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First winter storm of 2014 brings ice, snow


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The last week of January brought record cold temperatures and a major winter storm to southeastern NC. Several hours of persistent sleet gave way to snowfall accumulations, leading to dangerous road conditions.

Below, you will find a comparison between the forecast given by our weather team and the actual (unofficial) observed totals reported to the National Weather Service.

For any storm you can always follow the latest updates via Facebook & Twitter, or download our StormTrack 3 mobile app to see a more detailed forecast for your home.

Chief Meteorologist Jerry Jackson



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Southern hospitality can

Southern hospitality can only go so far. We get so tired of people coming down here and complaining about everything and I mean everything. Between my time in a grocery and working for a POA office in a neighborhood that is almost completely comprised of northerners, I have heard just about everything, from you don't carry this product or that product to, "it quit raining ten minutes ago and there is still water in my ditch". I even heard one woman from Connecticut complain about there not being any green here. Really!!?!?!?!! We just get sick of it and can only take so much. So, please forgive us if our patience wears thin and we run out of our hospitality.

Southern Hospitality ends

Southern Hospitality ends quickly when Yankees try to tell us how it's down up North ;) Otherwise it's usually in place with a smile and tolerant.

Read your comment to

Read your comment to yourself....except insert that "yankee rudeness' for southern hospitality. And that does exist.


Southern hospitality existed before all of the rude arrogant yankees invaded. I don't understand why y'all(yes y'all I said it) stay here if you do not like it. Leave and don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. And yes I have even been out of Wilmington city limits. Imagine that !!

one of those

one of those Yankees*


Oooohh ! That is sooo embarassssing for you !

Oooohh: That "thing" they know "everuthing". That is sooo very not smart for you! That is, as they say, to make a fool of one's self!

Nothing is, as they say, so much more stupido than to call a person from somewhere else a bad thing while at the same time showing one's own Stupido. It is, as they say, a very fine example of the local culture where they say "Hey! Watch me do this!" and then do stupido.

I too am not from here, but I am wondering; am I not right about this stupido thing?

Go check it

You might want to go back up so you don't miss the real deal then. We don't care how you did it up North because apparently it wasn't working because otherwise you would've stayed.

Speaking of "you would've stayed"

You sure got that one wrong. We moved because, it was just time after a successful life to move to someplace warmer. Obviously, we could afford it. That's just one of the rewards that come from working hard.

Conversely, the properties that transplants purchased, were purchased from locals who no longer were able to hold onto their own. That's just one of the consequences that come from not working hard enough.

Your sour grapes are just one of the many byproducts of your own poor vinification.

Oh no sweetheart...the

Oh no sweetheart...the properties that transplants purchased were from locals who saw an advantage to sell land they no longer needed and overcharge the hell out of you for it. And when it comes to transplants with sorry, God-complex attitudes like yours...we make sure to charge you double! I'm a local girl, work hard every day, purchased my property (not a mobile home and not a cookie-cutter neighborhood) for what I'm sure is a fraction of what you purchased yours for and can attest that I'm probably sitting better than you. So as far as I'm concerned you can head back north on I-95 and stay gone. You're the kind of Northern we don't need and don't want. Stop giving the other Northerners a bad name.

seriously if you wanted

seriously if you wanted somewhere warmer, why not go to Florida? Economics and the housing industry affect the south and the north. I could just as easily sell my home because I worked hard and move up north and purchase someone's home that (to paraphrase you) didn't work hard enough so they lost their home. I agree as a southerner that the Yankee comments are offensive but so are a lot of comments made on this thread about what wimps we southerners are. Seriously, we are not equipped like towns up north to handle ice, sleet and snow. It doesn't make us wimps, it makes us smart. We rarely have to shut down for situations like this so money is not allocated for things to help clear roads ...when the next hurricane comes you'll be counting your blessings that we didn't waste money on a snow blower

Buzzzz, wrong answer

Sorry chuckles, wrong answer. The people here sold their property because they knew suckers like you wouldn't mind living in filled in swamp lands.

But still feel free to go back where I'm sure you know everything because you don't know squat down here.


So were there more people from NJ who couldn't hold onto their own or NC?

Jokes on you...

... you moved down here and bought property that has already reached its maximum appreciation. A few more like you and the values will start to plummet. But guess what, your taxes won't! Good luck with that!


is that we southerners do not appreciate you northern transplants coming down here with your pretentious and arrogant attitudes! Yall did not come down here and "save" us. We were doing just fine before the influx of the North. Before you came taxes were a lot less...traffic was not as crazy...and the sound of a sweet southern drawl was the norm. I have met some nice folks from the North that have embraced the southern life. I suggest you do the same and stop with your pretentious and arrogant comments.

Wow, it's always interesting

Wow, it's always interesting to see someone measure their success by their bank account. Those same people often times find themselves bitter and alone. I own my home and have done well for myself too, but my greatest accomplishment is my family. You sir are a tool!!! You think you are better than someone else because you made more money? What a loser!

What an ignorant thing to

What an ignorant thing to say. If all you wanted was a cheap, warm place to live there were plenty of places you could have gone to bask in the spoils of your "success." Instead of going back up north, why don't you just keep on going right on down to Florida? I hear their real estate market is prime picking for vultures and they love Yankee loudmouths.

Why not be safe with our

Why not be safe with our children? Why take the chance? It is better to be safe then have someone get hurt. There will be enough traffic on the road with businesses closing and college kids who might not know how to drive in this kind of weather. I vote for them to have tues and wed off even if you did a half of day they don't learn anything on half day's by the time they get there do lunch and any special like art, phyical ed or whatever it's time for them to go home so why waste the money for electricity and gas for the buses can we not save some money too. Let's think this out. For those who do NOT have children keep your comments to yourself.

They Call School Off Too Early

If the roads are bad school should be called off. Making decisions at 2pm the day before for the next 2 days is crazy. So if this turns into a non-event kids are out of school for 2 days and those days do have to be made up. Most likely to be made up in the form of half days. They should have set a time for a decision for the next day and made the decision then. And then if weather was bad Tuesday they could call off Wednesday and if the weather people were wrong school would be back in session on Wednesday. Our local forecasters have been incorrect before about weather.

Once make up days are announced the parade of whiners & complainers will come out with an assortment of issues with the days chosen as make up days.


HERE's a good reason for cancelling school. Snow on top of icy roads is NOT a good combination. Perhaps they should give half day on Tues and cancel altogether on Weds? Unless of course the storm schedule is slightly off in which case they may want to cancel Tuesday as well.
But this isn't about just cold air.


The other wasn't just about

The other wasn't just about cold air, either. In both cases there had been a lot of rain recently and they were concerned about black ice. My daughter was out of school this last time and I had no reason to go out, but during the previous delays I went out about 11:00am and there was still ice on the roads at that time, so it would have been more dangerous before the sun came up when the black ice is harder to see. They did it to keep the kids safe.

Where was there ice? I

Where was there ice? I commute everyday to wwork in Wilmington-no ice on major roads.

I live in Brunswick County

I live in Brunswick County and yes, there was ice on the roads.

My guess would be the

My guess would be the freezer. *eyeroll*

Unfortunately not all of the

Unfortunately not all of the kids in the county live on major roads. There are school bus routes where the streets are so small and hazardous on either side that the school buses can't even turn around in good weather and have to back out of the street to get back onto a main road. If some of those roads are heavily woody and therefore shady you are going to get quite a bit of ice that you wouldn't see on the more heavily traveled major thoroughfares.

The school systems typically build in some days when they can into the school schedule because stuff happens. 2 hours off of school to make sure that the sun comes out and warms up potentially frozen roads is not going to be the difference between little Johnny getting into Harvard or not. Worst case scenario some time needs to be made up at the end of the year or over a break when the weather is better. Safety should come first because you can always make up time.

My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly.


I sit and read some of these comments and I swear, it makes me ashamed that I'm part of the human race.
All this bickering and arguing from ADULTS..Grow up and have some damn respect for your fellow human being, for the love of God!!

There is absolutely no sense acting like this.

No, we aren't used to snow..Get the heck over it.
If you are unhappy with your move to the south and our *southern hospitality* then remedy the situation and go home.

It's simple...stop bitching about our way of life and accept it...You CHOSE to move down here. Do things our way or don't..but whining about it isn't going to help matters.

If we can't even get along now over a simple discussion about the weather I hate to see how it will be when it's something serious.

Pick and Choose your battles...This my friends, shouldn't be one.

Have a great safe and enjoy yourselves.


Reading the comments and the different perspectives is interesting. I am a northerner from Illinois, moved to Greensboro 20 years ago. Yes, it still amazes me, the panic and drama that goes on whenever the "s" word is mentioned. Moving here was a matter of having a job or not having one; not just out of the desire to move south. If that were the case, I'd have chosen FL or someplace with more consistent warm weather. So not everyone has the choice to just move back if they don't love it here. After 20 years here, there are many things I like about it and I do consider it home now, though I will always be a northerner. The majority of time, the weather is much better here and I live in a lovely area; the likes of which don't exist in Chicago. I don't consider southerners to be stupid by any means. I would say that southern hospitality as such isn't all that it is cracked up to be. People may be very friendly on the surface, but not willing to let new people into their lives as true friends. Not all but many. I also think that many, well most, of the school closings are ridiculous. I will never get used to the idea that life should stop because of a quarter inch of snow. Ice is a different matter. Then people are having a fit when spring break is cancelled or when the kids are in school longer in June because it interferes with vacation plans. Can't have it all ways. Why not learn to deal with the snow, though it doesn't appear that often. Have back up plans for transporting kids to and from school. Some look forward to snow because it is a day off. I have no time for that mentality and it will never cease to irritate me.