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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Tonight school board members in Brunswick County will meet to talk about the states new 25 percent law for teacher pay.

Districts must recommend a quarter of their teachers to receive a multi-year contract and raise. But that’s not all.

“It is very difficult for principals right now to even accept the fact that we are going to have to be a part of that choice in choosing the teachers for that 25 percent,” Bolivia Elementary School principal Kathleen Owens said.

The General Assembly adopted the plan last year. By June 30 school districts across the state must identify the top 25 percent of teachers. It’s a decision that will ultimately affect all teachers.

“If we have to chose a top percentage of teachers for extra pay, that is going to be difficult for us to continue collaboration for the teachers to teach the students,” Owens said.

Teachers identified as the top 25 percent will be eligible for a four-year contract and a $500 annual raise each of the four years. The catch is they must voluntarily give up their tenure.

The other 75 percent of teachers will only be able to get an annual contract extension.

Brunswick County Schools’ Human Resources Executive Director Mark Pasier says this is going to be a problem that will impact educators for years to come.

“Teachers don’t like it. Principals don’t like it. As a school system representative, we really don’t like it, because it divides our employee group,” Pasier said.

Educators say they are worried about the message this will send not only to teachers but the community.

“Tthe teachers here are very close, and so when you start pulling that apart, it’s difficult for them to then teach that collaboration to the students,” Owens said.

A collaboration some say is the backbone of our education system.

The North Carolina Association of Educators has encouraged teachers to pass on the multi-year contract and keep tenure. We tried to reach the president of the group’s brunswick county chapter, but have not heard back.

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  • guest45

    This is a great new law for the education system, it gives teachers a mark to shoot for and be graded by, there has always been and always be those gifted teachers that will go the extra step to give their students the best education they can. On the other hand there will always be teachers that hold the certificate and show up but that is where it ends, they are there just marking time, and this is what the new law will reflect. Having a goal of getting into the top 25% will give fellow teachers a goal to shoot for or identify the weak teachers, they will want to consider a career change. Out of 12 years of schooling, I count 5 teachers that trulywere educators, and a dozen or more that shouldn’t have been allowed to work in a pie factory, now we need an unbiased way to judge the administration and thin out the dead beats there to, NC education system has needed an overhaul for 20 years, now we will get it started.

  • Brunswick123456

    Sorry you know a few bad teachers ( or teachers that don’t meet your standards)As of today I cant think of one teacher that I know that is just making time. They are underpaid, work about 9-10 hours a day, their class has an average of 4 more students than 5 years ago, no support from parents, no support from NC. You may think we need to weed out the “bad teachers”, I think your looking in the wrong place. There is one local school that has lost 13 teachers just this year. 11 out of the 13 teachers had some of the best scores at the school but couldnt recieve any help ( from the upper hands ). Teachers are dropping left and right in Brunswick County. Guest45 are you a parent? If so how involved are you at your children’s school? Or do you just drop them off at the (babysitter) like most parents call it today.

  • tke1

    The message is being misread or misinterpreted. The real message is for the teachers to do their job to the best of their ability with the resources that are given and give up the free ride that tenure gives them. Having taught for 20 years does not make one a good teacher. It is how well you have taught for those years and how well you are motivated to teach for the rest of your career.
    Teaching is probably the only job that is worse than law enforcement. Teachers don’t have the backing of the parents or the local school board supervisors. Every thing is fine until you-know-what hits the fan and the you get thrown to the wolves.

  • K Wells

    I am not a teacher, but getting rewarded for hard work and good results is the American way. Everyone getting the same raise regardless of job performance is socialism. I like the first way. Not sure what is meant by collaboration of teachers. In the private sector, employees get paid different amounts, and they still work well together.
    When parents request a mtg. with a teacher, they don’t deserve to have to go up against the whole collaborate group of teachers. (Never had it happen to me, but I’ve heard a few bad reports.)

  • FrozenRope

    The collaboration they are referring to is a weekly meeting that teachers attend where they share ideas and strategies. Why would I share what works for me if we are competing for a bonus ? Get real, if you are in sales would you give your leads to another salesman ? Makes me almost sick to see people try to compare education to other businesses. I have worked in both and there is no real comparison to be made. Do changes need to be made ? Of course, any type of organization can be changed for improvement. But most people just do not know what they are talking about on this subject. Do you really think the best 25% will get the raises ? Do you really believe that ?? You cannot see how this will be a problem ?

  • george

    Welcome to the world the rest of us live in.Rewarded according to performance,wow!what next?

  • nc tax payer

    why doent anyone ask where oh where does all the millions go from the ed, state lottery, i dont want to hear you all asking for more money, schools/ teachers. no one ask on one ask about all the millions go, tell me why who pocket does it go in,

  • guest000000

    The lottery money can only be used for capital improvements such as remodeling, repairing and expanding existing schools or the construction of new schools. By law this money can not be used for teacher pay, etc.

  • average joe

    So the teachers want to reward all at the same rate of increase regardless – of what kind of job they did in providing good education? Not likely to improve NC’s national status that way!

  • Brunswick123456

    This is a horrible idea. You are asking principals to choose who get’s the contract and raise based on their personal idea’s. I know many great teachers who stir the pot to get items needed for their students and who have marched for fairness in this state. These are amazing teachers loved by the parents and students but not by upper staff……. I guess if they keep their head down, then they could be in this 25%. HORRIBLE IDEA

  • Guest2020

    My kids have come up through the Brunswick County School system and I can only name a handful of teachers who really cared about educating the kids. There were some that were inept, some that just didn’t get a crap, some who treated the kids like crap and some who were just biding their time until they could retire. The good teachers here are few and far between. And teachers are not the only ones who work long hours, but everyone else who works the long hours doesn’t get nearly as much vacation time.


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