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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County is warning parents about a scam targeting users of debit card for child support.

According to a news release, scammers have been sending text messages claiming there is a problem with a parent’s smiONE debit card. The card is frequently used with child support. The exact wording of the message varies, but it typically is an urgent-sounding message that the card has been frozen or there is a fraud alert.

If you call the number, the scammers typically ask for your account number, social security number or other personal information “for verification.” Once the scammer has that this information, he can access the money on the person’s smiONE card.

System and Methods Inc., the company that provides the smiONE cards, has said it is not sending any text messages requesting that custodial parents call about the debit cards.

Brunswick County warns not to to reply to the text it call the phone number in the message. If a custodial parent with an smiONE card has already called one of the scam numbers and provided information, immediately call the SMI Customer Service Help Desk at (877) 776-9759 to cancel the card and request a new one.

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