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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is returning to Washington to attend a workforce development meeting and talk about natural gas and oil exploration with a member of President Barack Obama’s Cabinet.

McCrory’s visit Wednesday with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz follows up on a brief meeting the governor had with Obama when he came to Raleigh last month.

The governor wants to talk with Moniz in part about allowing seismic testing off the coast to measure potential oil and natural gas. McCrory is expected to be the next chairman of a coalition of governors who want to expand energy exploration. McCrory says the energy sector could generate more jobs.

Prior to meeting Moniz, McCrory plans to attend a workforce task force meeting by the National Association of Manufacturers.

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  • Vog46

    I applaud this action. However, like “fracking” the end result is this: it will ONLY HAPPEN if it is profitable for oil company’s and right now NC’s supply of gas is not a viable amount to go after when they can easily get at much richer and larger fields in NY/PA/OH, and the newer one in CA.
    As for off shore oil? I have to agree we need to EXPLORE the shoreline to see whats out there and seismic testing is far less dangerous than drilling exploratory wells so I say have at it (as long as the FEDs approve it). I’m not so sure there’s viable oil fields off our coast but we won’t know until we look. But, again, just like fracking for gas, if it’s not profitable the oil company’s won’t do it.
    This is all smoke and mirrors until we find a good, easy to get at, energy supply field.
    But I give him credit for exploring this.



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