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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A Leland police officer has been fired after the department says he tried to falsify training records.

Police Chief Mike James says the town upheld Sgt. Rich Roman’s appeal of his termination. James says Roman was fired after an internal investigation into reports of violations that turned out to be true.

James says during training for the department’s in-car radar system, Roman was required to spend a certain number of hours in a car with a certified operator. James said Roman made up some of the times and asked the officer who was training him, who happened to be one of Roman’s subordinates, to sign off on the false times. James says the officer did not, and instead reported the situation to his immediate supervisor, and the situation went to internal affairs.

Roman is just the latest in a series of Leland officers disciplined or terminated over the last few years. James says it shows he’s doing his job the right way.

“As soon I find out that something like this has happened, I’m taking care of it,” James said. “We’re not gonna tolerate anything like that happening. We’re gonna do the right thing.”

James says LPD has let the DA’s Office know what happened and that if any speeding tickets were affected, they will ask for a dismissal.

In the wake of the internal investigation, James says the department asked Training & Standards to go through all radar times for the department and make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. He said that review did find one operator’s completed certification had not been registered with the state, even though it had been completed. As a result, an officer he had trained had to redo some training time. The department is also make sure copies of training records are made before they are sent to the state. Officers will also use the department’s in-car cameras to create a record of training time.

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