons of snow and ice. I'm smart enough to know that 1-2 inches of snow and ice can be just as dangerous as 10-12 inches. And we are not equiped to handle the snow here like they are up north. We don't have the snow plows and salt trucks that New York has. I'm glad they're closing schools to keep our kids safe, and I agree you need to go back to NY if you don't like the way we do things here!

Amen Siter!!!! Tell them

Amen Siter!!!! Tell them like it is!! We appericate YOU! Your the ones we dont mind sharing our beautiful town with :-)

Good neighbors vs. DAMN Yankees

We welcome our neighbors from the North until they start saying "...well, up North we do it this way...".

PUHLEASE. You moved here for a reason. Assuming a major factor is the weather. Snow/Ice is a RARE occurrence in the South. If you prefer to be out and about driving in it, do us all a favor and return to your homeland! And take your asinine attitude with you.

Bless your hearts!

yeah Jim, I bet your the

yeah Jim, I bet your the first person to run like a little girl when a hurricane is coming.just another "that aint nothing" story by a damn yankee. bet ya walked in 4 feet of snow to school, uphill both ways.


Wow, that was so interesting and informative Jim. Thanx so much.

Real deal in NY

Yes you are right. It does get worse in upstate NY but y'all have a lot of equipment to clear the roads and y'all are used to it. We don't get to see it often so please let us enjoy it. It probably won't be here long enough to make you homesick for NY. :)

let it snow let it snow

every one stay safe and enjoy the snow it does not come often. i for one grandsons were born and bred right here in nc. so snow is new and exciting to them cant wait.yankee by birth southern by heart

No need to be so

No need to be so want to be a jerk go back to NY

Well for us here in eastern

Well for us here in eastern NC this is real snow and ice!! Please don't come here from out of state and refer to us as "You people"!! We don't get very much snow or ice and those of us who are excited about it do not need people that move here from out of state try and make us look like silly. We only see it once every few years!!!

Snow is Snow and Ice is Ice No Matter Where You Are

I am originally from WV so I do know what ice and snow are all about. Maybe what you are forgetting is that you live in the south now and that this type of weather is not typical; therefore, we are not prepared for clearing roads, etc. Doesn't matter if you have 1 inch or 20 inches of snow and ice is ice no matter what - if you can't clear it, you shouldn't be driving in it.

Snow & Ice

Oh No, one of them Yankees that thing they know everuthing. I can see by your comment, you got lost and couldn't find your eay back home to New York!!

Southern "hospitality" much, Scot??? Hmmmm???

There goes that "yankee" comment. Knew it was coming Scot. That must be that "southern hospitality" everyone keeps promising. DOESN'T exist, I see. Just another hateful, bitter comment from some uneducated person who's never been anywhere else but in your own surroundings. Get a grip, man, different types of people are all around you and we must all live in peace and harmony. Such an miserable, hateful person you must be. Sigh...