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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It looks like last night’s winter storm was not enough to cool crime in New Hanover County.

New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a shooting around midnight at 104 Fawn St. in Castle Hayne. NHSO spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer said there was one victim with a superficial wound. The man was transported to a hospital for care, but his injuries are not considered life threatening. Investigators say the victim was walking to his car and bullets flew from a dark-colored vehicle. There have been no arrests.

Around 1:30 a.m. Wilmington Police responded to a shooting at 1101 N. 30th St. WPD says five people said they were sleeping when someone fired into their home and car. Investigators found six shell casings in front of the house. An 18-year-old woman sleeping on the living room couch was injured either by glass fragments or a bullet grazing her left ear. A witness reported seeing a dark-colored four-door SUV as the shooter’s vehicle. It then took off south on N 30th. St.

Investigators do not know if the two shootings are related.

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  • guesty

    Check with tax records and see if that house is a rental. If it is, complain to two groups. First when they start being disruptive, call the sheriff’s office. Next call the real estate office that rents that house. If they get enough calls and it is backed up by the sheriff’s office responding, they will be forced to act.

  • concerned citizen

    so true.

  • Concerned Resident

    WWAY, you may want to venture out there on 104 Fawn Street and see all the “activity” that goes on at that house. Looks to be about 30 people who live there and none have jobs. That house is bringing the neighborhood down. They play music with their door wide open as if they are the only ones who live on that street. I pray for the other children on that street who will get caught in a cross fire. Whoever the landlord is for that house needs to wake up and stop renting to people who bring a neighborhood down with corrupt and ill intentions.

  • Nobody Home

    So, let’s run down the path of how to determine who owns one of these blights to the area. Not saying names here, as that might cause issues for WWAY. Also, you’ll know how to do this for the next owner that you need to contact, and provide constructive criticism.

    Look up who owns it here. Put the address in. https://mss.nhcgov.com/CSS/citizens/RealEstate/Default.aspx?mode=new
    Go back around and put the name in that you discovered. You’ll see their other properties.

    Click view bill. Then click on owner info. In this case, it turns out to be a Leland PO box. Head on over to Brunswick county, and look up by the name you found in the previous step. http://tax.brunsco.net/itsnet/RealEstate.aspx BTW: Tax records are public information, so this will work for most NC counties.

    You will see a list of properties owned in Brunswick county.

    Put the same name in Google or yahoo and look for addresses in common. You’ll likely find a business owned by a person of the same name at one of the addresses. Call the listed number.

  • tke1

    If the cops went out there and raided the place, all the local activists would fall out on the ground crying about the racism, profiling, persecution by the local PD. Why should they have to face all that garbage for doing their jobs and protecting people who cannot or will not protect themselves?

  • droppy

    According to public records, that house belongs to Eden Hernandez of Leland, NC. Perhaps you should contact the owner directly to voice your concerns regarding the tenants.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Have you informed Social Services…and/or the Law???

  • Me Too

    Its clear that whoever is renting that house is using federal assistance but there is illegal activity going on there and this seems to be the norm with federal housing. Does anyone not see a problem with that? The City is tearing down the projects but moving the baby mammas with their boyfriends who sell drugs to decent neighborhoods. I am african american before the accusations of “white racism” start flying so dont think this is a white person once again putting down the race. I am ashamed of what I see in our neighborhoods. Section 8 should be conducting unannounced inspections to these renters. They issue these vouchers and leave the home owners to deal with the problems of shooting, fights and illegal activity. WWAY how about do a story on that instead of Brian Berger??? Home owners who rent to these young girls should also be doing unannounced inspections as well. Check on your dwelling and see whats going on. Is a guarantee check from the US Govt to cover your mortgage worth the downfall of a neighborhood raising decent families. Section 8, how about not send your tenants a letter 3 months in advance of an inspection giving them warning to have their “man” leave the house for a set number of hours. This house is a perfect example of the system failing.


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