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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A day after a potent winter storm passed through southeastern North Carolina, the region is still gripped by the storm’s impact.

What little thawing of roads was possible yesterday, when temperatures never reached above the freezing point, refroze overnight. The region could see a repeat tonight.

Temperatures rose above freezing for a short time today giving road crews a chance to make some headway, but with temperatures dropping again, many people could find themselves homebound again tomorrow.

State and local governments continue to warn drivers not to head out unless they absolutely have to. Many schools, governments and businesses have closed again today for what is a third day off for many people.

In Wilmington, the Highway Patrol has warned drivers to avoid ice-covered Kerr Ave. near Bavarian and Farley drives. Troopers also issued a warning about Hale Swamp Road in Shallotte.

Also in Shallotte, the fire department says DOT crews have cleared Main Street at Naber Drive. Major icy conditions still exists on roadways in heavily wooded areas and some neighborhoods.

Brunswick County leaders have implored drivers to stay home. A firefighter reported several cars have slipped off Lanvale Rd. in Leland, and rescue crews are having trouble reaching them.

The NCDOT said the work crews did ahead of the storm to prepare roads has helped. Still many major roads were reduced to rutted sheets of ice. Meanwhile neighborhood streets look more like ice rinks than roadways.

Brandon Justice lives in Nashville, TN, but has spent the past several weeks traveling around the east coast helping to clear snow and ice from covered streets and parking lots.

“We started about 3 a.m., and what the ice melt basically does is we throw it down and it just breaks it up, that’s all it really does. That way we can come through and shovel it all off to the side,” Justice said.

A full thaw may not come until the weekend. The forecast is for a high temperature around 50 Friday with more warmth and even some rain moving in through Saturday and Sunday.

Stay with WWAY NewsChannel 3 for the latest on road conditions and the forecast.

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  • Anonymous

    I find that it is a shame that any employees who are not first responders and emergency personel should be required to report to work or there are serious consequnces (just to make a dollar for the company)would your company care if you got into a wreck on your way to the job, injuring yourself or someone else…probably not. The most appalling thing is the lack of preparations at some nursing facilities around town…namely Liberty Commons Nursing Center on Racine drive where salting of the parking lot and breezeway did not occur until 1-29-14 after 4 pm. What a disgrace and how the employees were tretaed during this time….not only are employees at risk but so were the residents. The administrator and director of nursing (who did not report to work for two days) should be ashamed of yourselves and the way you treat your work family.

  • Been There Done That…

    I worked at that same Liberty Commons about 3 years ago and I can tell you that place prepares for bad weather conditions about as well as herding cats. It’s always chaos and it’s NEVER the fault of anyone in administration when they’re not prepared. No, they don’t care about your safety getting to and from work. They just want a body to show up and they don’t care how the work around there gets done, just so long it gets done. They’re always understaffed and full of excuses for it.

  • HailSeizure !

    What ya don’t know is that them drivers got issued some Dominos Special Winter Long Underware complete with the Dominos picture on the behind part. There gonna be just fine.

    Some day them long underware suits is gonna be collectables!

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Domino’s has delivery helicopters now…didn’t you know?

  • Amy Raine

    Dominos drivers are being forced to come to work, risking their lives because the district manager won’t close. Drivers aren’t even allowed to wear winter coats. Unbelievable.

  • 1492

    Too bad most of us can’t pursue such a Pollyanna approach to real life. That was either an arrogant or idiotic reply.

    Why don’t you tell us which one it was.

  • Guest2020

    It is neither arrogant or idiotic. It is realistic. My father signed up for the emergency crew at the plant he worked at. He knew it meant that he had to be at work during hurricanes and other bad weather instead of the comfort of home. He never complained about it, not even when he had to work during the snow storm of 1989. He left for work early that Saturday morning and did not get home until midnight on Sunday. He very well could have been stuck there through Christmas. He wasn’t. Even if he had been, he wouldn’t have complained. It was part of the job he chose to do.

    As for me, I worked for a grocery store for ten years. We were one of the last businesses to close for a hurricane and snow. I remember being there until midnight the night before Hurricane Hugo made landfall and I worked several hours into the snow storm of 1989. There was already a few inches of snow on the ground when I got off of work. I never complained. It was part of the job that I chose to do.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    So you are saying to go ahead and drive on the ice for everyone…regardless of the warnings? Tell that to the folks in Atlanta…then run and hide :-0

  • LelandGal

    I know that some people have to work because of the bad weather, But Cell phone, Dr. offices and other companies shouldn’t ask their employees to work. If the roads are too bad and your boos wants you to be at work, ASK him or her to come and get you. Bad enough that people get on these icy roads just for fun or to run errands, visit friends… Stay home so that those who drive Wreckers, Fire Trucks, ETCCCC can be warm and dry like those of us who have good common sense to STAY at home.

  • Guest of Wind

    Well there’s a huge difference between working for the power company and working in a call center. Hate to say it but that call center doesn’t need to be open. Verizon has other call centers around they country they could transfer the call volume too, they have done it before for other areas. As with your husband working for the power company that is highly logical,people need power. With Verizon call center employees they are just there to take phone calls and handle customer service related issues. Not really a crucial skill needed in times when a state of emergency has been declared. Also I’m also sure your husband is being financially compensated well for his work and time. Verizon employees, not so much the case. They don’t get extra hours, credit or over-time for coming to work when there is a state of emergency. That company could really careless about it’s employees.

  • OIB Resident123

    If you can compare the two and with a straight face see them as equals, then I would guess you are Verizon or Domino’s management. You are disgusting to suggest that people risk their lives and the lives of Emergency Service person who would have to fish you out of the ditch you end up in so that the Verizon call center and Domino’s can make money. Shame on you.

  • Guest2020

    Electricity is a necessity in a winter storm. Cell phone service is not. If your husband doesn’t like working in the bad weather conditions, he should seek employment elsewhere.

  • Leroy

    With FAKE names

  • trash

    You should have gotten your supplies when the Winter Weather Watch was issued. That is why they issue these things. Or did you not pay attention?

  • Jeanette Hines

    I feel like the city is not doing there job. The main streets are in need of clearing off for traffic. We are stuck in our homes can not leave for supplies cause the streets are frozen ice in need of clearing. Help us by clearing the streets for our safety.

  • one time

    A very nice lady that works @ Verizon fell in the parking lot yesterday,and broke her hip.

  • Barbara Cochrane

    I think that the persons who wrote these comments should examine themselves. Why did you get into healthcare? I got in it to help people that are sick. That means whether its raining, sleeting or snowing we have an obligation to take care of our residents. Ask yourself why you became a nurse or a CNA. And I was there and witnessed our administrator going out before 6am to pick up workers that could not make it there. I am proud to work for a administrator that cares that much for his employees and his residents.

  • Sharon Darity

    Actually, our Administrator, Gabriel Tew, personally picked up many of our employees who needed to come to work! He started the day of the storm and continued right through Friday. He did not want anyone driving themselves, and Staff’s safety was his Priority! We are a nursing Facility,and as such,a storm cannot prevent us from giving care to the patients who are in our facility, for long or short term. We are required by law to be staffed with Licensed personnel At ALL times! We do not understaff our facility, but like any other business, staffing emergencies happen! Gabriel Tew has been the Administrator in our facility for 2 years, and we have an outstanding Management Team under his direction. I cannot imagine a nicer, more caring environment to work in. I am very grateful to work for Liberty and to be allowed to work with such a fantastic group of people.
    Sharon Darity
    Admissions and Marketing Director
    Liberty Commons
    121 Racine Drive
    Wilmington, NC

  • trash

    You have to keep commerce moving. That is why the ports are open.

  • really?

    The NCDOT reccommended staying off the roads today. The state port opened at 8:00 AM. The port is officially under the NCDOT umbrella. Things that make you go hmmmmm?

  • HateBigRed

    With warnings like “State and local governments warn drivers not to head out unless they absolutely have to” Verizon has remained open forcing their employees to come in to work. The sad part is they are not even allowing anyone, who has to cross the bridge or has kids, to take a vacation day. If you have to stay out because schools are closed or the roads are too dangerous you are forced to take your sick time. They really do treat their employees very poorly!! Shame on you Verizon!!! Shame on you!!

  • kzpony

    Obviously you have a full time job WITH sick day pay….cry me a river! What about alll of those laid off their full time jobs and working whatever they can and just miss their pay altogether???? Be glad you have a god job and quit-yer-belly-a kin!!!?!

  • Guesteasy

    Some ppl have to work, like my husband. He works for the power co. he drove in both mornings at 6 am. I guess they should shut down so if your power goes out tufftitty. Verizon needs you to be there obviously, if they didnt you wouldnt even have a job.

  • Dan Walsh

    What conditions are the bridges and ramps in. I-140, I-40, bridges going to and from Brunswick County.


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