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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — CVS stores nationwide are snuffing out tobacco products.

The pharmacy’s leaders say they are taking the deadly products out of their stores by October for the health of their customers.

“They are trying to promote healthy, so I think they should put a stop to it,” non-smoker Jamie Vertermo said.

And that’s exactly why the company says it decided to quit.

“I think we can all agree that it’s not healthy,” customer Matthew Schrum said.

CVS says the decision to pull tobacco off the shelves will cost it $2 billion a year, but for a company that makes more than $100 billion a year, that might just be a drop in the bucket.

Money or no money, not all smokers agree and think the choice should be theirs.

“I think it should be a choice of the person whether they want to smoke or not,” Avery Jelks said.

But some think this decision will actually help them kick their habit.

“I think if they actually stop selling cigarettes, I would quit smoking cigarettes,” Jacob Price said. “I think that would be great.”

And for those who do not plan to stop, well, they’re not worried about being able to get their hands on a pack.

“I’ll just find them somewhere else,” Harold Simmons said.

Stone Towers said, “It’s easy to go there, but I’ll just go to the gas station.”

“You can always find a place to buy cigarettes,” Joel Brown said.

CVS says it also plans to start a smoking cessation program this spring. The company says seven out of 10 smokers say they want to quit and about half attempt to stop.

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  • boldizar

    Now stop selling alcohol, junk food and soda. See how that flies.

  • Lou

    That’s great! I will make CVS my preferred drug store.

    Next they can stop their employees from smoking at the back door.

  • guesty

    Why does it bother you? Are you a backdoor kind of guy?

  • Guest4396

    They can if they want to. Nothing is more disgusting, especially at a restaurant than to drive up and see employees outside smoking. Of course, CVS does not sell food, so it is not as concerning.

  • Guest of the Week

    I’ve never understood how a store whose primary function is as a pharmacy and thus is a part of the health care system could, in good conscience, sell tobacco products. Kudos to CVS!

  • Vog46

    I applaud CVS’ action.
    However, make no mistake about this – it has nothing to do with a concern over smoking and health problems but has more to do with lack of sales that don’t justify the shelf space. The number of people smoking is down from decades ago and many tobacco companies are struggling with domestic sales. CVS saw a way to get some great PR and get other products in their stores and went for it. Good for them.


  • Regina Penna

    I applaud their decision as forward thinking. It would be lovely if other chains would follow suit, like Walmart, Walgreen’s, and others. Unlike alcohol, sweets, and other items, tobacco products are the only things that kill the user. There is no recreational way to use it, or occasional use that does not harm the user – that includes e cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive and dangerous…period. Way to go CVS!

  • Sam rayan

    That funny
    They stop selling tobacco but thay sell beer
    Is moor helthy

  • Guest4396

    Apparently you are the “back door guy”, as no mention of any door, back or front was in my original post. Your comment was totally uncalled for. Guess you just had to show your total ignorance.

  • guest6969696969

    Why give up 2.** BILLION in profits from Cig’s when you can Via for position for a FAT Fed .Gov contract?

    It Makes Perfect Business Sense..

    See; recently, Obama Released a Statement Applauding CVS On Its Decision To Stop Selling Cigarettes…In turn while doing this;
    making a shrewd tactic to bolster the public image of the pharmacy chain, which is trying to position itself as a health care provider, not just a one-stop shop for greeting cards and cosmetics.
    Much like “Other” Drug Chains are now, like wal-Greens, Eckards, Revco, etc..
    CVS is continuing to align itself with the Affordable Care Act also..

    With *Coming* of the ACA, CVS has a major growth opportunity — not only for its pharmacies, but for their rapidly expanding MinuteClinics, Which the are expanding,,, which offer basic primary care in stores from the current,750 that exist today to 1,500 in 2017.

    (Think in-store *urgent Care* clinics)….
    Because,, These 750 MinuteClinics, CVS has currently the country’s largest chain of pharmacy-based health clinics. The clinics have allowed the company to pursue contracts with hospitals and health plans, often to provide primary care services weekends and evenings, when doctors’ offices tend to be closed.
    This will Also create profitable partnerships with insurers and hospital systems, intergrading (think about this) with LOCAL Hospital networks connected with the *Health Exchange*, In other words Doctors/Specialist(s), (list goes on ) that REFUSE to participate in Obama Cares ACA Program, While CVS’s services will be “attached” to the ACA “Network”… As CVS Chief Medical Officer Troyen A. Brennan Quoted as Opining: guesses; that the company has 30 to 40 partnerships with health-care systems across the country and is in talks with a similar number about starting arrangements.

    Notice How many pharmacies’ are offering “blood pressure checks/Flu Shots” etc lately? , Next will be “Check-ups” by a physician

    WHY give up 2 BILLION in Cig Profits Unless there’s Graft & Corruption in the fore-see-able future? Think of the increased DRUG SALES!…
    Because,, CVS, also has agreed to offer “bridge prescriptions” to anyone facing coverage interruptions.

    LOOK for ALL Other Rite-Aids et al to “follow suit” very soon,,
    Walgreens spokesman Jim Cohn was quoted:*** said his company is also “evaluating this product category” and “will continue to evaluate the choice of products our customers want, while also helping to educate them and providing smoking cessation products and alternatives that help to reduce the demand for tobacco products.”**

    CVS is also “Striking Deals” with certain Health partnership’s that would include financial bonus’s *IF* they can get people “enrolled” I assume to QUIT smoking..??

    STOCK PRICE? Short term,, immediate effects halting tobacco sales will reduce earnings by 6 to 9 cents per share.
    Long Term? Whom can guess…

  • carolyndnunes

    yes, why would they walk away from all that money? especially in this financial environment where we have huge unemployment and so many people either with no insurance or soon to be losing thier insurance??? hmmmmmmm and you cant say alcohol and junk food and toxic china-made trinkets are safe or healthy for us. WHAT GIVES HERE CVS

  • Guest Reply Redux

    “Nothing is more disgusting, especially at a restaurant than to drive up and see employees outside smoking”. (Unquote)
    And/Or…people leaving a bar after several drinks…then cranking up the ole car/truck and headin’ on down the highway!
    I Declare!!! Which is worse Guest4396?


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